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Meeting Minutes

June 5, 2006

Leicester Select Board Meeting

Unapproved Minutes:  See subsequent minutes for corrections


Select Board Members Present:  Cecile Todd, Diane Benware, John McDonough and Bob Oliver.  Mark Stacey was absent.


Townspeople Present:  John Hughes, Mary Hughes, Donna Pidgeon, Arlan Pidgeon, Lawrence A. Felion Jr., Charles Johnson


Meeting was called to order at 7:00pm.


Pledge was recited.


Agenda was reviewed.


BLS Insect Control/ Kim Schroeder

Discussion:  Kim Schroeder reported that 3200 acres had been treated. New to this year, spot and ditch treatment is being used. Last year at this time, he was receiving one hundred phone calls per day at this time of year.  This year, he has had three calls for the season.  The lake association donated $10000 to the mosquito treatment fund. There are new maps for drivers.  Two additional trucks were purchased.  Schools are a priority and are treated between 5 and 7 am.  He is utilizing a plane with newly developed mosquito district in Cornwall.  The plane is much better than the helicopter to locate hidden areas.  Currently, there is 14 tons of insecticide stockpiled.  The phone number to report mosquito outbreaks is 247-6779.  Kim Schroeder encouraged the public to notify him when outbreaks occur.

Action: Kim Schroeder will drop off information for the select board in the box.


Approval of Minutes

Discussion:  May 15 minutes were corrected as follows:

Page 1:  Under approval of minutes, Under Dirt Roads, It should read:  Diane Benware will contact the Sherriff ‘s department to remind them of the Fern Lake Ordinance, give them a copy of the ordinance and she will include patrol of dirt roads.

Page 2:  Under Reports from other Town Officials or Committees

              It should read:  Lem Palmer had contacted John McDonough regarding the $10 fee for Freon deposit.  He should receive a ticket from the landfill for each refrigerator.


Action: Bob Oliver made a motion to accepted the minutes as corrected.  John McDonough seconded.  4 ayes and 0 nays


Discussion:  May 22 and May 23

 Diane Benware shared overviews of the minutes of May 22 and May 23.

If the Vermont Sun races are held, everyone was encouraged to document anything seen during the races.  These observations will be given to Major Baker.  Cecile Todd suggested that if the races are approved that Jim Carroll write to Major Baker asking why a private for profit company received favor over 1800 citizens.  Another idea was to have Major Baker attend a board meeting. Charles Johnson asked how much had been paid to Jim Carroll in regard to the Vermont Sun issue.  Diane Benware did not know because billing was not itemized.

Action: Donna Pidgeon will find checks regarding the returning of claim monies to the insurance company by the Brandon fire chief. These monies were to be given to the town of Leicester but Chief Kilpeck sent them back to the insurance company.  John Mc Donough made a motion to accept the May 22 and May 23 minutes.

Bob Oliver seconded.  Motion passed.  4 ayes and 0 nays


Cecile Todd requested that corrections to minutes be as clear as possible.


Review and Sign Orders for Bill Payments

Discussion: none

Action:  Bills were reviewed and signed.


Reports from other Town Officials or Committees

Discussion:  Arlan Pidgeon reported that Herb Handfield graded Jerusalem Road.  All dirt roads are done. The sign for Fern Lake Road is incorrect. Charles Johnson shared that the Steep Hill sign is in a ditch at the top of Swinington Hill.  Arlan Pidgeon ordered teeth for the grader and cutting edges.  A dangerous intersection sign was also discussed for Fern Lake Road (coming from the north). 

Action:  Arlan Pidgeon will take down the Fern Lake sign.  He will check if the Lake Dunmore Road and Fern Lake Road signs can be switched.  If not, he will order a new sign.


Weight Permits

Discussion:  Arlan Pidgeon and road commissioners reviewed weight permit. Lawrence A. Felion, Jr. asked if truck permits had been checked by the police. Donna Pidgeon reported that the sheriff had come with a list and checked to see if weight permits had been submitted by known users.  Police patrol was questioned.  The board had recently contacted the sheriff’s department to “change up” their patrols.  Sixteen hours of police patrol is currently used.  The board had requested some random late night patrols be done on Friday and Saturday nights because of vandalism.  The board does not set the patrol schedule.  Emergency response was questioned.

Other: Gary Urich of Natural Resources had contacted Diane Benware regarding Don Foely at the Four Corners.  He stated he and Dick DuBonis were waiting for the outcome of a court date.        Action:  Weight permit was signed.


Chittenden Solid Waste Agreement

Discussion: Paperwork for rebates was discussed.

Action:  The board signed the paperwork to receive rebates for recycling. This was a renewal form for July 2006 to June 30 2007.


ACRPC Delegates

Discussion:  Two delegates and two alternates are needed for regional planning.  The town’s proposed delegates are Kathleen Ramsay and Tom Drew. The regional planning committee meets the second Wednesday of the month at 7:30. 

Action:  Tom Drew will be contacted to see if he can do a representative or alternate role.  This appointment will be from July 1, 2006 to June 30, 2007.


Other:  Mark Stacey had been the representative for the Transportation Advisory Committee. however, his work schedule interferes with the meetings. There are storm water litigation grants coming available.  The grant may pay for the relocation of sand and salt sheds, construction of sheds and the purchase of land.  $150000 is the grant cap.  The town would match the funds with 15%.  This committee meets 7 times per year on the third Wednesday of the month at 7pm in Middlebury.  John McDonough will think about being representative to TAC.



Grant/Secretary of State

Discussion:  Donna Pidgeon wrote a grant that would replace or add to the handicapped ramp, replace exterior door and provide two rubber wedges for thresholds on the inside doorways. The grant is for $3569.89.

Action:  Cecile Todd made a motion to have Donna Pidgeon sign the grant on behalf of the board.  Bob Oliver seconded.  Motion passed.  4 ayes and 0 nays


Green Up Day

Discussion:  Lem Palmer submitted a bill for $100 to cover Green Up expenses.  This included three trips to Middlebury, number of bags, tires, refrigerators and etc.  Originally, Lem Palmer stated he would do the job for a flat $400 fee. The additional $100 covered what was hauled on Sunday (3 refrigerators, microwave, satellite pole with cement, washing machine and bags.).  Next year’s green up day will need to be revised.  Kate Briggs will be the coordinator for next year.  Amnesty days were briefly discussed.  Cecile Todd made a motion to pay Lem Palmer an additional $100. Bob Oliver seconded.  Motion passed.  4 ayes and 0 nays.


Old Business

Paving Update

Discussion:  John McDonough and Bob Oliver met with four potential bidders for paving.  Bids must be received by Friday, June 16, 2006.  Bids will be opened at the select board meeting on June 19, 2006.  This was an invitational bid, not an advertised bid. Seven invitations were sent.  Not all invited bidders came to view the work scope.


Junk Ordinance

Discussion:  The history of junk ordinance letters sent was shared. If Jim Carroll advises the board that taking photographs from the road is legal, Cecile Todd will take photographs of the following places:  Kimball, Sutton, Foley, Bensch, LaPorte and Leicester Store. It was suggested that two board members go to take photographs.  Diane Benware will go with Cecile Todd.

Action:  Diane Benware will contact Jim Carroll to find out if photographing property from the road is legal. If it is legal, Diane Benware will ask Mark Stacey to take photographs of Carroll, McCoy, and Coon properties.


Computer Bill


Action:  The board authorized Donna Pidgeon to pay the $118 bill for transferring all the files form the old computer into the computer for the Zoning and Auditors.

4 ayes


Bridge #6 Agreement

Discussion:  Jon Winter’s letter was read, needed to be signed and witnessed. This was in regard to the $9000 paid monthly until the balance was paid.  Nothing in the agreement between Vtrans and the Town had changed.  A draft had been sign in the past.

Action:  Board signed the original paperwork.



Discussion:  Roger Whitcomb letter of response to the letter Diane Benware wrote to Scott Harvey was shared. The High Structured Fund grant is not available. The town will only pay for the paving aspect of the railway, Preliminary engineering cost were $310,710.  This cost is from May 1995 to Nov. 2005. The pre-engineering process is complete. The right of way charges are currently $89431.  This may go up slightly for filing charges.  $7550 was given to property owners.  This leaves a bill of approximately $82000 for federally mandated work such as: researching titles, appraisals, drafting of legal documents, and negotiation with landowners, and recording deeds. The board pays 10% of this fee.

Action: none


Public Opinion

Discussion:  Charles Johnson asked about the screens on the town building.  There are seven screens missing.  The insurance deductible is $1000.  The ballpark figure in the budget to replace windows in the office area was $1200. Proposals will be looked at on June 19, 2006.


Next Saturday, June 17,the Bluegrass band will play from noon to three.  The flea market will be from 9 to 3.



Discussion: none

Action:  Bob Oliver made a motion to adjourn.  Cecile Todd seconded.

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Meeting adjourned at 9:40.


The next regular scheduled meeting is Monday, June 19, 2006.


Respectfully Submitted, 

Betty Wiedenbein