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Meeting Minutes - PC Hearing - Cersosimo

Town of Leicester

Planning Commission Meeting


Wednesday, November 19, 2008




** See subsequent minutes for any changes


Call to Order:  Meeting called to order at 6:32 by Chair of the Leicester Planning Commission. 


Roll Call:  Donna Swinington, Shelley Glassner, Heidi Schuerger, Gerry Flint


Review Agenda:   


Elizabeth Golden did not show for meeting.


Cersosimo Industries, Inc. Subdivision – Fern Lake & DeLorm Roads:  Amendment


Applicant had made some minor adjustments 34-08-PC.   The house sizes and their locations, the well site locations and portions of the driveways have been altered.  Nothing very significant.  PC reviewed maps and paperwork.


Shelley made a motion that the Cersosimo changes be approved.  Gerry seconded.  All in favor.   Heidi Schuerger did not participate in the deliberations but had no objections to the amendment as an adjacent property owner.  Heidi abstained from vote.


PC needs to find a formal document for subdivision revision approval.


Action Item:  Find out what any other town uses to formally document a subdivision revision approval.  PC needs to make sure when the minutes of this meeting are approved, that the PC executes that document so it can go on file.  Donna will call Elizabeth Golden and ask her for a template.




September 10, 2008 minutes reviewed.  Motion by Donna to approve with no changes.  Seconded by Gerry.  All in favor.


Other Business:


J. G. & L. Quenneville Subdivision 38-08-PC site plan review tonight.   Sandy will write Quenneville’s a letter to tell them the PC reviewed their application and site plans and see no problem; and will be moving forward with a public hearing December 10th at 6:00 p.m.


Committee Reports: 


Grant Committee:  Donna reported on Grant planning.

By-Laws Committee:  Heidi reported on by-law changes.  She reviewed copy of the by-laws that Andrew had in electronic format and they were from 1999.  Heidi contacted Regional Planning and they were able to retrieve a copy of the 2005 by-laws.  Heidi will put into the electronic document the changes that were approved by the Selectboard.  PC should review and make sure they are acceptable to PC.  PC needs to review waste water revisions and three others at a formal meeting and decide where they need to be incorporated.  Probably should run them by the Selectboard one more time, then send copies to adjacent towns, and then warn a meeting for consideration and comment.  After that meeting the PC can act on them.


Heidi asked Regional Planning about noise ordinances.  The Environmental Court will probably dictate some of the terms that PC will need to put into the by-laws.   Meanwhile, Regional Planning will come up with something maybe a little more firm, but still a little vague because it is one of those issues where you have to consider traditions; as well as, common sense application.


New Forms Committee:  The Zoning Board reporting to the Planning Commission.  Shelley reported on forms.  She re-did the application form and re-ordered in a logical pattern.   


Tentative Agenda for Next Meeting:


Donna made a motion to the PC to cancel the ZBA meeting of the 25th due to the Thanksgiving holiday and ZBA members will not be available for the meeting and won’t have a quorum.  Tentative date of December 16th depending on our meeting on December 10th.


For next PC meeting an agenda item of review of the consolidated by-laws document.


 New Business:


Summary of responsibilities for positions:  Based upon the flow chart.  PC is adding a quick checklist and if ZA is not going to approve permit, he starts the long form.


Discussion about a single page checklist and dates.  We want to reduce paper.


PC will propose additional documents to be used by ZA to the Selectboard.


Action Item:  Shelley to draft a checklist.


Action Item:  To get consideration with the Selectboard on the topic of requiring ZA to complete some sort of checklist (to be developed) and also initiating filling out the finding of fact document once he knows what’s going to be required. 


Have the Selectboard formally charge ZA with that responsibility.


Have the Selectboard articulate when they want/expect/or are required to have review of a draft before we proceed with action.




Motion to adjourn by Gerry.  Seconded by Shelley.  All in Favor.  Meeting adjourned 7:15 p.m.



Respectfully submitted,



Sandra L. Trombley

Planning Commission Secretary