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Meeting Minutes

November 6, 2006

Leicester Select board Meeting

Unapproved Minutes


Board Members Present:  John McDonough, Bob Oliver, Diane Benware, Mark Stacey and Cecile Todd


Townspeople Present: Arlan Pidgeon, Lawrence A. Felion, Jr., Ken Morrison, Carol Morrison, and Al Smith


Others Present: Mark Cote’ (Blote and Cote’) and Carol Carrolson (VTRANS)


The meeting was called to order at 7:01pm.

Pledge was recited.

Agenda was reviewed and altered.


New Business

Bridge Construction Update

Discussion:  Mark Cote’ updated the board on the construction of the Leicester Whiting Bridge which fulfils USDA Grant requirement.  Mark Cote’ reported that the bridge will hopefully be open by Thanksgiving.  This is contingent on the weather.  There will be a strip of Old Jerusalem Road, which will not get paved this fall.  It will be paved next year. He noted that the summer weather was not kind to the project with the amount of rainfall.  Ken and Carol Morrison asked why the bridge tilted.  Carol Carrolson from VTRANS assured them that it was built correctly.  The tilt is a result of banking for the curve.  Old Jerusalem Road will be higher by about 3 or 4 inches.  This should provide better sight distance.  The wider shoulder should also help with visibility. The area where the bridge is located needs to be a flood plain.  In the past the old bridge collected debris.  This should be less of a problem because the new bridge is longer and has fewer restrictive areas. Blote and Cote’ are responsible for the paving in regard to the railroad crossing.  New railings will be put on around November 16.  New Jersey barriers and cones will remain through winter in some areas for access.  Final inspection will be in the spring.  The final cost will not be known for approximately one year after completion. Carol Carrolson told the board this was a typical amount of time for final numbers. John McDonough asked about previous discussion of reimbursement from the state when Rt 73 was closed.  He noted that nothing had been said regarding this for quite some time.  Ken Marshy had been to a select board meeting on Jan 5, 2006 and had stated that there were three options the state would consider:  full reconstruction of route 73, incremental reconstruction or upgrading Leicester Whiting Road as a detour for Rt 73. The board expressed its frustration with the cost figures changing.  Representative Jewitt  and AOT have been resources for the board.  Traffic has been maintained during the project.

Action: none


Approval of October 17, 2006 Minutes

Discussion:  Minutes were corrected as follows:

Page 1, Under Otter Valley School Bond, Line 11 should read: The State guarantees to pay 30% therefore it is 7 …


Page 3, Under Review and Sign Orders for bill payments, Line 4 should read: Kathy Eastwood and Bucky Shackett submitted a bill for their time to view property when acting as health officer.


Page 3, Under Reports from Town Officials or Committees, Change Donna Swinger to Donna Swinington and Change Mr. Maloney to Mr. Maroney


Page 3 Under Better Back Roads, remove litigation


Page 4  Fourth Line, change Mongers to Mungers


Page 4 Under Honor Roll, Line 5, change Dick Bullick to Dick Bullock


Action:  John McDonough made a motion to accept the minutes with corrections. Cecile Todd seconded. Motion passed 5 ayes and 0 nays.  Diane Benware updated the board that she had contacted the insurance company and the coverage for the town office was increased to $26000 instead of $6000.  This would cost $60 more.  The grader is on a separate sheet is not part of the original number reported at the last meeting.  Diane Benware will let the board know the coverage for the grader when she is informed.


Review and Sign Orders for Bill Payments

Discussion:  Diane Benware signed a check to Herbie Handfield prior to the meeting. The Ferson Road Culvert paperwork showed a bill of $15080.26 of which $10000 was for cement.

Action:  Bills were reviewed and signed.  Arlan Pidgeon will reattempt to contact Dave Lathrop regarding his promise of helping financially with this project.


Reports from Town Officials and Committees

Discussion:  Some bids for mowing had been received.  Arlan Pidgeon noted that there was enough sand and salt to start the season. He thought there was not much wrong with culvert near Marvin Johnson’s residence.  John McDonough requested that the road near his mother’s home be patched or graveled.  Arlan Pidgeon noted that this was on his list of things to accomplish next week.  The senior center would be used for voting.  The town hall would be used to count ballots.

Action: Diane Benware will contact Lem Palmer regarding mowing bids.


Al Smith, lister, reported that the appraisal process was going relatively well.  The major obstacle was not getting a response from townspeople.  They are now doing the land.  Some components in valuing land are:  new septic regulations, future potential and swamp land that can’t be gotten on (aerial photographs are utilized.  The listers are over budget.  When the process began the assessors were asked how much to budget.  They had thought it would be about $2000.  This is what was budgeted. The listers are now $500 over budget and foresee approximate another $2000 needed to complete the project.

Action:  none


Vermont Sun Applications

Discussion:  Four permits have been applied for by Vermont Sun.  Diane Benware wrote a letter to restate that the board’s position had not changed. Jack Beasley, Salisbury Select board is attempting to prohibit the use of a roadway for 30 persons or more.  Salisbury’s Select Board is advocating two races instead of four.

Action:  Diane Benware will write another letter.


Judicial Bureau Ticketing

Discussion: A letter was received from the ABC of Natural Resources, which notes that municipal officials may issue tickets for illegal burning.  An ordinance similar to the junk ordinance needs to be written.  An offender’s driving license or hunting/fishing license may be suspended.  Residents need to be informed before this can enacted upon.  It is thought that the sheriff would be issuer of tickets.

Action:  Cecile Todd will contact Natural Resources.


Ancient Road Grant

Discussion: There is a time limit to document ancient roads by the select board.  Cecile Todd questioned whether the board wanted to “open this can of worms”. John McDonough felt it should be documented for future conflicts.

Action: Diane Benware signed the paperwork.



Discussion:  Seats held by Ron Fisk and Donna Swinington are vacant. 

Action:  Letters of interest are due to the board by November 24.  Advertisements will be placed in the Addison Independent and both Brandon papers.



Discussion: George Sutton has removed 18 tires.  However, there is little other improvement.  The sheriff will be contacted. Jason Kimble is gone.  His father gave permission for removal.  There are about 25 to 30 cars on the property.  Bucky Shackett has been in contact with the Coons The property is a health issue.  Foreclosure is a possibility.  There may be state involvement.  Veronica Carroll’s residence is cleaned up fairly well. Blaize property is up for sale.  Mrs. Leno’s property is in probate and the status is unknown.  Amnesty day was discussed again. Consideration to begin a new list of four or five offenders was discussed. Cecile Todd emphasized the importance of enforcement and updating so that reoccurrences do not happen.


Executive Session

Discussion: none


Action: John McDonough made a motion to enter executive session to discuss a letter from Jim Carrol.  Mark Stacey seconded.  Motion passed. 5 ayes and 0 nays. The board came out of executive session at 10:17pm.



Discussion: none

Action: John McDonough made a motion to adjourn at 10:18pm  Mark Stacey seconded.  Motion passed 5 ayes and 0 nays.


Respectfully Submitted,

Betty Wiedenbein


The next meeting will be Monday, November 20, 2006 at 7pm.

Cemetery mowing bids will be open at this meeting.