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Meeting Minutes - PC Special

Town of Leicester
Special Planning Commission Meeting
Thursday, February 8, 2012
** See subsequent minutes for any changes
Members Present:  Donna Swinington, Chair, Pete Fjeld, Jim Russo
Absent:  Jeff McDonough
Others Present:  Gerry Flint, Cecile Todd, Claire Tebbs, ACRP, Sandra Trombley, Secretary
Call to Order & Roll Call:  Donna called the PC Meeting to order at 6:07 p.m. with roll call.
Town Plan Revisions:   
Claire Tebbs, ACRP was welcomed back from maternity leave. She had emailed the revised Town Plan to the Board for review.  Claire provided a set of colored maps for our Land Use District.  Kevin brought all the other maps up to date.  The Town will get a big set of maps.
Important: Claire stated that on the Land Use Map, we need to make a decision whether the conservation area is brought down before we can finalize the draft.
Kate presented the information about the map to the Selectboard at the December 19th Selectboard Meeting showing how the PC was trying to reduce bad development on higher grades.
Claire offered ACRP services if Board needs them.
Donna asked Sandy to get the PC on the February 20th Selectboard Meeting.
Claire explained that they need to know why they set the criteria.
Claire reviewed the maps with the Board.
Claire reported that there are still things to be added and grammatical changes to be made.
Definition of Goals and Actions:  change wording of overarching and aforementioned.
Claire explained that the time tonight should be spent on content and not on the grammatical changes to be made.
Peter was wondering if there was any way that we could find out what percent was forest area 100 years ago.
Jim recommended that we be consistent with how we are reporting statistics.
Claire stated that we need some good Leicester pictures.  Jim will check with Julie on getting some photos.  It would be nice to get photos showing a diverse group of people.  We also need a good cover page for the Plan.
New graphs were inserted.
Housing Section needs goals and actions, page 9 and 10.  Claire will take a stab at them and email them to me.
Page 10:  second paragraph is repeated.
Claire needs to add some text to the Economic Development section.  There is discussion of local businesses and agricultural businesses.
Economy Actions:  Add #7 statewide initiatives for internet.
Page 18:  Delete #3 under Utilities and Services Goals. 
Page 19:  Not under a fee service agreement with Salisbury Fire Department.
Page 20:  Brookside Cemetery has 5 volunteers.
Page 29:  Numbering is off.
Energy:  Wind:  make sure the scale of turbines is appropriate and specific policies need to be addressed in zoning regulations, etc.
Page 32:  #3 under goals is actually an Action and should go under actions.
Page 35:  Goals & Action Box was cut off and needs to be pulled down.
Page 48:  Land Use Map.  Need to make a decision on conservation area.
Under Implementation:  Reviewed and talked about one year plan and five year plan.
Claire recommended that we be more aware of money funding sources for grants.
Motion by Peter to approve minutes of August 30, 2011 and October 20, 2011.  Second by Jim.  All in favor.  So approved.
Motion by Peter to adjourn at 8:01 P.M.  Second by Jim.  All in favor.  So approved.
Respectfully submitted,
Sandra L. Trombley, PC Secretary