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Meeting Minutes - PC

Planning Commission Meeting
Tuesday, June 9, 2015
6:00 P.M.
** See subsequent minutes for any changes
Members Present: Donna Swinington, Chair, Peter Fjeld, Jeff McDonough, Bill Shouldice
Others Present: Mary Anne Sullivan, Tom Barker, Ron Fiske, Sandra Trombley, Secretary
Call to Order/Roll Call:
Meeting called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Chair and roll call.
Review Agenda: Agenda reviewed.
Approve minutes of May 26, 2015:
Motion by Jeff and second by Bill to approve minutes of May 26, 2015. All in favor. So approved.
Interview Zoning Administrator Applicant:
Tom shared that Mary Anne is very thorough. She is on the DRB in Salisbury and is Secretary to the Planning Commission in Salisbury. She has some working knowledge of the Boards. She is close by and available.
Peter sees it as there are two things that we want. One is someone that can do the job reasonably well and who can get along with people coming in to complete applications, and be helpful and two, someone who will not get the town in trouble.
Jeff mentioned that she is familiar with the lake area.
Bill mentioned that we don’t want someone who has a personal agenda, but need someone who will apply the zoning by-laws.
The Board welcomed Mary Anne Sullivan. Introductions were made. Mary Anne was asked by Board to explain why she is interested in the ZA position.
Mary Anne likes to read the laws pertaining to zoning. She is a native Vermonter, and came back and wondered how the regulations came about. She serves on the DRB in Salisbury and really enjoys the work and enjoys writing the decisions and it gives her a way to combine her interest in research and zoning and planning. She is retired and has a lot of time on her hands.
Jeff asked about the Shoreline Protection Act. Mary Anne is familiar with the Shoreline Protection Act.
Bill explained that the State seems to be very responsive so far. He explained that the ZBA has approved a couple projects because the applicant moved their project farther away from the lake and then the Board told them to go to the State; which seemed to work out.
Donna asked about availability. Mary Anne explained she has a few other commitments, but she has plenty of time on her hands. She would be available to commit to scheduled hours at a time when the Town Office is open.
Bill asked how she feels about obvious enforcement issues; not that the Board would want you out there looking for them.
Mary Anne stated that the law requires that the ZA must investigate any report of the violation either he/she observed or was reported to them. If it is a violation, the best procedure would be to talk to that person or send a letter and to go through the process to correct or remedy it. There are a number of remedies. There are fines or injunctions. The ZA is in fact a person of the law or so may issue tickets. It is always better to consult an attorney.
Bill stated that he was asking more about her enthusiasm about going after someone.
Mary Anne said she didn’t like to persecute someone. It’s not a problem. She thinks you must say that by law this office must investigate a reported violation. The Zoning Administrator has a good chance to make sure communication happens between the Board, the ZA and the community. The by-laws need to be administered and enforced equally.
Mary Anne asked if 2005 was the latest version of the by-laws.   It was explained that new zoning regulations are just finished and about to go to the hearing process.
Mary Anne asked how the people in Leicester know there have been revisions to the zoning by-laws. The Board explained there are public hearings and the revisions go on the web-site.
Mary Anne wondered if the lake folks were aware of 174 and if they have seen the pamphlets and need to be educated. Bill explained that the Lake Association does a quite education job and was deeply involved and is very much aware. They have regular meetings and put out four newsletters a year.
Mary Anne asked about forms and applications and if they were available when ZA wasn’t here. The Board explained, yes, they were available at the Town Office.
Mary Anne asked about administrative review of boundary line adjustments and single subdivisions. The Board explained that our new regulations address those issues. She can find them on the town web-site under Ordinances & Regulations.
The Board thanked Mary Anne for coming and explained that the Selectboard will be meeting Monday, June 15th to make a decision on our two applicants.
After saying good-bye to Mary Anne, the Board discussed the two applicants and voted to present a name to the Selectboard. The two biggest issues were enforcement and availability. Either candidate is capable.
Bill voted for Jeff Biasuzzi
Donna voted for Jeff Biasuzzi
Jeff voted for Mary Anne Sullivan
Peter voted for Mary Anne Sullivan
The Board presents both names back to the Selectboard for a final decision.
Other Business: None
New Business:   None
Public Comment: None
Motion by Jeff and second by Peter to adjourn to ZBA meeting at 7:00 p.m. All in favor. So approved.
Respectfully submitted,
Sandra L. Trombley