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Meeting Minutes - ZBA

Zoning Board of Adjustment Meeting
Tuesday, March 10, 2015
7:55 P.M.
** See subsequent minutes for any changes
Members Present: Peter Fjeld, Chair, Donna Swinington, Jeff McDonough
Members Absent: Bill Shouldice
Others Present: Sandra Trombley, Secretary
Call to Order/Roll Call:
Meeting called to order at 7:55 p.m. by Chair and roll call.
Review Agenda: Agenda Reviewed.
Approval of Minutes of February 24, 2015:
Motion by Jeff and second by Donna to approve minutes of February 24, 2015. All in favor. So approved.
New Business:
Permit Application #1-15-ZBA for Elizabeth Herrmann for Komesar & Carn Hearing:
Sandy reminded the Board that there will be a hearing for Komesar and Carn permit application on March 31, 2015.
Old Business:
Telephone Conference on Wellarkes Appeal:
The parties involved in the Wellarkes appeal have not been able to resolve their differences.
A pre-trial telephone conference has been scheduled by the E-Court for March 30th at 1:00 p.m. The purpose of the conference is to discuss any matters which should be resolved prior to trial, to confirm time, date, and location of the hearing and decide if a site visit is necessary prior to hearing.
Diane will call Jim Carroll for clarification of who is representing the Town in this telephone conference.
Motion by Jeff to adjourn ZBA meeting at 8:05 p.m. All in favor. So approved.
Respectfully submitted,
Sandra L. Trombley, Secretary