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Special Meeting Minutes

Town of Leicester
 Planning Commission & Selectboard Meeting
Town Plan Revisions
Monday, April 9, 2012
** See subsequent minutes for any changes
Members Present:  Donna Swinington, Chair PC, Pete Fjeld, Jeff McDonough, Jim Russo, Diane Benware, Chair Selectboard, Ron Fiske, Ken Young, Tom Barker
Others Present:  Julie Delphia, Sandra Trombley, Secretary
Call to Order & Roll Call:  Donna called the PC Meeting to order at 6:05 p.m. with roll call from the Planning Commission.
The first item addressed on the agenda was re-nominating Kate Briggs as Zoning Administrator.
Motion by Jeff to re-nominate Kate Briggs as Zoning Administrator.  Second by Pete.  All in favor.  So approved.
Kate left Donna a copy of a revised zoning application to be considered.  Board reviewed zoning application changes.  Kate wanted more choices.  Pete mentioned that before in a meeting, they asked that she must always tell them why.  Now this has a check box and says; found not to meet the official ordinance of the Town of Leicester by the Zoning Administrator on, and date.  And then it has another check box for referred to the Zoning Board of Adjustment for the following reasons.  What they wanted before was that if ZA referred anything to the ZBA, she had to tell them why.  Jim stated to just take the box out.  If she found not to meet ordinance, put the lines in for reasons why.  Donna will explain to Kate.
Motion by Pete to delete the box and accept the revised zoning application.  Second by Jim. All in favor.  So approved.
Donna needed feedback from the Select Board.  It’s her understanding that the Board should be looking at content tonight and not grammar and punctuation.
Julie recommended that they should be looking at content tonight and have Claire update content and then provide us with a soft copy that is editable and we will fix the grammar.  It needs some grammar work.  Sentences are not complete and run on sentences.  Julie felt that it is in the best interest of the Town to let Regional Planning do content and we do the grammar.  Road names on the map need to be changed and added and roads extended.
Donna needed clarification for her and the Board.  Donna received feedback from Kate; saying she wanted Claire to do no more work on the Plan; that Kate and Julie will polish it up; and Julie is saying that yes send it back with a soft copy.  Donna and the Board needs to know where they are going with the Plan.
Julie felt that since we have already paid all the money for the grant, that Regional Planning should do as much work as they can.  All the maps have to be done by Regional Planning.  Julie is volunteering to help with the grammar part.  Julie mentioned that Diane and Kate offered to help with the grammar.  It is not always just sentences to be fixed.  Paragraphs need to be moved around to get the understanding of what it is.  Some paragraphs contradict another.  Everyone needs to agree on the vision.
Donna stated that Claire told us that Regional Planning will stand by us until the Plan is complete.
Pete stated that ideally, we want to go through the text and make changes.  Right now with all of us sitting around this table, Pete thinks we should concentrate on content.
Julie mentioned that the June 15th date is coming.  It is the cutoff date; or we’ll have to file an extension on the Plan.
Julie thinks we need to have the document on the computer here with others giving feedback.  You need more than one person.  Two or three people need to sit down and read; you know what you want it to say, what your intention is.  Julie’s vote is Regional Planning fix the maps and we do all the text part.
Pete stated that we would go through the content tonight.  All were in agreement.  Pete mentioned that his name was spelled wrong.
Town Plan Revisions
Table of Contents
Second paragraph, line 2: not “number of” public gatherings, but “a” public gathering. 
Spelling and grammar.
Correct spelling of Peter’s last name.
Page 3
Second paragraph, second sentence should read “west” not “east”. 
Third sentence should be “north” not “south”. 
Line 10 should read “to the south” of what is known as the “Jerusalem” school.  Blue Ledge Farm should replace “former Dave Pierpont Farm”. 
The last sentence in the paragraph should replace “over the mountains” to “to Hancock”.
Third paragraph Whiting & Salisbury should be added to Post Offices.
Page 4
Paragraph 3, second sentence, “residents” is not the right word.  Need to change.  Keep thinking.
Page 5
Last paragraph, under population, “what rules” are they referring to.  Deleted “1,000 to” in second sentence.
Under Vital Statistics if data is available, we should add 2010 data.  The paragraph needs some help.
Page 6
Map needs to be updated.  Extend the length of Stove Pipe Avenue and rename it to Jenna Lane.
Add Isthmus Road on the map as a Class 4 road.
The data for population density is a question since Leicester has only 1100 people.  Julie asked how they are calculating that.  As the question.
First paragraph it mentions the year “2000”.  We should have most updated year.
Page 7
Age Distribution
Graph should be changed to reflect proper age groups.  5 to 9 years, then 10 to 14 years and so on.
Households:  Discussion of paragraphs and graphs & charts for pages 7 – 9 and where they actually belong.
Numbers in paragraph 2 do not equal 448.  These numbers need to be verified. 
Move Seasonal vs. Year Round Housing graph to page 9 under Housing.
Page 9
Graphs need to be moved and missing data added.
Summer homes to year round residences.  Is there really a trend?  Quantify?
Grammar, numbers & words, numbers do not add up.  Math is all wrong.
Pete stated that the Census is; what the Census is, and that is what we need to use and say “based on the census”.
Page 10
Under Recommended Actions, #2 change from “Require” to “Encourage”.
Page 11
Graph 1 Labor Industries needs to change to 2010.
Under Employment should be updated to 2010.
Paragraph 2 under Employment, there should be an “*”  for Health & Social Services and an “*” in the Labor Industries graph.
Last paragraph, third sentence, take out “seven” and leave in “just over 1%”.
Education Levels graph needs to be updated.
Page 12
Discussed map.  40 jobs covered by insurance.
Page 13
Discussed map.  Commute
Page 14
There are more businesses; other than what’s listed.  Everyone needs to work on a list.
Page 15
Under Economy Goals #3 should be changed to “Promote year round tourism”.
Recommended Actions #7 change “ Recruit” to “Encourage” and end sentence with a “.” Not “?”.
Page 16
2nd paragraph.  Need to think about phone issues and 911 in Leicester and cell service.  Decided that Julie will re-word and add something about a rapidly changing area and has big implications.
Solid Waste section; we need to wait until after next Select Board Meeting.
Water Supply and Wastewater Systems, last paragraph, needs to be Lake Dunmore-Fern Lake-Salisbury-Leicester Collaborative Planning Study.  Note needs to be corrected on map on page 17 and throughout the document.
Page 17
Isthmus must be corrected on the Map as a Class 4 road.
Page 18
Recommended Actions, #2, Provide town services on the Leicester Website.
Delete #4.
Page 19
Paragraph 2, last sentence, delete “Community based law enforcement is limited to” and change to “The Town has two elected Town Constables……”
Paragraph 3, delete the Salisbury Volunteer Fire Department and is not a fee for services agreement, but a contracted service.
Paragraph 5, should read the Leicester has an “Emergency Management Coordinator”.
Page 20
Recommended Actions
 #1, who: is Emergency Management Coordinator
#2 correct title of Emergency Management Coordinator.
Page 21
Needs a paragraph about Town Shed under Community Facilities at Junction of Rte7 and Leicester/Whiting Road and Fern Lake Road.
Under Brookside Cemetery, third sentence, “The committee, along with willing residents, have single handedly” installed a new fence… should change to “The committee facilitated installation of a new fence…”
Under Goals #1, remove the school.
Under Recommended Actions, #2 reword sentence to “Routinely check roof and foundations of all Town buildings”.
Page 22
The Meeting House needs to be added to the map and it also has the road issues.
Page 23
Under Recreation, first paragraph, the next to last sentence beginning “Branbury State Park…”should be deleted.
Should add something about mountain biking goes through Leicester and can be accessed through either of the two points mentioned.
Under Recommended Actions, delete #2.
Page 24
First paragraph, under Schools it is a Pre-K- 6.
Last sentence in first paragraph, remove “a bright spot in the center of Town and offers”, and remove the work “slightly”.
Paragraph 3: needs to be all reworded.
Paragraph 4: Leicester has a Leicester Alive Program which is an afterschool program.  They no longer have a SOAR Program.  Take out the 5 week summer program.
Paragraph 5: Pre-K – 6.
Paragraph 6: add Pittsford and Goshen to list of towns where students attend O.V.
Page 25
Alternative Education Options could be changing so Ken will have Anne review.  Rutland Northeast instead of Rutland North East.
Goals: delete #2
Recommended Actions:  delete #2
Page 26
Transportation and Road Names Map: Missing Isthmus Road, Stove Pipe and Jenna Lane corrections.
Page 27
Fix Collaborative Study name and grammar changes.
Page 28
Wildlife and Lake Roads:  remove last sentence beginning with “Large numbers….”
Fix Collaborative Study name.
Page 29
Recommended Actions:
New Roads: Remove “in the Lakes area” in #1.  Change #1 to read “Strongly encourage the minimization of the number of road cuts associated with subdivision and development.” 
Road Maintenance: 
#2 remove Lake Association newsletter and website.
Road Sharing:  Remove #1 - #4.
Page 30
We do not appoint Energy Coordinator at annual Town Meeting.  That needs to be fixed.
Page 31 & 32
Remove paragraph for PACE.
Page 33
Recommended Actions:
Remove #5 & #8.
Page 34
General Land Cover Map needs to be updated Isthmus, Stove Pipe, and Jenna Lane changes.
Page 35
Natural Resources & Wildlife Map needs to be updated with Jenna Lane and Isthmus changes.
Page 36
Last Paragraph:  Change Maple Street to Maple Run Road.
Page 37
Recommended Actions: 
Delete #1.
Page 38
Soil Goals:  Delete #3
Earth Resources Map:  Fix for Jenna Lane and Isthmus Road changes.
Page 39 & 40:  No changes
Page 41
 Paragraph 3:  5 mph for boats on Fern Lake.   Correct Lake Assn name.
Page 42
Correct name in comment box.
Page 43:  No changes
Page 44:  No changes
Page 45
Landscape Slope map needs to be fixed.
Page 46:  No changes
Page 47:  No changes
Page 48 & 49
Maps need to be updated.
Page 50
Village Center Recommended Actions: 
Remove #2
Lake Districts Area: 
Paragraph 3: Remove “As such, the Town supports the Branbury State Park”
Page 51
Investigate paragraph 1.
Page 52, 53, 54:  No changes
Page 55
Conservation Areas
Recommended Actions:  Delete #3
Page 56
Recommended Actions
Remove first arrow under #1: allowing a smaller lot size….
Page 57
Paragraph 6:  Line 2: Remove “Brandon is a center for employment, education and services for Leicester residents.”
Page 58:  No changes
Page 59: 
Correct Paragraph 3:  ZBA is responsible for updating the zoning regulations, not the Planning Commission.  The Planning Commission does subdivision regulations.  Just say, “The priority projects for Leicester”.
Donna will contact Claire.  Julie asked Donna to ask Claire to send a copy of the editable soft copy of the Plan and talk with her about the maps.  She will have to send it in the mail on a disk.  Ask if we can have it next week.  Donna will have Claire call Julie if she has any questions.
  • Need to know the date soft copy will be available to us
  • Need to know the date maps will be available to us & what format they are in
Julie recommended that tomorrow she review and set a timeline to make sure we have enough time; Donna will get back to her with information on the maps from Claire, and then they can set a date for a Town Meeting anticipating all goes on schedule.
There was discussion about maps and their size; and whether they should be in the document or at the end or on legal size.
Discussion of cover photos.  Town Plan will be available as PDF on town web-site, but there will also need to be colored copies.  Color can be expensive.
Motion by Jim to approve minutes of March 14, 2012 as written.  Second by Pete.  All in favor.  So approved.
Motion by Jim to adjourn at 8:32 p.m.  Second by Pete.  All in favor.  So approved.
Respectfully submitted,
Sandra L. Trombley
PC & Select Board Secretary