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Meeting Minutes - PC

Town of Leicester

Planning Commission Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


**See subsequent minutes for any changes.

Members Present:  Donna Swinington, Chair, Pete Fjeld, Bethany Menkart

Absent:  Jeff McDonough (family illness)

Others Present:  Sandra Trombley, Secretary, Kate Briggs


Call to Order & Roll Call:  Meeting called to order at 6:00 p.m. followed by roll call.


Review of Agenda:   Agenda reviewed.


Approval of Minutes of November 10, 2010. 


Motion by Pete to approve minutes of November 10, 2010 as written.  Second by Bethany.  All in favor.  So approved.


Reports from Town Officials, Committees:  None




Donna and Bethany met with Claire Tebbs at Regional Planning.  Claire had some good ideas for our plan.  Regional Planning is a good resource for maps and pictures, etc.  Bethany explained that as each section is completed it will be brought into the Board for review.  Claire will be here tonight.


Claire arrived and handed out a draft re-do of the Table of Contents and a work plan for the plan.  Diane and Kate are acting administrators of the grant at the state level.  Claire explained that they are trying to make a user friendly document.


The Lake Dunmore and Fern Lake Collaborative Study that was done in 2005 is a great resource for this re-write.  It has graphics and recommendations and action steps that can be incorporated.


The Leicester Lakes Pattern Book can be used for incorporating information. 


Updated Town Plans in Addison County will also be a helpful resource.


Using these resources, we will be going through each section and making a user friendly document.


Census data comes out sometime in March and should be available by our timeline in June.


The strategic implementation piece is currently missing in our plan.  An example, would be the ACTR bus as a public transportation service.  We need goals and practical action steps to take that most people would agree with throughout the sections.


Updating the maps will be done by Kevin Bean at Regional Planning office.  See if he can include wetland maps and septic suitability.  Claire would really like to incorporate the maps in the appropriate section and not in the back of the book.


There will be two public meetings to get public input.  We will try to get one meeting held in early July to get input from lake people; as well.  Another meeting will be scheduled sometime in September.  We will review plan section by section as completed at Planning Commission meetings.


In the action statements it will refer to updating the zoning regulations throughout the plan.


Board made the decision to use portrait format for the plan.


Claire asked about the child care/preschool section.  She is familiar with the New Leaf Montessori preschool but was asking about others.  Donna mentioned K & S Childcare on Cram Road and Heather LaPorte’s licensed day care.


Claire asked about camps for kids. 


Kate mentioned the Harvest Program for teens with community service resources.


Donna, Bethany and Claire will meet March 9th in the morning prior to Planning Commission Meeting.


Other Business:


Kate asked the Planning Commission to approve the revised shortened zoning application.


Motion by Pete to accept revised zoning application.  Second by Bethany.  All in favor.  So approved.


Kate mentioned the ethics course was canceled and will be rescheduled.


Public Opinion:  None


Motion by Bethany to adjourn at 7:15 p.m.  Second by Pete.  All in favor.  So approved.


Next meeting, Wednesday, March 9, 2011.


ZBA Meeting for February 22nd canceled/no business.





Sandra L. Trombley

Selectboard Secretary