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Special Meeting Minutes with Whiting Selectboard

Minutes of Special Selectboard Meeting with Whiting Selectboard

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

1:00 p.m. Sawyer-Needham Road and Leicester Senior Center


Present:  from Leicester:  D. Benware, T. Barker, R. Fiske, K. Young, road commissioner,  A. Pidgeon, 

                        road foreman

              from Whiting: Steve Quenneville, Bob Wood, Paul Quesnel, road commissioner

                        Dan Newhall, HRRS, AOT

                        Nick Pattis, intern HRRS, AOT

                        Daryl Benoit, ACRPC

                        Tim Bouton, ACRPC


Agenda:  At 1:00 p.m., the group began to assemble at Sawyer-Needham Road, but quickly moved to the Senior Center in Leicester, as it was raining.  Dan explained that Leicester and Whiting had been recommended by ACRPC for upgrade, due to the Leicester Whiting Road's outdated reflective signs, high potential for accidents and availability of funding.  The process is as follows:  Dan and Nick gather information for several days, they design and propose upgrades. A second meeting is held with both towns, for our approval, they prepare specifications and request bids this fall.  Their office handles the bidding process and work could begin in 2013 and finish in 2014.  The grant (at no cost to either town) covers signage, road striping, limited guardrails (not beyond right of way), advice.


Dan shared his observations about inadequate signage, possible improper placement of signs, need for improved brush cutting and need to improve warnings for curves.  He provided information about dealing with contractors and left literature for both towns.  


 Daryl requested a copy of Leicester's Traffic Ordinance for their files. 


At approximately 2:30, Dan and Nick left with Ron, Ken and Arlan to inspect the Leicester portion of the highway.  The plan was for Nick and Dan to then repeat the process with the Whiting delegation.


  We will wait to hear from Dan about next steps.