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Meeting Minutes

 Town of Leicester
Selectboard Meeting
Mon., Jan. 28, 2013
6:30 p.m.
See subsequent meeting minutes for changes.
Present: B. Lawes, K. Young, R. Fiske, D. Benware (recorder)
Other: J. Delphia, A. Pidgeon
At 6:30 p.m., the meeting was re-opened, having been recessed from 1/21 meeting. After the flag salute, the Warning was reviewed and signed. The general Town expenses are set at $245,879.08; the amount to be raised by taxes to be $206,263.86. The Highway expenses are set at $254,835.00; amount to be raised by taxes is $172,428.73.
Bills were circulated and payment approved; motion by Brad, second by Ken to approve bills.
Passed unanimously.
Town Report:
We reviewed the mock copy, per Julie's request. Minor edits suggested. Let Julie know if there are any further corrections; due to printers by Thursday.
Girl Scout request:
Crystal Cole, troop leader, has asked if the troop can set up a table at recycling and at Town Meeting.  The request was approved after short discussion. Julie or Diane will contact her.
Approval of nominations for Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Approval and Addison County Regional Planning Commission:
Bill Shouldice was approved to fill the position on the Zoning Board and Planning Commission, recently vacated by Jim Russo. Lynn Bisbee was approved to fill the position as town rep to the ACRPC, and as an alternate to the Planning Commission. Lynn's term on the ACRPC runs through June 30; (finishing an unexpired term). It was noted that there has been difficultyreaching a quorum at PC meetings; Lynn will be needed to participate in all discussions. Susan Stroud-Meyers was approved to fill the vacant spot on the Planning Commission. Brad made the motion, Ron the second to approve the above action: passed unanimously. Diane will contact new members and send written confirmation.
It was suggested that Kate create a packet of background information for new members.
Dog Issue: Three dogs on Dorie Lane have been removed by Animal Control Officer Paul Crosby to the Addison County Humane Society. The Vermont State Police were called by Humane Society officials; an investigation has been launched and charges will be filed. This is the third time that the animals have been removed. Paul took photos and has submitted a report.
Meeting adjourned at 8:02 p.m., on a motion by Ron, second by Brad and Ken.
Respectfully submitted: D. Benware
Next meeting Mon., Feb. 4, at 6:30 p.m.