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Agenda 10-19-2020

Selectboard Agenda
Town of Leicester
Leicester Town Office
6:30 p.m.
Monday, Oct 19, 2020
Masks and Social Distancing
             Item                                                                                        Time Allotted
Review of Agenda                                                                               2 minutes
Pledge of Allegiance
Approval of October 5, 2020 Minutes                                                 2 minutes
Review of Bills, Authorizing Payment                                                10 minutes
Reports of Town Officials, Committees                                             20 minutes
Weight Permits                                                                                   5 minutes
                                                            Old Business
CMV Policy update                                                                             5 minutes
MeetingwithLDFLreps:WatershedStudy                                        5 minutes
                                                            New Business
HazardMitigationPlanInfo/update                                                  10 minutes
Executive Session:  if needed
Next Meeting: Monday, Nov ?, 2020