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Meeting Minutes

Town of Leicester
Selectboard Meeting Minutes
Monday, July 15, 2013
** See subsequent minutes for any changes
Members Present:  Diane Benware, Tom Barker, Ron Fiske, Brad Lawes, Ken Young
Others Present:  Julie Delphia, Arlan Pidgeon, Mort Pierpont, Sandra Trombley, Secretary
Call to Order:  Meeting called to order at 6:30 p.m. by Chair, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. 
Review of Agenda:
Request for Executive Session to discuss personnel matter.
Health Issues
Chair put Mort Pierpont from BLSG at the beginning of the agenda so as not to keep him any longer than necessary.  Mort came to discuss mosquitoes; among other things.
For many reasons Mort was asking who Leicester’s Health Officer was.  They are right on the cusp of needing an active health officer; working with the State and such.  He called Jim Russo to see if he could go to the first EEE meeting that was held at Café Provence.  He doesn’t believe he was there.  There was another meeting last Wednesday and he was not sure that he attended that one either.  Mort thinks that someone should get involved by perhaps representing the town health officer.   He thinks that something needs to be different.  He’s not sure how, but as we look at the next couple of weeks we will need the health officer to be active.  This is his biggest concern.
Mort was verifying what the responsibilities of the health officer are.  Board informed him that the health officer does water sampling for water quality, investigates dog bites for health issues, sanitation/trash.  Health Officer has done flea infestation problem; as well.
On green up day Mort pulled a tire out by the trestle and it is still there.  Mort explained that he travels the roads all over town.  Some places really need to be cleaned up.  Trash piled outside is a problem.  Mort looks at it from the bug situation, but there is health, safety and many other reasons.  An active health officer would be a good way to take care of these issues.
Julie thinks Jim has the manual that explains the health officer role and contact information with the state.
Mort asked how many unregistered vehicles you are allowed to have on your property and if there was a way to enforce.   Diane checked the ordinance and it indicates the number is two; Article II a.  Three or more unregistered vehicles are illegal.
Mort asked if there was anything in place to inform the public about West Nile or EEE.  Board and Julie indicated the use of the Front Porch Forum for those signed onto it, Leicester’s web-site, media, signs around town, notice in the tax bills, the Town Report.  Mort asked how they notify people who live off the grid.  Last year Julie went door to door to people who were in the spray zone. 
Tom asked about organic farmers who don’t want to be sprayed.  Red flagging has been put up for the “no spray” area.  Tom has a red flag on his property.  Tom asked why the flagging was on his side of the road where he ‘wants’ to be sprayed; instead of the other side of the road to the south where the organic farm is and ‘doesn’t want’ to be sprayed.
Mort explained that the flags are put on the side where the driver would see them best in the road right of way.  The driver is more apt to see it if it is to the driver’s right than to the left of the driver on the other side of the road.  The spray truck, without any wind, would produce of swath of chemical that would penetrate 300’; 150 feet each side of the vehicle.  If there is any wind drift at all, it would go further. 
Tom stated that in the past when they made the corner, the spray took care of his property quite well; up until this year.  Tom wants to be sprayed. 
In these situations, BLSG can back pack spray if you formally request it on their web-site.
Julie reported that they sent out the first batch for testing and it came back negative.  There is a second batch sent out that should be coming back any time now.  The CDC is doing the blood tests.  The West Nile virus mosquitoes are different and they are around.  The EEE virus mosquitoes are starting right now and will be active through September.  Julie stated that Leicester is in the middle of the moderate risk area.  No one in the state is reported at high risk at this time, until there is a human case.
Ron will call Jim Russo and ask if he is interested in continuing as Leicester’s Health Officer.   If he is not going to continue and has a manual, name plate and identification, we need to get those things back from him .
Approval of July 1, 2013 Minutes:
Motion by Tom and second by Brad to approve minutes of July 1, 2013 as written.  All in favor.  So approved.
Review/Authorization to pay bills:  Bills making their rounds for signatures.
Reports from Town Officials, Committees:
Zoning Administrator:  None
Town Foreman:
Arlan talked with Gary Dupoise about paving.  Gary is going to start paving Wednesday out in front of the Town Office and do the striping.  On Thursday, he is going to go over by Bob LaPorte’s to start the intersection and up around the corner a little, then up this side of Dunmore Acres north.  He will save a load for the culvert job.  Gary said he would not exceed $80,000.
Arlan asked what the Board thought about Gary doing two spots at the corners of the town office building where the water pools behind the mail box and the pole.  Arlan would like to dig it out, put in some gravel, compact it and Gary would pave over it. 
Julie reminded that it’s not the town’s property.  It is the school’s property.
Motion by Tom and second by Brad to take a short recess at 7:05 p.m. to review the parking area and the brick building.  All in favor.  So approved.
Resumed meeting at 7:50 p.m.
Board felt it was the school’s responsibility to take care of the corner on the school side.   It would be a good time to do it when Gary was already there doing the town road and parking spaces.  Julie called a school board member.  Hannah is going to talk to the principal who may be able to approve it himself or the school board will have to have a special meeting.
Board authorized Arlan to dig  down a bit and put some stone to level the bike rack area.
Ken asked Arlan where they were at about the ledge removal.  Brad will contact Greg at Markowski’s about the cost of ledge removal. 
Motion by Ken and second by Ron that if Markowski is close to Creen’s price they should go with Markowski.   Brad will inform Arlan and they can decide the better deal. All in favor.  So approved.
Arlan reported that they ditched from Hanson’s down Shackett RoadThey are not done yet.  There is more ditching to be done.
Tom mentioned the new road sign for the end of Cram Road.  Diane mentioned a couple of speed signs that need to be moved on Fern Lake Road.  Fernville, Memoe, Bullock and Jenna Lane need to have speed limit signs.
Tom mentioned that the two commons on Fern Lake Road and Rt.53 need to be cut.  It hasn’t been done in a long time. 
Board authorized Julie to call Calvin to weed whack the two triangles.  It doesn’t need to be done every month.
Arlan called Bagley about roadside brush.  Bagley said it would be two to three weeks before he can get to it.
Julie reported that Peg Oliver asked that the bushes be trimmed out by the brick building.  Diane will try to trim them.  If she can’t, she will call Calvin.
Arlan reported that Peg Oliver asked about the mowing around the corner when coming off Old Jerusalem Road by the bridge.
Tom mentioned the cemetery needs some trimming; as well.
Brad and Arlan will try to get these areas taken care of.
Town Clerk/Treasurer:
Julie reported that the Sheriff stops in and talked about the road signs and he talked about bike races.
Julie sent out the request for the driver’s records for the CDL drivers.  She should have those back in a couple weeks.
Delinquents are very slow to come in.
Julie reported that they will be setting the tax rate tonight.
Julie is going to send out the tax bills in early August this year.  It will give everyone plenty of time.
Julie asked if the Board would like to send anything out with an insert in the tax bills.  Some possibilities are:  EEE information, talking about the Front Porch Forum, history of Waterhouses, explanation of tax rate and a heads up for late filers of their homestead, contact cards for updated phone numbers or updated email addresses.
There was more discussion of the pros and cons of considering going to a fiscal year in the future and going to quarterly tax payments. 
Julie has taxpayers who send in their taxes a little at a time as they have extra money right now.  They set up their own tax payment schedule.  Taxpayers do not have to wait until the exact due date to send in their tax payments.
Set Tax Rate:
Board viewed the 2012 tax rate.  The 2013 tax rate is about $ .07 higher depending on if you are homestead or non-residential.
Julie explained that the municipal rate is exactly the same for the town.  The increase is all education.  If taxpayers have a question or complaint about their tax bill they should contact the:
  • School Board
  • Department of Education
  • Department of Taxes
The five Selectboard members signed the tax rate.  Homestead is set at 1.6161and non-residential is set at 1.6277.
Motion by Tom and second by Brad to approve the bills.  All in favor.  So approved.
Representative Request:
A letter was received and read into the record from Lynn Bisbee our Representative to Regional Planning and Alternate to Planning Commission.  She requested to be released from the Planning Commission Alternate position to allow her to be just the Regional Planning Representative for Leicester.
Lynn wrote this letter before the Planning Commission changed their meeting night.  The Planning Commission are now meeting the second Tuesday of the month instead of the second Wednesday of the month.  Julie will change the date on the town’s web-site and Sandy will post the change in three places.  Diane will put the change in the Leicester news in the newspaper.
Diane will contact Lynn and follow up.
Health IssuesDiscussed at the beginning of the meeting.
Better Back Roads:
Last Tuesday Eric House from VTrans met Ken, Arlan, Kate and Diane at the Reserve Road (Pinkie Johnson’s Memorial access) where they looked at the water runoff problem at the access.  On the westerly side is a big gully and they examined the side on Jeff McDonough’s property boundary.  Jeff has done some things to keep people off his property.  There is a hole/gully about ten feet out into the lake.  Mr. House’s advice was to stone line the ditch.  He didn’t say much about what to do to address the issue when you take the boat out of the water and how it tears up the dirt in the gully.
They took a little field trip and saw that most of the boat landings in Addison County have a precast slab.  
Kate and Diane put together a grant application proposal for $12,348 to stabilize the Reserve Road by stone lining the ditch and putting in a precast pad to be able to launch boats and take shanties off without further eroding the bank.
Diane reported that the state now has a new program called the Lake Wise Program where they invite land owners who have property on the lake to have a consultant come and advise them on how to reduce erosion and stabilize their banks.  The Lake Dunmore/Fern Lake Association is in contact with their representative.  Jeff McDonough, Matt Carrara and Rob Gerow have all expressed interest in finding out more from this person at Lake Wise.
Motion by Brad and second by Ken to go into Executive Session to discuss personnel matter at 8:15 p.m.  All in favor.  So approved.
Motion by Ken and second by Brad to come out of Executive Session at 8:38, no action taken.
Motion by Ron and second by Tom to adjourn at 8:38 p.m.   
Next meeting August 5, 2013.
Respectfully submitted,
Sandra L. Trombley, Secretary