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Meeting Minutes

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Selectboard Meeting Minutes


Monday, January 19, 2009




** See subsequent minutes for any changes


Members Present:  Diane Benware, Bob Oliver, Ken Young, Ron Fiske, Tom Barker


Others Present:   Arlan Pidgeon, Scott Pidgeon, Kylee Rochon, Cecile Todd, Sandra Trombley, Secretary


Call to Order:  Meeting called to order at 6:30 by Chair, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. 


Agenda Review:  Agenda reviewed. 


Minutes of January 5, 2009: 


Motion by Tom to approve 1/5/09 minutes.  Seconded by Ron.  All in favor.  So approved.


Review and Sign Orders for Payment:   None


Reports from Town Officials, Committees:


Arlan reported that they created a berm at the sand to prevent non-resident commercial persons from taking the Town’s sand to make a profit.  Kylee reported that there have been a half dozen complaints from citizens that they pay their taxes and are now not able to get their trucks in to get sand for their driveways.  During ice storms we can put some sand outside the berms for residents so residents can have access to sand for their driveways.


Scott recommended getting five or six concrete barriers 4’x2’x2’ to do something decent and leave space for residents to get in with five gallon pails.  They are about $50 a piece. 


Ken mentioned getting windshield stickers; as well.  The Board needs to finish putting the budget together before they can decide on the concrete barriers. 


Arlan reported the bottom of the overhead door was rusted and needs new rollers at the salt shed.  It needs a new bottom section.


Action:  Motion by Tom, seconded by Ken to authorize Arlan to get new door rollers for the bottom section of the overhead door and install them.  All in favor.  So approved.


Kylee reported that Auditors have been in.


Scott reported on the grader.  He has issues with the blade on the grader.  Scott thinks it’s worn out.  The welds are all cracked.  The heater doesn’t work.  Something needs to be done before spring if Board wants to continue to use it.


Ken stated the subject of the grader requires a lot of thought and discussion before any decisions are made.  More than can be discussed at this meeting tonight.


Bob suggests we get someone from Windmill to come up and look at grader and give an estimate of costs to repair grader and is it worth getting it fix.  Price needs to justify 15 miles of road.


Ron stated that we need to look at castings.


Repairs this year were $1,116.15 and last year around $8,233.  The purchase price of the grader was $15,000.  The motor runs good.  The transmission makes noise and is very loud so Scott has to wear earplugs.


Action:  Arlan will look it over and call Reg to come and do evaluation of overall condition of grader.  Need a list of items and approximate costs to make it road worthy.


Ken brought up the conversation about transferring the sander from Arlan’s vehicle to Scott’s vehicle.  Ken had concerns about legality of Town’s sander on Scott’s vehicle.  The vehicle is registered in Arlan’s name.  As long as Arlan’s name is also on the registration there should be no problem. 


New Business:


Road Weight Restriction Form:   Arlan reported that we have no roads with restrictions.  Board is not signing this form.


Legislative Breakfasts:  Diane read the report of dates for legislative breakfasts.


Resignation of Zoning Administrator: 


Last Monday Board discussed zoning issues.  Diane was authorized by the Board to write to ZA indicating the Board expected ZA to be in the Town Office on Thursdays 10:00 – 1:00 and the Town would no longer pay a portion of the ZA’s cell phone as he was expected to be in the office.  ZA responded on Thursday, January 15, 2009 by email with his resignation.


Motion by Tom, seconded by Bob to accept the ZA’s resignation.  All in favor.  So approved.


Motion by Tom, seconded by Bob to appoint Ron Fiske to be interim ZA.  Ron abstained.  All in favor.  So approved.


Kylee reported that Andrew was in Town Office today and asked;

·       Did Board want him to work on an interim basis?

·       Did Board want him to write up  ZA report for the Town Report

·       ZA was concerned about getting paid


Motion by Tom, seconded by Ken to authorize Diane to email Andrew saying  “thank you, no” to Andrew working on an interim basis, “thank you”, we don’t expect you to write the report, but thank you for asking.  We also need his key back or any password information he may have.  All in favor.  So approved.


Sandy indicated that she thought anybody could access the Town’s computer and it was not password protected.  We can try before we leave.


Conversation about compensation for Ron as interim ZA.  $15.00 per hour.


Bob indicated he doesn’t think a Board Member can get paid for the ZA position.


Action:  Ron will look into Selectboard Handbook for legality of compensation for accepting another position while on the Board.


Action:  Diane will put notice in paper for interim ZA and hours at Town Office.


Town Positions Open:


2 Selectboard Positions

1 Delinquent Tax Collector

1 Lister

1 Auditor

1 Constable

1 OV School Director

1 Elementary School Director

3 Zoning Board


Deadline is January 22, 2009.


Old Business:


Reviewed draft of Selectboard’s Report.  Discussion of topics Chair had listed.  Discussion about contract for fire coverage from Brandon.


Action:  All Board to review and let Chair know of any changes.


Public Opinion:  None


Executive Session:  Not necessary.



Budget Work: 


Public Safety          


Law Enforcement:   $2,000


Animal Control:  $500


Dog Census:            $300


Dog Licenses:  don’t budget for/income fees to State, other funds


Contingency:  Fire Expense:  $19,716.00 (will come back to)


Fire Warden:  $100


Health Officer:  $200


Delinquent Tax Collector:  don’t budget


Town Moderator:   $100


Elections/Payroll:    $750


Payroll Tax Liability – FICA/Medicare:  $10,000


Payroll Tax Liability – In lieu of Contributions:


Community Development:        0


Loan Interest/Bank Fees: $1,200


Legal Fees:   $3,500


Refund-Tax Overpayment:  don’t budget/just show overpayment ($11,581.54)


Trash Removal – Bullock Road:     $500 (There was a recent dumping of shingles.)


Workshop/Training/Town Officers:        $1,000


Writing & Research Grant           $500


Miscellaneous:        $200




Requests from other agencies to be included on ballot - Assessments:


Addison County Humane Society        $1,000

Addison County Regional Planning     $1,060.50

Addison County Tax                                 $10,600

American Red Cross                                 $250

Brandon Area Rescue Squad                $5,125

Brandon Library                              $1,000

George D. Aiken Research                     $100

Green Up Vermont                                   $50

Insect Control District                              12,436

Lake Dunmore/Fern Lake Assoc            $2,322

Leicester Little League                 $700

Vermont Coalition of Municipalities     0

Vermont League of Cities & Towns      $1,350


Appropriations as Voted:


Addison County Community Action:  $1,300

Addison County Home Health Care:  $1,138

Addison County Parent/Child Center: (nothing has come in)

Addison County RSVP:                 $285

Addison County Transit Resources:      $1,000

Champlain Valley Agency on Aging: $1,050

Counseling Service of Addison County   $1,050

Elderly Services, Inc.:                                 $500

Hospice Volunteer Services:                   $250

John W. Graham Emergency Shelter: (nothing has come in)

Neighbor Works of Western Vermont: $200

Open Door Clinic:                          $300

Otter Creek Natural Resources:            (nothing has come in)

Vermont Adult Learning:                        $450

Vermont CARES – Aids Research:         $350

Vermont Center for Independent Living:  $145

Women in Crisis – Women Safe: $600

Maple Leaf Farm (Drug Rehab 2):        $645

Boys & Girls Club of Brandon                   $900


Balance in Highway Fund:


2 for 1 Paving Grant:                                don’t need to budget

Transfer from Bridge #6:               don’t need to budget


Agency of Transportation Highway State Aid                     $64,000

Agency of Transportation Additional Aid    

Current Taxes to Highway Fund


Road Permits                       $250

Grant for Bridge #6

Grant for Park & Ride

Grant for Signs

No Sales

Reimbursement – Chloride (Arlan needed more chloride than the Town purchased)

Reimbursement – VELCO

Reimbursement – LCS Culvert

Reimbursement – Misc




Transferred $1,500 and $76,229.58 in 2008 from Equipment Fund and Bridge Fund. 


Diane will find out about road inventory and storm damage.


Hooker Road Project:  $62,190.34 Total Cost

Materials: 5,338.45

Paving: $32,615.89

Tree Removal:  $7,000

Rental Equipment $17,236

Plus Wages


Equipment Purchases:   $0


Dump Truck Repairs:         $0

Grader Blades:                    $1,500

Grader Repairs:     

Loader Repairs:       $3,000

Sander Hook-Up:    $500

Shoes & Blades for Wing & Plow:   $5,000

Other Parts & Labor:         $1,000


Equipment Rental:  $52,000 Total




Salt:    $25,000

Chloride:  $4,500

Sand & Gravel:  $30,000


Motion by Tom, seconded by Ron, to recess until Thursday, January 22, 2009.  All in favor.  So approved.


Adjourned 9:58 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,



Sandra L. Trombley

Selectboard Secretary