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Meeting Minutes

Town of Leicester
Selectboard Meeting Minutes
Monday, March 9, 2015
** See subsequent minutes for any changes
Members Present: Diane Benware, Tom Barker, Ron Fiske, Ken Young, Brad Lawes
Others Present: Julie Delphia, Arlan Pidgeon, Sandra Trombley, Secretary
Call to Order: Meeting called to order at 6:34 p.m. by Chair.
Review of Agenda:
Reorganization of Board:
Motion by Tom and second by Ken to nominate Diane Benware to continue as Chair of the Board. 1 abstention (Diane) and 4 in favor. So approved.
Motion by Ken and second by Brad to nominate Tom Barker to continue as Co-Chair of Board. 1 abstention (Tom) and 4 in favor. So approved.
Motion by Ken and second by Ron to nominate Brad Lawes to continue as Road Commissioner. 1 abstention (Brad) and 4 in favor. So approved.
Motion by Tom and second by Ken to nominate Ron Fiske to continue as Buildings & Grounds. 1 abstention (Ron) and 4 in favor. So approved.
Motion by Brad and second by Tom to reaffirm Sandra Trombley as Clerk of the Board. All in favor. So approved.
Board reaffirmed the following:
Motion by Tom and second by Brad to continue with the Addison Independent as Media of Record and the Chair will place ads on behalf of Selectboard. All in favor. So approved.
Affirm that the Board will follow Roberts Rules of Order for Small Boards. Allows Chair to second a motion.
Affirm that the Board will follow the Civil Rules of Conduct.
Motion by Ken and second by Tom that any one of the Selectboard on behalf of the Board can sign for orders needing attention prior to the meeting. All in favor. So approved.
Affirm that regular meetings are the 1st & 3rd Monday of month at 6:30 p.m.
Motion by Ken and second by Ron to re-appoint the following:
Re-appoint Donna Pidgeon as Cemetery Sexton.
Re-appoint Richard Reed as Addison County Solid Waste Management.
Re-appoint Arlan Pidgeon as Tree Warden.
Board unanimously approved re-appointments.
Approval of Minutes of February 16, 2015:
Motion by Ron and second by Brad to approve minutes of February 16, 2015 as written. All in favor. So approved.
Review/Authorization to Pay Bills:
There was discussion of a bill for mutual aid for the Pittsford Fire Department beyond the fire contract. Board agrees to try to bill the insurance company for this bill.
Motion by Ken and second by Tom to authorize Treasurer to pay the bills. All in favor. So approved.
Reports from Town Officials, Committees:
Town Clerk/Treasurer:
Julie reported that delinquent taxes are at $110,000.
Julie reported the election went well. There were 129 voters. Diane won the raffle.
Julie purchased the temperature sensors for the brick building and the white building.
Tom mentioned the need for lights or pole lamps. Julie will look for pole lamps.
Road Foreman:
No report.
Diane and Tom reminded Arlan of the need for frost heave signs or bump signs by Bob Oliver’s and by Doug Reed’s.
The PC has modeled their by-laws around the Poultney document. Diane reported that there will be a joint meeting next Monday, March 16th of the Selectboard and PC to talk about the DRB Model. Jim Carroll will be coming to talk about the pros and cons of going to that model.
Weight Permits:
There were four weight permits. Markowski, Camp Precast Concrete, LJN Construction, New England Woodcraft. Brad signed.
Highway Info, Grants:
May 13th is the 33rd Vermont Municipal Highway Association Day in Barre.
2015 Sand Bag Information. VTrans will no longer provide sand bags to towns. Towns can purchase sand bags thru the State contract with Granger Supply.
Brian Sanderson sent a link to the Orange Book 2014 – 2016 for Town Officials. Diane’s book is outdated. Julie will print one for her.
Town highway structures and paving grant. Grant applications received by April 15th will receive higher priority for initial round of funding. All forms available on line. Julie will do the necessary financial plan.
Vermont State Police Advisory Board Dinner, Thursday, March 19th at 6:00 p.m. in New Haven. They ask the Board to send a representative for the Town. Diane will RSVP if anyone is interested.
There is an Addison County Regional Planning meeting Wednesday night at 7:30 p.m. at the old CVPS building in Middlebury. The Commissioner of the Agency of Natural Resources will be speaking focusing on Lake Champlain and water quality.
A letter from Paul Crosby was read.
A letter of interest for the Animal Control Officer was read from John Chandler. Julie will invite him to the next meeting on March 16th.
Act 148 Recycling Info, Grant:
Richard Reed, our Solid Waste Representative, would be willing to come and talk about what he has learned.
July 1st the town will need to have a tote to collect leaf and yard debris. Food scraps will need to be collected in future years.
Railroad Meeting Debrief:
Arlan and Brad attended the meeting on Tuesday, February 17th. There will be an active railroad warning system on Old Jerusalem Road. Anticipated start date on May 4th. Residents will need plenty advance warning of the road closing.
Exterior Lighting Meeting House:
Ron put all new, bigger bulbs in the Meeting House.
Public Opinion: None
Executive Session:
Motion by Ken and second by Brad to go into Executive Session for personnel issues at 8:02 p.m. All in favor. So approved.
Motion by Tom and second by Brad to come out of Executive Session at 8:15 p.m. No action taken.
Motion by Tom and second by Brad to adjourn at 8:15 p.m.
Next Meeting: March 16, 2015
Respectfully submitted,
Sandra L. Trombley
Selectboard Secretary