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Special Meeting Minutes

October 9, 2006

Town of Leicester
Special Selectboard Meeting

See subsequent minutes for any changes
Present:  R. Oliver, J.  McDonough, M. Stacey, C. Todd, D. Benware
Others:  D. Pidgeon, J. Hughes, M. Hughes, L. Shackett, B. Johnson, C.
Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.  Flag salute recited.
Public comment:
Bucky Shackett, Health Officer, reported on his vist to the Coon's residence on Hooker Road.  He and Kathy Eastwood, Deputy Health Officer, went together on 10/8.  Mrs .Coon seemed vague as to what to do, claiming the trash would be cleaned up by Oct. 21 or 22.  The Health Order was presented to the Selectboard for their signature.  It was suggested that a certified letter with return receipt be sent to them.  Bucky also reported
that a Mr. Rossen lives at the corner of Ferson and C.B. Anchorage Road.   He has cleaned up a bit and Bucky will check again in a week or so.
Bucky also reported seeing dogs that seemed very thin on the Coon's premises.  They are reported to be unregistered.  The Chair to contact Kim Schroeder and make him aware of the situation.

Cemetery bid was reviewed first.  John McDonough made the suggestion that the Cemetery Committee should be provided an opportunity to give input; the Chair noted they are to meet on the 12th and she will have a copy of the proposed revisions available for them.  Discussion centered on the amount of liability insurance we
should request.
ACTION:  Decision to request that liability insurance be for no less than $300,000.

ACTION:  Ceil made the motion, John the second, to keep line one of the proposal, regarding the estimated 20 mowings and to combine the spring and fall cleanup into line 2, with a place for the bidder to list the cost.
Motion passed unanimously.
Ceil made the motion to offer the contract for only one year, second to the motion by John, which passed 4 to 1, with Mark voting nay.

Town Green mowing:
ACTION:  Decision to require a minimum of no less than $300,000 coverage for liability.  Ceil made the motion, John the second, to offer the contract for one year.
The vote passed 3 to 2, with Bob and Mark voting nay, favoring a 2 year contract.

Roadside mowing:
Discussion about how early Lem mowed this year, prompted the Board to edit the specifications to read "first mowing not before June 15, but by July 4.  The second mowing (2 swaths) not before Aug. 15, but by Labor Day."
ACTION: John made the motion, second by Bob, to offer a one year contract, said motion passed unanimously.

Chair to get copies to Cemetery Committee for their perusal and to bring final drafts of all to the Oct. 17 meeting.
Chair shared information about a 2 sided 2X3' sign with letters, that might be good for use by the town and other groups, such as the historical society.  The historical society is meeting at the same time and is discussing the cost of the sign, which is about $189 total.  (May be available for less from Keith's.)

Bucky shared his concern that the discussion regarding the Honor Roll got "carried away" the other evening and asked for the Board to reconsider its position.
ACTION:  John made the motion to bring up the Honor Roll for WWII under Old Business at the Oct. 17 meeting.  Mark made the second, said motion passed unanimously.

Mark made the motion to go into Executive Session at 8:33 p.m., based on Bucky's request to share sensitive information with the Board.  John made the second, second by Bob to come out of Executive Session at 8:40 p.m, with no action taken. Said motion passed unanimously.

The Board members signed their names to the roster of the Continuity of Operations, a document that is part of the planning process for dealing with emergencies, such as the pandemic flu.  Said roster will be forwarded to ACRPC at the meeting Mon, Oct. 16 in New Haven

Motion to adjourn, made at 8:43 p.m. by John, second by Bob.
Meeting adjourned at 8:43 p.m.

Reported by Diane Benware
Next meeting Oct 17, 7:00 p.m. (note change of day, not Monday).