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Meeting Minutes

July 5, 2006

Leicester Select Board Meeting

Unapproved Minutes:  See subsequent minutes for corrections

Select Board Members Present: Cecile Todd, Bob Oliver, Diane Benware and John McDonough (arrived at 7:35)

Select Board Members Absent:  Mark Stacey

Townspeople Present:  Donna Pidgeon, Donna Wykes, John Hughes, Mary Hughes, Arlan Pidgeon, Carol Leno, Jerry Flint, and Russell Nicklaw

Meeting was called to order at 7:02.

Pledge was recited.

Agenda was reviewed.

Approve Minutes of June 19,2006

Discussion:   Page 4 Change spelling of Mr. Kilpatrick to Mr. Kilpeck.  Diane Benware asked Arlan Pidgeon if he had picked up the trash on Rt 53.  He reported that he had collected trash, but not lumber.  Donna Wykes reported that there is trash south of her residence.  It is on the left if you are northbound and is near the former Johnson residence.

Action:  Bob Oliver made a motion to accept the minutes as corrected.  Cecile Todd seconded. 3 ayes and 0 nays.  Motion passed.

Review and sign orders for bill payments

Discussion: none

Action:  Bills were reviewed and signed.

Reports from Town Officials or Committees

Discussion:  Cemetery Committee met on Thursday evening.  They looked at surveys and certificates were discussed

Action: none

Discussion:  Greg Moore is not willing to act as animal control officer.  He does not want animals in his vehicle.  The pole for catching animals does not retract.  It was thrown away.  Kim Schroeder had stated at the last meeting he did not want to do this position.  Tommy Barker had sheltered a German Shepard for three days.  It was the weekend so the kennel was not open.  In the past, the kennel had given the animal control officer a key so that strays could be sheltered over the weekend.  In past history, the first or second constable has been the animal control officer. There is a dog ordinance.  Ticket writing is an option.

Action:  The humane society will be contacted. The board authorized Diane Benware to place an advertisement for an animal control officer in the newspaper.

Discussion:  Arlan Pidgeon reported that he had dug by the school.  The drain by the school needs work because bricks have fallen in.  He did not find a culvert.  John Hughes suggested that a metal detector be used to find the culvert.  There is no pitch across the road.

Action: A metal detector will be used to try to find the culvert.

Discussion: Arlan Pidgeon reported that road grading needs to be done on Shackett Road.  He wanted to do this as soon as possible, but after a rain.  If a tree is down, it is helpful if community members call to notify the office.

Action:  Arlan Pidgeon will contact Herb Hanfield regarding road grading.

Discussion:  Arlan Pidgeon reported that he had fixed the auger on the town truck.  John wanted to buy a new spinner motor, which would cost about $130.  Arlan did not think that spending a lot of money on a new spinner was wise.

Discussion:  The board reminded Arlan Pidgeon to schedule the replacement of the culvert on Route 53 in August when the Vermont Sun races are not currently scheduled. The road will be dug up on the weekend of August 26.

Action: none

New Business

Outside Inspection of Paving

Discussion: Stone is needed to fill before paving on edge of driveway.  Arlan Pidgeon asked the board for permission to hire someone to help with the stone.  This may take more than one day.  It depends on the availability of help. There is a hole by the school that needs filling.  It will have to be done after 12:00pm when summer school is dismissed.  There is a culvert on Hooker Road that does not work.  There is a pool when it rains. The road is close to water, the ditch overflows, needs to be cleaned out and there is not enough room to work on the culvert. Arlan Pidgeon asked if the culvert should be replaced.  John McDonough  instructed Arlan Pidgeon to get advice from the state since there would be a discharge into the lake.  The 2 for 1 grant was revised and the town will receive approximately $16000.

Action:  The board and Arlan Pidgeon went outside to view paving at 6:55.  They returned at 7:13.  Diane Benware will contact Mike Mackowitz regarding the leech field. Bob Oliver made a motion to authorize Arlan Pidgeon to hire help to move stone.  John McDonough seconded.  4 ayes, 0 nays Motion passed.

Arlan Pidgeon will contact Dave Lathrop and the state for advice regarding the culvert on Hooker Road.

Fuel Bids

Discussion:  Diane Benware had written to local providers for written bids/prices, fixed prices and monthly payments.  She had contacted Mike’s Fuels for information regarding past usage.  From August 2005 to date 877 gallons of #2 fuel, 1,303 gallons of #2 (town shed) and 533 kerosene (senior center).  From January 2004 to July 2005 1200 gallons of #2 fuel and 31 gallons of kerosene.

Action: none


Discussion: none

Action: Bob Oliver made a motion to approve Misty Fregeau as zoning secretary.  Cecile Todd seconded.  4 ayes and 0 nays  Motion passed.

ACRPC Delegate/TAC

Discussion: There is a grant available that would fund the feasibility study of moving the town shed to a new location.  This grant does not have matching funds.

Action:  Bob Oliver made a motion to authorize Diane Benware to be a representative of the board on TAC.  John McDonough seconded.  4 ayes and 0 nays.  Mark Stacey will be an alternate.  Diane Benware will contact engineers.

Appoint Emergency Coordinator

Discussion:  none

Action: John McDonough made a motion to reappoint Ray Lalumiere as Emergency Management Coordinator.  Bob Oliver seconded.  4 ayes and 0 nays.  Motion passed.  Diane Benware will send a letter to Ray Lalumiere confirming his appointment.

Zoning Board

Discussion:  Jerry Flint shared with the select board that the Leicester General Store has ignored requests from the zoning board.  He stated that while the board wanted the store to be successful, it had to comply with zoning regulations.  He asked if the board was at a point of taking action.  The board suggested that Cindy Hill and sheriff go to the store and try to make personal contact.

Action:   John McDonough made a motion to authorize the zoning board to take action to correct the Leicester General Store situation, which could include counsel if necessary.  Bob Oliver seconded.  4 ayes and 0 nays.  Motion passed.

Vermont Sun

Discussion: Diane Benware wrote a letter to the commissioner asking for his reason for granting 3 permits in writing, notes of the meeting of June 14 and a liability response. John Hughes asked if Commissioner Sleeper’s boss was contacted.  The governor is his boss and no he has not been contacted. Jerry Flint suggested that an impartial survey be taken of residents who reside in areas affected by the races.  Vermont Sun would like to meet with the board again. Steve Hare has come up with an alternate plan for the iron man race in August.  John McDonough restated that the board was not in favor of the races.  It was asked if it was legal for the commissioner to override the directives of a select board. 

Action:  League of Cities and Towns will be contacted to find out who is responsible for the accidents incurred during the races.  Emailing people for re-election was suggested.  Commissioner Sleeper may be invited to a meeting.


Discussion:  Jim Carroll did not recommend putting a lien on properties that are involved in fire bills.  He thought there was more potential for problems than solutions.

Action:  John McDonough made a motion to authorize Diane Benware to file small claims (not a lien) paperwork regarding the Blaise Fire bills.  Cecile Todd seconded.  4 ayes and o nays.  Motion passed.


Discussion:  Donna Pidgeon requested permission to order a computer, printer, and monitor for $2064. This figure also includes the transfer of data.  There is a three-year guarantee. 

Action:  Bob Oliver made a motion to authorize Donna Pidgeon to order the computer and its components for $2064.  John McDonough seconded.  4 ayes and 0 nays  Motion passed.


Discussion:  Bob Oliver stated that the windows at the senior center need putty and painted in a few spots.

Action:  Bob Oliver made a motion to authorize Ken Leno and Bob Oliver to putty and paint the windows at the senior center.  John McDonough seconded.  4 ayes and 0 nays.  Motion passed.


Discussion: none

Action:  The meeting adjourned at 10:14pm

Respectfully Submitted,

Betty Wiedenbein

The next regular scheduled meeting is July 17, 2006 at 7pm.