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DRB Minutes 08/17/2021

AUGUST 17, 2021
Permit Application #:  18-21-DRB
  1. The Chair opened the hearing at 6:00 PM.
  2. The Clerk read the notice as published and advertised. (See attached tear sheet from the Addison Independent, Thursday July 29, 2021)
  3. The representatives of the applicant were:
  4. Steve Eaton RNESU Facilities Manager
  5. Diane Randall School Secretary
  6. Thomas Flury Principal
  7. There were no other Interested Parties present.
  8. The Chair swore in all representatives above.
  9. Steve Eaton described the project as submitted.  The modular building will be sited adjacent to the existing building.  The modular unit will be 52’ x 28’.  This location will encroach on the Village District side set back by 25’.   The modular unit will provide administrative office space, nurse’s office and space for the school library.  There is a need for private meeting space to work with students and parents.  The current library is primarily on carts in a small office and the multi-purpose room.  The new modular unit location is driven by need for water, sewer and electrical connection to present systems.  (A direct connection to the building would necessitate adding sprinkler systems to both the current building and modular unit.)  The goal is to use the modular unit for 3-5 years and is not intended for “permanent” use.
  10. The DRB asked about alternative locations and the possibility of turning the modular unit 90 degrees.  Eaton respond with the following:
  11. Turning the mod unit would negatively impact school bus turning in an already crowded parking area.  Four buses serve the school.
  12. The NW area behind the school is the only location for potential expansion in the future.
  13. There will be a 15’ passageway between the existing and the modular unit for access to the playground facilities.  The classrooms now have exterior back doors to the playground.
  14. The Walter Cerf Grant funded sandbox will be moved and preserved together with the stone plaque.
  15. The playground is used by the school and community throughout the year. The school has camera coverage of all outdoor areas, parking lots and internal hallways.
  16. Principal Flury reported that student enrollment is 86 but is subject to change.  He noted that delivery requirements have changed over the last few years and the number of required staff members have increased in accordance with state and federal mandates.  He also presented and provided copies of the attached L.C.S. Modular Unit Uses which describes in detail the planned use for the space created by the new building.  In response to questions from the DRB regarding why the Sudbury and Whiting K-6 were now coming to L.C.S. Flury stated that the this was to reduce duplication of teacher and staff needs when the three schools were operational.  Flury also noted the consolidation to L.C.S. is more efficient and the space needs can be accommodated within one school.  
  17. Administrative staff includes the following:
  18. 2 Curriculum Interventionists (reading and math)
  19. 1 nurse
  20. 1 Guidance Counselor
  21.  1 Behavioral Interventionist
  22. 1 Speech-language Pathologist
  23. 1 Special Education teacher
  24. 1 custodian
  25. Secretary Randall reported that all students are from Leicester, Whiting and Sudbury.  She stated that student enrollment at this time:
  26. Kindergarten    12
  27. Grades 1-2        23
  28. Grade 3              13-14
  29. Grades 4-5         20
  30. Grade 6               16
  31.  In response to board questions Eaton described the 30’ handicap accessible ramp to ingress and egress from the front of the mod unit.  There will also be a “barricade” to protect the ramp from vehicular traffic in the parking area.  The rear egress from the mod unit will be steps/stairs.  There will also be a handicap bathroom in the new nurse’s office.  The unit will meet all commercial energy codes and life safety measures.  Eaton noted that he has had initial communication with the State Fire Marshall and the modular unit will need to meet all appropriate codes.  He also contacted the Brandon Fire Department to request review of the project plans to ensure that both the old and new buildings will be serviceable if needed.  The board noted that Vermont Fire Safety approval will be required.
  32. Eaton reported that the Agency of Natural Resources had determined that the there is adequate water for the project.  The applicant will need to submit a certified septic design that the existing system can handle the addition of the mod unit.  A State of Vermont potable water/wastewater permit will be required.
  33. Eaton estimated that following completion of the permit process construction will occur in early November.
  34. The Chair closed the public hearing at 6:55 PM.  On motion and second the DRB entered deliberative session.
  35. The DRB came out of deliberative session at 7:15 PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Keith O. Arlund and DRB Clerk Jay Michael