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BCA Agenda & Minutes 02-06-2023

Town of Leicester
BCA Meeting
February 06, 2026 6:20pm
Call to Order
Review List of added voters
Election Process & Administration
Designate Presiding Officer
Designate JP pair for delivery to ill/disabled voters
Designate JP pair for delivery of school ballots
Designate Election/Assistant Election Officials
Tom Barker                
Cheryl Morrison
Julie Delphia               
Diane Beware
Brad Lawes
John Rouse
Hilary Hatch
Diane Randall
Greg Bernhardt
Call to Order 6:20 pm
The board reviewed a list of voters added.
Town Meeting Voting to be held March 7, 2022 from 10am – 7pm at the Town Office.  Julie will be the Presiding Officer.
The board designated Greg and Brad to deliver absentee ballots to ill or disabled voters as needed.
The board designated John and Brad to deliver School ballots to Brandon.
Tom moved and Brad seconded the motion to allow Julie to appoint election officials and assistant election officials on behalf of the BCA.  Passed unanimously.
Cheryl moved and Tom seconded the motion to adjourn. 
Meeting adjourned at 6:24 pm.