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Agenda 04-01-19

                                                     TOWN OF LEICESTER
                                         SELECTBOARD MEETING AGENDA
                                                       TOWN OFFICE
                                                             Apr 1, 2019
                                                               6:30 p.m.
            ACTION                                                         Proposed Time
Pledge of Allegiance
Review of Agenda                                                      2 minutes
Approval of Mar 18, 2019 minutes                            5 minutes
Review/Authorization to pay bills                              15 minutes
Reports from Town Officials, Committees                 20 minutes
Weight Permits                                                            5 minutes
Appoint ACSWD rep                                                  5 minutes
                                                   NEW BUSINESS
Capital Plan for MRGP work                                     25 minutes
Animal Holding Facility                                             5 minutes
                                                   OLD BUSINESS
Zoning Administrator Position                                    15 minutes
                                                 BUILDING NEEDS
                                    HIGHWAY CONCERNS/NEEDS
Town Shed                                                                  5 minutes
LIMITED PUBLIC OPINION                                   15 minutes
Next Meeting:  Apr 15, 2019