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Minutes - 05-18-2020

Town of Leicester
Selectboard Meeting Minutes
Monday, May 18, 2020
** See subsequent minutes for any changes
Members Present: Diane Benware, John Rouse, Tom Barker, Ron Fiske
Members Absent:  Brad Lawes
Others Present:  Julie Delphia, Arlan Pidgeon, Sandra Trombley, Secretary
Call to Order:  Virtual Meeting, per Covid-19 pandemic response called to order at 6:36 p.m. with roll call.  
Pledge of Allegiance:
Review of Agenda:  
Approval of April 27, 2020 Minutes:
Motion by Tom, second by John to approve minutes of April 27, 2020.  All in favor.  So, approved.
Review/Authorization to Pay Bills:
Julie went over all the bills; as some could not open their email attachments.
Motion by John, second by Diane to approve bills.  All in favor.  So, approved.
Reports from Town Officials, Committees:
Road Foreman:
Arlan mentioned that someone should pick up the trash in green bags on Ferson Road, Redgate, and Maple Run.
Julie said there was a tire on Rte. 53.
Diane will talk to Lem about the trash.
Diane forwarded the grant and aid project paperwork deadline which has been extended from June 30th to October 15.
Diane reported that the Paving Grant paperwork has been received.
Julie stated they put the grant in from the Whiting town line to the power line.
Town Clerk/Treasurer:
Julie reported that Thursday, she had the first researcher in the office.  It went fine.  Diane is coming back on Tuesday and Nancy is coming back next Monday.  There needs to be some reorganization of desks in the other area.
There is still a 2-person limit.  They still want us to do as much as possible without any in-person contact so they will have to exhaust their resources because it is a big amount of work to have someone come in here because they can’t go into the vault and can’t use the copier.  So, they sit and Julie waits on them.  It’s a lot of work when someone is in the office.  They should do as much as they can when they are not here.  It adds extra cleaning of the office; as well.
Julie commented that it will be nice to have people back to do their work.
Julie stated there will be things that will need to be done when they release the 2-person limit to more people.  Rearranging and spacing will need to be re-evaluated.
Animal Control Officer:
John asked for some advice on how to handle a dog issue.  John shared some information on the situation.  Tom offered some help and asked John to call him after the meeting.
Diane stated that the two parties need to know their rights and responsibilities.  They need the Dog Ordinance.
Cemetery Committee:
Tom reported that over 100 headstones have been cleaned in the cemetery.
Coping with COVID-19:
Julie commented that there are still all kinds of rules.  The cleaning and social distancing part is difficult in such a small space.  She got the no touch thermometers, but Julie is not sure how you take their temperature being 6’ from them.  It looks like the masks and social distancing are going to be here to stay for a long time.
Julie reported she needs the loan in order to pay the bills.  There is a very large State bill to pay.  She will pay the loan off when the taxes come in.
Julie will leave the loan paperwork for everyone to sign on the board.
Motion by Tom, second by John to authorize Julie to get the loan.  All in favor.  So, approved.
Junkyard License:
Every five years, the Junkyard License needs to be renewed for Arlan and Donna Pidgeon.
Motion by Tom, second by John to approve the junkyard license for Arlan & Donna Pidgeon.  All in favor.  So, approved.
Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) Policy:
Julie stated they need to get this done and approved at the June meeting to get it to Jim.
Julie will resend the VLCT template to everyone.
Diane is hoping the members who are more experienced with commercial vehicles will give their input and expertise.
Green Up Planning:
Diane brought up Green Up Day, which has been put off until May 30th.  Diane stated there will be no lunch or raffle this year.  Lem will have a trailer near the shed the morning of the 30th.  Lem will pick up the trash and take to the Transfer Station.  Diane will be putting another notice in the paper with social distancing instructions.
Town Office Roof:
Tom and John think the roof work should be put out to bid.  
Diane will put a classified ad in the Addison Independent with Ron and Tom as contacts.
White Building Rehab:
Tom stated the work should start the end of May. 
Tom will call the contractor to get an update on when he’s coming so Julie can get electrician and plumber on the schedule.
Julie reported that ACRP needs a designee for delegate for Regional Planning and for TAC.  Diane is willing to continue to serve on TAC and as delegate for Regional Planning.  Diane stated Leicester’s population allows them to have a second delegate for the full committee. 
At one time, Carol Reed showed an interest in being a delegate for Regional Planning.  Diane will contact her to see if she is still interested and report back to the board.
Motion by John to adjourn at 7:22 p.m.
Next Regular Meeting: June 1, 2020
Respectfully submitted,
Sandra L. Trombley
Selectboard Secretary