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ZBA Hearing- Lennon and Altman

    Town of Leicester

 Zoning Board of Adjustment Minutes

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


6:00 P.M.




** See subsequent minutes for any changes


Members Present:  Peter Fjeld, Chair, Donna Swinington, Jeff McDonough, Bethany Menkart


Absent:  Tim Johnson


Others Present:  Kate Briggs, ZA, Sandra Trombley, Secretary, Don Ross, Representative for Lennon/Altman


Call to Order/Roll Call:  Meeting called to order at 6:03 p.m. by Chair and roll call. 


Reviewed Agenda


Approve Minutes of July 27, 2010


Motion by Jeff to approve minutes of July 27, 2010 as written.  Second by Donna.  All in favor.  So approved.


Permit Application 34-10-ZBA for Setback Waiver.  Parcel # 202111, Lake District I, Applicant: Michael Lennon/Dara Altman, 669 Indian Trail, Leicester, Vermont.


Don Ross was sworn in by Chair.  He was representing the applicants.


Kate Briggs gave a brief explanation of the history of the project.  The property was resurveyed. 


Don Ross gave a brief explanation.   As his work progressed, it became apparent the building was structurally unsound and needed to be demolished.


Don stated that Lennon’s hired Brad Ramsey to produce a septic design.  Brad is designing a system at this time.  The structure will be no closer to the McFadden’s property and not as close to the Wisnowski property.  Privacy trees will be put in between Lennon’s and McFadden’s.  Structure will not be as wide as the original building.  It will be no closer to the lake.  No closer to the boundaries.  They are still staying within the pre-approved box.


Board discussion on height of the building which meets requirements.






Findings of Fact:


Votes by Board


1.      For use permitted within the district as by right use (as opposed to conditional use).

a.      All – Yes

2.      Is in conformance with the town plan and goals.

a.      All – Yes

3.      Conforms to the character of the land and designed reasonably limit impact upon neighbors.

a.      All – Yes

4.      Design uses design techniques, screening or other remedies to limit impact upon neighbors.

a.      All – Yes

5.      Accommodates structures providing for disability accessibility, fire safety and other requirements of land or energy conservation.

a.      All – Yes


Statement of Findings:  Approved with conditions.  No living space in basement.  Plant screening trees and shrubs and minimize erosion.


Public Opinion






Motion by Pete to adjourn at 6:48 p.m.  Second by Donna.  All in favor.  So approved.



Respectfully submitted,



Sandra L. Trombley

ZBA Secretary