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Meeting Minutes

August 21,2006

Leicester Select Board Meeting

Unapproved minutes:  See subsequent minutes for corrections


Present:  Bob Oliver, John McDonough, Cecile Todd and Diane Benware

Absent Board member:  Mark Stacey


Townspeople present, John Hughes, Mary Hughes, Carol Leno, Donna Wykes, Bonnie Johnson, Arlan Pidgeon, Charles Johnson, Leon “Bucky” Shackett, Brian J. Webb, and Jeff Bradish


Meeting was called to order at 7pm

Pledge was recited.

Agenda was reviewed.


Approve Minutes of August 7, 2006.

Discussion:  Diane Benware wrote a letter to the sheriff regarding patrolling and requesting more presence being felt in vicinity of Leicester-Whiting Rd.  Citizens will be instructed to contact the sheriff to lodge complaints. Diane Benware sent a letter to Kevin Jennings, mailman, stating town would not pay for damages to his truck.  Arlan Pidgeon has ordered roadwork ahead signs For Herb to use when grading. The movie “End of Suburbia” will be shown on September 6, 2006 at 6:30 at the Senior Center.  The movie sponsors are ACORN.  On page 4 of 5, under Junk Ordinance, the first sentence should be changed from A letter was sent… to A follow-up letter was sent… Diane Benware asked that an addendum be written to clarify that the pre buy price of #2 fuel oil is $2.64.  The ten-cent discount for paying within 10 days does not apply to the pre buy price.

Action:  Bob Oliver made a motion to accept the minutes with corrections.  John McDonough made the second.  Motion passed. 4 ayes and 0 nays.


Review and Sign Orders for Bill Payments

Discussion: none

Action:  Bills were approved and signed.


Reports from other Town Officials or Committees

Discussion: Arlan Pidgeon was instructed to contact John Quelch to ask what he wants done in regards to gravel on Stove Pipe. Weather permitting; Arlan Pidgeon will be working on the route 53 culvert beginning at 6am on August 26, 2006.  A light is still needed for the grader. Two work ahead signs have been cleaned up and installed. Lines need to be painted for handicap spaces at the park-n-ride and town building. Bucky Shackett asked if Arlan Pidgeon would be replacing the culvert that was removed on Shackett Rd. Arlan Pidgeon asked if twenty feet would be enough. Mr. Shackett thought twenty feet would be ample. The culvert will be replaced.  Mr. Shackett gave Arlan Pidgeon permission to cut off part of the shoulder and to drain some water into the pasture. 

Action: none


Animal Control Position

Discussion: none

Action:  John McDonough made a motion to enter executive session for the purpose of interviewing two candidates for the animal control position. Bob Oliver seconded.  The board went into executive session at 7:35 and returned from executive session at 8:25pm.  No action was taken.


Paving on Route53 (2 for 1 grant)

Discussion:  It was explained that the town was denied funding for its initial grant request.  However, it received $16845 in the second round. There is $9000 left in the town’s account. Paving and culvert work may be done late in the season.  Otherwise, it may be saved for paving at a later time. 

Action:  Diane Benware is to contact Dave Lathrop to find out if the $16845 had to be spent by the end of the calendar year or the fiscal year (July1, 2007).


Town Hall Repair

Discussion:  Mr. Leno has been working on the windows. The windows have been repaired and painted.  Now they need to be washed and put up.  A carpenter is needed to work on the bottom clapboard (all around) of the Senior Center as it is rotting. Paul Francoeur will be fixing the ramp to the senior center.  There is $3569.89 in grant money to fix the ramp, as part of the Federal grant for voting accessibility for the disabled.

Action:  Diane Benware will call Paul Francoeur to see if he is interested in repairing the senior center.



Discussion:  Diane Benware is our representative. TAC has $50000 to fund projects. The committee allocated $25000 for updating transportation plans, $5000 for a bridge and culvert inventory update. This left $20000.  The town of Leicester will be receiving $14000 ( non-matching).  This money is to be used to have an engineering firm assess the future and current needs in regard to a town shed.  Potential sites for a new location for the town shed are needed. The following sites were specifically listed:  Mr. Maroney’s property (peach orchard), Billy Nicklaw’s property, Mr. Shackett’s property and Don Delorm’s property.  If anyone else is interested in having a site considered, contact a board member.  Cecile Todd asked if the town would ever have a need for a new shed.  Bob Oliver and Diane Benware expressed that they felt that it would become necessary because Arlan Pidgeon will not always be the road foreman and new regulations require a toilet, running water and a leech field. Diane Benware also noted that the current site is near a wetland.  If the site remains the same; a buffer would have to be put in place. Rick Kehne of ACRPC will help write the proposal for the engineers, which will then be brought back to the Selectboard for their approval.

Action: none


Environmental Assistance Office

Discussion:  Cindy Hill, Zoning Administrator, had received a letter from the environmental assistance office of the Agency of Natural Resources.  It requested names and address of auto salvage yards that deal with six or more vehicles yearly. She sent this notice to the select board to see if any other names should be added. Several names were discussed.  It was decided that some questioning would be done, before placing specific names on the list.  Bonnie Johnson asked if anyone had rode around town to see if anyone else should be included.  Cecile Todd noted that she could, but she would not go on anyone’s property

Action:  Cecile Todd will drive around the area to see if anyone appeared to be qualified to be listed. Diane will contact Leicester Service Center to see how many vehicles they deal with in a year.


New Business

Cat Bite

Discussion:  The cat that bit the little girl on Delorm Road was at the Middlebury Animal Hospital for observation for ten days. The cat was deemed healthy. It was taken to the humane society in hopes of adoption. Town responsible for bill of $125.00.

Action:  none


Vermont Sun Information

Discussion:  A certificate of insurance was sent to the board by Steve Hare.  The legal advisor for the commissioner noted that the board should have been given 15 days to respond.  The website for Vermont Sun had the incorrect race route posted.  The correct race route was recently posted.


Junk Ordinance

Discussion: There has not been any change at the Carroll residence.  The Bensch residence is waiting upon estate/probate.  Cecile Todd had copies of follow-up letters and postage receipts for filing.

Action: none


Fuel Oil

Discussion: A check needs to written for the pre-buy gallon estimate.  It is estimated that 2000 gallons will be used.

Action:  Cecile Todd made a motion to authorize Donna Pidgeon, Town Treasurer,  to issue a check to Champlain Plumbing and Heating for $5280.  Bob Oliver seconded.  Motion passed. 4 ayes and 0 nays.  Diane Benware will inquire what happens to the money (if any) not spent.  Are you given a refund or credit?



Discussion:  John Hughes expressed his frustration in regard to the financial situation of the bridge.  Cecile Todd proposed that the board post no thru truck signs.  Willem Jewett is in contact with Diane Benware regarding the bridge.  Willem is contacting the Joint Fiscal Office for more information. Bonnie Johnson stated that a motion was made and approved to post no thru truck signs nearly two years ago.  She expressed her concern about the weight and safety of the trucks using the Leicester-Whiting Rd for short cuts.  The bridge project has increased in price by one million dollars since last fall.

Action:  Diane Benware will contact Willem Jewett.  Other towns will be contacted to find out how they deal with truck traffic and enforcing weight requirements.



Discussion:  Kim Schroeder will be contacted regarding the animal control position.



Discussion: none

Action:  Bob Oliver made a motion to adjourn.  John McDonough seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 9:42pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Betty Wiedenbein




The next regular schedule meeting will be Tuesday, September 5, 2006 at 7pm.  Please note the change of day due to the holiday weekend.