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Meeting Minutes

June 19, 2006

Leicester Select Board Meeting

Unapproved Minutes: See subsequent minutes for corrections


Select Board Members Present: Cecile Todd, Bob Oliver, Diane Benware, John McDonough, Bob Oliver and Mark Stacey


Townspeople Present: Donna Pidgeon, Arlan Pidgeon, Carol Leno, and Donna Wykes


Meeting was called to order at 7:03 pm

Pledge was recited.

Agenda was reviewed.


Approve Minutes of June 5, 2006

Discussion:  none

Action: Bob Oliver made a motion to accept the minutes as written.  John McDonough seconded.  5 ayes, 0 nays   Motion passed.


Review and Sign orders for bill payments

Discussion: none

Action: The board reviewed and signed orders for bill payment.


Reports from Town Officials or Committees

Discussion: Arlan Pidgeon reported that he took down the Fern Lake Signs.  He placed one on the stop sign. Some signs are covered by brush. The brush should be cut.  He had done a culvert for Henkles and McCoy.  The town will be paid $2820 for his work.  There was not much damage from the most recent rainstorm.

Action: none


Discussion: The Wright Appraisal Company will hold a meeting to share the explanation of the appraisal process.   Information had been emailed to the paper.  Appraisals started on the 12th of June.  There were two grievances held last week.


Discussion:  The cemetery committee is developing certificates for plots. A plot plan with names associated with each plot is kept in the town office.  Cemetery committee members have copies of the plot plan.  Plants have been planted at the front gate.


New Business

Phone Wiring Request

Discussion:  Bob Oliver ask the board for approval to contact a representative of the Shoreham phone company regarding their request to upgrade service via underground wiring that utilizes the town right of way.  It will run from the substation to railroad tracks.

Action: John McDonough made a motion to authorize Bob Oliver to contact the telephone company to give them permission to utilize the town right of way from the substation to the railroad for underground wiring.


Paving Bids

Discussion:  Paving bids were opened.

Park N Ride Bids were:

D&F $4284

Wilk $6550

Pike   $7181.37

Russo $7,705


Front of church and town hall

D&F   $11832

Wilk    $10352

Pike    $12,960.08 (plus $304 for 13 feet between)

Russo   $14250


Old Jerusalem Road

D&F $20384

Wilk  $23560

Pike    $29962.32

Russo  $28000



D&F $36500

Wilk $40462

Pike   $50408           

Russo $49955


There is $20000 budgeted for paving.  The Voters approved $20000. There is a total of $40000 for paving this year. Cecile Todd suggested that the town use Wilk for the church and town hall and D&F for the rest.  This did not go before the board in the form of a motion.  Concern was expressed that the prices were based on a “package” deal.  John McDonough assured the board that the bidders were aware that each parcel was a separate bid. 

Action:  John McDonough made a motion that D&F be awarded the work on the park and ride and the church/town hall area.  He moved to do Old Jerusalem Road next year.  Motion died for lack of a seconded.  Mark Stacey made a motion to award the contract to D&F for the church/town hall, park and ride, and Old Jerusalem Road.  $32216 would come out of the $40000 (budgeted and grant monies) and $4284 out of the park & ride account.  Bob Oliver seconded.  3 ayes and 2 nays (John McDonough and Cecile Todd) Motion passed.  Diane Benware will check with the state regarding paving around the railroad tracks.


Window/Screen Bids

Discussion:  Bids were opened.

Ike’s $1720 (did not include screens)

Paul Francouer $1750

Action:  Bob Oliver made a motion to award the window/screen bid to Paul Francouer for $1750.  John McDonough seconded.  5 ayes and 0 nays  Motion passed. Bob Oliver made a motion to authorize Donna Pidgeon to take $250 out of building repair fund to pay Paul. Francouer 5 ayes and 0 nays Motion passed. Mr. Francouer requires half down to get started and the remainder is due within 5 working days.  Diane Benware signed the paperwork.


Zoning-Reduce the size of board

Discussion:  Adam Lougee at regional planning advised Diane Benware that the zoning board may be reduced in number.  It cannot be smaller than three and not larger than nine members

Action:  Mark Stacey made a motion to reduce the zoning board from 7 to 5 with 2 alternates.  Bob Oliver seconded.  5 ayes and 0 nays  Motion passed.  A copy of minutes will be sent to the zoning committee. The committee will need to bring back paperwork for signature.


ACRPC Delegate

Discussion:  Diane Benware sent a request for letters of interest for delegates in the newspaper. Letters are to be postmarked by July1, 2006 and mailed to the Town Office. Inquires can be made by calling Diane Benware.  Tom Drew will not be a delegate.



VLCT Safety Check-up

Discussion:  Rikk Taft is our new insurance representative.  He conducted a safety check up of the town office.  If the town permits him to check the other town buildings, the town will receive a 1% discount on its premiums.  If the town chooses to correct the items he lists, the town will receive a 2% discount. The town is not obligated to make the changes.  This could eliminate any future fines from VOSHA. Mr. Taft already found that the town office is in need of a new fire extinguisher and an additional exit sign.  Carol Leno remarked that she did not think there was an extinguisher in the town hall kitchen.

Action:  The board authorized Donna Pidgeon to contact Mr. Taft regarding the granting of his request to inspect the town buildings.


Fuel Prices

Discussion: Mike’s Fuel is offering15 cents over rack price.  Prepays usually happen at the end of July.

Action:  Diane Benware will get figures from Michelle Alger at Mike’s Fuel and Fuels by Keith’s for the past two years.  This will give the board an estimate of how much fuel they have used in the past.


Old Business

Junk Ordinance

Discussion:  Diane Benware had contacted Jim Carroll to verify that it was legal to photograph properties from the road.  It is legal. Diane Benware and Cecile Todd will set a date and time to photograph the Sutton, LaPorte and Bensch residences. Mark Stacey will photograph the Kimball residence. Cecile Todd submitted receipts for postage and proof of mailing records. 


Fire Department

Discussion:  John McDonough had a discussion with Mr. Kilpatrick.  John McDonough stated that Mr. Kilpatrick was willing to put the bill in the residents name rather than the town’s.  John McDonough expressed concern on how to handle the Foley residence.  John McDonough suggested that a letter be written from the fire chief to the state attorney.  There are outstanding fire bills for the Foley residence.  Their amounts are $1027.50, $675,$480. Fire bills should be sent to Beth Ripley who in turn will bill the property owner.  The property owner could then submit the claim to their own insurance. Getting information regarding the pros and cons of placing a lien on property was discussed.

Action:  The board authorized Donna Pidgeon to pay the fire bills.  John McDonough will contact Chief Kilpeck to compose a letter to the state attorney regarding Mr. Foley’s fires. Diane Benware will get information regarding liens (in regard to both the Foley and Blaise fires as well as future fires).



Discussion:  Donna Pidgeon reported that the town had received a $2064 for a printer and computer through the improved federal elections grant.  The town has received $3569.89 to replace/add to the handicap ramp, replace exterior door and provide two rubber wedges for thresholds on the inside doorways.  Diane Benware is working on a grant that would pay for the costs of evaluating sites for building a salt shed.  The current shed could be utilized as a recycling center.



Vermont Sun

Discussion:  Initially Vermont Sun was denied permits for its races.  Then an emergency meeting on June14, 2006 at 9:30 was announced. Cecile Todd, Diane Benware and Ken Babbitt (Salisbury Select Board Chair) were invited and attended the meeting. At this meeting, Commissioner Sleeper changed his position.  Vermont Sun will be allowed to conduct three races this summer.


Culvert Planning

Discussion: John McDonough went through the Vermont Sun race schedule and how it would affect culvert work.  Arlan Pidgeon stated that he would rather do the culvert on RT 53 sooner rather than later because of the school schedule and the weather.

Action:  Arlan Pidgeon will get supplies at Giddings.  Road commissioners and Arlan Pidgeon will be in contact with each other regarding scheduling.



Discussion:  Sue Wallin reported that someone is throwing garbage across from the Ernie Miner residence.  There is also trash on the bank of Shackett Rd and DeLoran Road.  Placement of a camera was discussed.  Amnesty days were also mentioned.

Action:  Arlan Pidgeon was authorized to pick up the trash on Bullock Road.  Dick DuBonis will be given the trash bags to examine.



Discussion: Cecile Todd asked for permission to take the obsolete monitor. 

Action: Mark Stacey made a motion to give Cecile Todd permission to remove and keep the obsolete monitor.  Bob Oliver seconded.  5 ayes and 0 nays.  Motion passed.



Discussion:  none

Action:  Bob Oliver made a motion to adjourn.  Meeting adjourned at 10:17pm


Respectfully Submitted,

Betty Wiedenbein