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Special Meeting Minutes w/ Salisbury Selectboard

May 23, 2006 

Special Selectboard Meeting with
Other municipal representatives

The Leicester Selectboard (John, Ceil, Bob, Diane) attended the Salisbury
Selectboard meeting of Tues., May 23, to share the letter Diane had
written on behalf of the both towns to Major Baker of Department of Public
Safety.  Mark had forwarded his thoughts to Ken Babbitt, Salisbury Board
Chair, who passed information on to the Leicester  Board.  Also attending
was Jeff Wallin, past president of the Fern Lake/Lake Dunmore Association.
The Salisbury Selectboard raised a good point about not limiting the
letter to simply a "punch list" that Vermont Sun could use to check off,
as having met the safety concerns.  Copies of the letter were given to
each Salisbury Board member.  Three members, Babbitt, Beasly, and Beattie
later communicated with Diane and signified their approval of the letter,
which was then sent to Major Baker on May 30, after approval by Leicester
counsel, Jim Carroll.