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Meeting Minutes - PC

Town of Leicester

ZBA/Planning Commission


Wednesday, July 1, 2008




** See subsequent minutes for any changes


Call to Order:  Meeting called to order at 6:49 by Chair for Town of Leicester Planning Commission. 


Roll Call:  Heidi Schuerger, Donna Swinington, Gerry Flint, Shelley Glassner




The first item of business was some administrative paperwork regarding the Cersosimo permit.  We have reviewed the Cersosimo permit paperwork.  We need to make sure it is complete and set aside for Andrew.


The other administrative paperwork for the Zoning Board is the review of the paperwork for the Evans permit. 


Donna will complete notes in regard to Cersosimo.


Shelley has already redone 6 or 7 forms used by ZBA at this time.


Heidi will make copies of the Town Plan from CD so we can have it stored to an electronic file on the Town’s web-site.  Heidi also found diskette named Zoning Forms.  If the templates were modified we probably wouldn’t need to use old forms.


Set summer schedule:  Heidi and Gerry may be gone for awhile, but Shelley and Donna may do some work.


Chair announced that they were moving forward from the old business of the ZBA Meeting and starting the Planning Commission Meeting.


On the topic of meeting agendas, Andrew said that anything that they discuss outside of the meeting needs to be discussed in the context of committee work. 


Heidi proposed that they establish committees for:


Town Plan:  Donna & Shelley  We have electronic copy of the plan

By-Laws:  Heidi - Need electronic copy – call Regional Planning

ZBA Forms:  Shelley 

Rules of Procedure: Heidi

Grant Proposals:   Gerry – 2009 Application

·         Donna will call Brandy to set up an appointment with her (to help write grant)

Transcribing Minutes: Heidi:  It might help if we post place holders to web-site and indicate dates we have meetings.  Meeting proceedings are available on tape pending transcription.


Heidi reported that the Town has decided not to move forward with the transition from ZBA to DRB at this point.  We should schedule time with the Selectboard to discuss long range plan before we do the Town Plan.  Be prepared to do a “search and replace” in the documents in regard to ZBA or DRB.


Topic of summer schedule:


Heidi will be gone two weeks and Gerry will be gone three weeks.  The next meeting will be July 15, 2008.

Scheduled PC & ZBA meetings for the rest of the year.



Meeting Adjourned: 


Minutes taken by Heidi Schuerger July 1, 2008.


Minutes transcribed by Sandra Trombley October 26, 2008.


Respectfully submitted,



Sandra L. Trombley

Planning Commission & ZBA Secretary