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2013 Annual Town Meeting Minutes

The legal voters of the Town of Leicester, Vermont are hereby warned and notified to meet at the Leicester Meeting House in said Town on Monday, March 4, 2013 at 7:00 pm to transact the following business:
Richard Reed, the Moderator called the Town of Leicester Meeting to order at 7:00 PM.  The Moderator welcomed the 29 voters in attendance to the 252nd Annual Town Meeting. Everyone was invited to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.
The Moderator explained that Non-residents cannot vote.  Town meetings will be run according to VT State Law and Roberts Rules of Order, all motions, remarks and questions should be directed to the Moderator.  Articles must be moved, seconded and restated by the Moderator before debate can begin.  Unanimous consent will be used. 
The reading of the warning was waived without objection.
  1. To hear the auditor’s report.
D. D’Avignon clarified the missing headings on Page 18 should be “TOWN” and “HIGHWAY”.  No discussion.
  1. Shall the voters of the Town of Leicester vote to approve a sum of $500,714.08 to defray the necessary expenses and liabilities of the town for the ensuing year, divided as follows:
General Town Expenses
$ 245,879.08
Amount to be raised by taxes: $ 206,263.86
Highway Expenses
$ 254,835.00
Amount to be raised by taxes: $ 172,428.73

Note: The amount to be raised may increase based on the result of the vote on Article 3 &
Australian Ballot Article 2. The Selectboard will set the tax rate at a later date.
A motion was made (C. Carroll) and seconded (W. Shouldice) to accept Article 2.
D. Benware introduced the board.  She explained that the Board worked hard to minimize expenses.  She pointed out the budget item for repair of the Town Hall.   R. Fiske elaborated on the repair work required.  D. Benware explained that there were cuts in other areas of the budget to offset this expense.
Article 2 was passed by unanimous voice vote.
  1. Shall the voters of the Town of Leicester approve an additional sum of $20,000 for road paving?
A motion was made (C. Carroll) and seconded (K. Briggs) to accept Article 3.
C. Carroll asked if there were targeted areas for paving and would it be matched.  T. Barker explained that they had targeted areas, but were unsure if there would be any matching funds.  C. Carroll asked if we would have to pave with only Town funds.  T. Barker responded that it was a possibility.
R. D’Avignon asked where the paving would be done.  T. Barker asked A. Pidgeon to respond.  A. Pidgeon said he expected to pave on Route 53.
Article 3 was passed by unanimous voice vote.
  1. Discussion of articles to be voted by Australian ballot.
R. Reed reviewed Article 1.
J. Delphia explained that Item 2 was required because ACTR petitioned for an increase.  Only level funded appropriation are approved to be included in the regular budget.  Increases must be voted by Australian Ballot. 
  1. To do any further business that is proper to be done when met.
No further discussion.
A motion was made (M. Brush) and seconded (H. Sessions) to adjourn Town Meeting.  The motion to adjourn was approved by unanimous voice vote.
Leicester Town Meeting adjourned at 7:14PM.
Results of those elected by Australian Ballot Voting: (Ballots and results attached)
Of the 732 registered voters – 144 cast votes
March 5, 2013 - The legal voters of the Town of Leicester, Vermont are further warned and notified to meet at the Leicester Town Office in said town on March 5, 2013 between the hours of 10 AM and 7 PM when the polls will be open to vote by Australian ballot on the following articles: 
Article 1:  To elect Town Officers for the ensuing year
OFFICE                                                    CANDIDATES                                         TERM                                      VOTES
MODERATOR                                            RICHARD REED                                      1 YEAR                                    131
SELECTBOARD                                       DIANE BENWARE                                  3 YEAR                                    132
SELECTBOARD                                       TOM BARKER                                        2 YEAR                                    121
LISTER                                                       VACANT                                                 3 YEAR                                   
AUDITOR                                                   DONNA PIDGEON                                 3 YEAR                                    126
DELINQUENT TAX COLLECTOR        BETH RIPLEY                                          1 YEAR                                    136
FIRST CONSTABLE                                JEFF McDONOUGH                               1 YEAR                                    131
SECOND CONSTABLE                           MIKE RAKOWITZ                                   1 YEAR                                    132
GRAND JUROR                                      JEFF McDONOUGH                               1 YEAR                                    129
TOWN AGENT                                       JEFF McDONOUGH                               1 YEAR                                    129
Article 2:  Shall the voters of the Town of Leicester vote to appropriate $1,532 for Addison County Transit Resources to be taken from town funds for the purpose of maintaining and improving transportation services for elders, persons with disabilities, and the general public?
                                                Yes - 92 votes                                       No - 28 votes