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Special Meeting Minutes

December 21, 2006
Special Selectboard Meeting

Selectboard met with Leicester Planning Commission and Zoning Board.  All Selectboard members were present.  The Zoning board convened at 6:20 p.m.

The main topic of discussion was the Leicester General Store and lack of Certificate of Compliance at this time.  After discussion, it was decided that the Zoning Board would have the cleaned copy of the conditional use hearing minutes transcribed in an attempt to determine what conditions were agreed upon at that meeting, and to decide if a Certificate is to be issued or not.

The Selectboard will be looking closely at the property north of the store to determine if the junk ordinance can be invoked.  The Selectboard will also check the vehicles and any junk on the house property south of the store to see if the junk ordinance should be invoked there as well, The date of Jan. 8 was set for the two groups to report progress or next steps.

The Selectboard meeting was called to order at 8:10 p.m. with the Selectboard and Bucky Shackett in attendance.  A motion was made by Ceil, second by John, to go into Executive Session with Bucky, as Town Health Officer, to discuss possible pending legal action.  Motion passed unanimously.

At 8:46 p.m., Mark made the motion to come out of Executive Session, John the second, motion passed unanimously.  Mark made the motion, John the second, to authorize Bucky, as Health Officer, to contact Town Counsel, for further advice, which may result in a lien being placed on the subject property, pending advice from counsel.  Motion passed unanimously.

Diane gave John the list of names for the Honor Roll.  John will take the sign to Pittsford Saturday, weather permitting.  He will call Bob  if he needs help to move it.

Preliminary Budget Review

Discussion centered on several items.

#1.  Bridge funds:  Motion made by Bob, second by Ceil, to authorize the Town Treasurer to put back into the General Fund the amount of $58,245.19, from the Bridge Fund MM.  Motion passed unanimously.

#2.  Reappraisal Funds:  Mark made the motion to place the $35, 921 from the MM reappraisal fund into the General Fund to pay reappraisal costs. He further made the motion to take $1,850 from the $7,448 from the state funds received this year, to be placed in the General Fund, to take care of the Lister's overrun of funds budgeted for reappraisal.  Ceil seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

#3.  Sheriff's Patrol:  Decision made to keep the $2,000 line item in the budget.

#4.  Culvert Funds:   Decision made to leave those restricted funds as is.

#5.  Civil Fines (Sheriff's Patrol) Surplus to Equipment Fund:  Mark made the motion, Ceil the second, that any surplus funds from the Sheriff's Patrol (after expenses have been calculated) Patrol, to be moved to the Equipment Fund.  Motion passed unanimously.

Diane indicated to the Board that, after consulting with Donna, she would notify members if anything else needed to be transferred or other action taken.

The receipts side of the ledger was reviewed and preliminary figures from the Profit and Loss Statement were entered onto the worksheet.

Budget discussion to continue at the Jan. 2, 2007 meeting.

Motion to adjourn made at 9:52 p.m. by Mark, second by Bob.   Meeting adjourned at 9:52 p.m.

Diane Benware, recorder