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Meeting Minutes

March 20, 2006

Leicester Select Board Meeting

Unapproved Minutes:  Please see subsequent minutes for corrections.


Present:  John McDonough, Bob Oliver, Mark Stacey, Diane Benware and Cecile Todd


Community Members Present: John Hughes, Mary Hughes, Donna Pidgeon, Arlan Pidgeon, Lawrence A. Felion Jr., Jerry Flint, Sid Glassner, Greg Moore Jr. and Donna Wykes


Meeting was called to order at 6:59pm.


Pledge was recited.


Approval of March 13 minutes

Discussion:  The minutes were not available because of a computer glitch.

Action:  Minutes will be approved at the next meeting.


Review and Sign Orders for Bill Payment

Discussion: Each board member reviewed bills.

Action:  Bills were signed.


Reports from other Town Officials or Committees

Discussion: The 2 for 1 paving grant was discussed.  It was due last Friday, but will be accepted a few days late.  John McDonough and Bob Oliver (road commissioners) and Arlan Pidgeon (road foreman) had looked at the roads through the town. The u in front of the meetinghouse and Rt. 53 were of concern. Donna Pidgeon suggested that the sidewalks be done at the same time.  None of these would qualify in relationship to the 2 to 1 grant. The grant is for class 2 roads only.  This raised concern that too much of the board’s road money would be tied up in the grant, the grant may cause the board to spend money that it would not have without the grant and that it could only be spent on class 2 roads. 

Action:  Arlan Pidgeon will get an estimate from Gary Dupoise as to how much it would cost to fix the u in front of the meetinghouse, sidewalks and Rt. 53. Mark Stacey then made a motion authorizing Arlan Pidgeon to get the estimate; the remaining balance of the $40,000 that was allotted would then be used to apply for the 2 to 1 grant.  Bob Oliver seconded.  5 ayes


Discussion:  Donna Pidgeon shared that Mr. Flint wanted mailing labels of the grand list instead of a family checklist.  He was charged $20.50 (not full price), but he will be providing blank labels for reimbursement to the town. The total cost is $30.00.


Discussion:  David Lathrop contacted the board regarding the annual financial plan meeting.  He would like to schedule the meeting for March 31, 2006 at 2:30pm at his office.  In the past, Mr. Lathrop came to each select board.  However, he was unable to do this because he is meeting with 40 instead of 20 towns.  The whole board did not have to go to the meeting.  The meeting will last approximately one hour.  Mr. Lathrop requested that the attendees bring a town report.

Action:  John McDonough and Mark Stacey will not be able to attend.  Diane Benware, Bob Oliver and Cecile Todd will try to attend. John Hughes asked if community members were permitted to attend.  The board responded with a yes.            



New Business


Discussion:  Bob Oliver made a motion to maintain the structure of the board as it is.  Mark Stacey seconded.  John McDonough suggested that the board have a new chair and that Diane Benware take the minutes.  Mark Stacey responded by stating that we learn as we go. Let’s not change responsibilities now. It was suggested that the meetings take longer than they need to.  An effort to move meetings along was suggested.  Any board member can make a motion to close discussion. 

Action:  The motion was approved. 3 ayes and 2 abstaining. Diane Benware is chair.  Cecile Todd is vice-chair. John McDonough and Bob Oliver are road commissioners.  Mark Stacey is a board member.


Annual Appointments

Discussion:  Greg Moore Jr. is first constable.  He is to receive a vest, flashlight, and whistle.  Cecile Todd asked if he had a handbook.  There is a section in “League of Cities and Towns Handbook” that has a job description of the constable.  Sid Glassner asked that the job descriptions of each appointment be posted on the town website or that a link be noted on the website.

Action:  Job descriptions or links will be added to the town website.


The following appointments were made:

Second Constable-John Quelch 

Town Agent-John Quelch

Road Commissioners-John McDonough and Robert Oliver

Road Foreman- Arlan Pidgeon

Zoning Administrator- Cindy Hill (thru 2007)

Zoning Board of Adjustment and Planning- Donna Swinington and Ronald Fiske,

Alternates:  Audrey and 1 vacancy.  Jerry Flint shared that Diane Harvey who is the secretary for the zoning board is leaving around May. 

Fence Viewers:  Greg Moore Jr., and Donna Wykes

Cemetery Sexton-John Quelch

Inspector of Lumber- Mr. Todd

Tree Warden-Randy Wilcox

Energy Coordinator-John Quelch

Solid Waste Representative-Richard Reed

Town Services Manager-Kathy Eastwood  (due mid April)

Deputy Health Officer-Kathy Eastwood (due in June), mail to her to sign

Town Health Officer- Bucky Shackett (thru Aug. 2008)

Forest Fire Warden- Richard Nicklaw (due in June)

Emergency Management Coordinator- Raymond Lalumiere (due in May)

Transportation Advisory Committee-Mark Stacey (Mr. Stacey was willing to do this appointment, but did want the board to know that he does have training for work during many of the transportation advisory committee meetings.)

Action: John McDonough made a motion to accept the appointees.  Bob Oliver seconded.  5 ayes and 0 nays.  Paperwork will be mailed to Kathy Eastwood for her signature.


Naming a Newspaper

Discussion: Currently the board uses the “Addison Independent” as their primary newspaper for notifying the citizens of Leicester.  The board discussed using the “Addison Independent”, “Rutland Herald” or the “Eagle”. John McDonough stated that if an issue is very important than both the “Addison” and “Rutland Herald” could be used.

Action:  Bob Oliver made a motion to continue using the “Addison” as the primary newspaper.  Mark Stacey seconded.  Motion passed.  5 ayes



Discussion:  Currently the board uses rules based on Robert’s Rules of Order.  Action: Bob Oliver made a motion to keep what we have.  Mark Stacey seconded the motion adding that the board will back up the chair.  Motion passed. 5 ayes

If discussion gets long-winded then any board member may make a motion to conclude discussion.


Junk Ordinance

Discussion:  A junk complaint was received by the board regarding the property at 1468 Lake Dunmore Road. It was also suggested that the board look at the property on both sides of the road. 

Action:  Mark Stacey will film the property and the surrounding properties.  Cecile Todd will compose (form letter) and send a letter of notification to the landlord (not renter).  The property owner will have 30 days to clean up the property. The film and draft will be completed by the next meeting.


Bridge #4

Discussion:  Diane Benware read a letter that she composed on behalf of the board sent to Mr. Hedges.

Action:  none


Vermont Sun

Discussion:  Jim Carroll faxed the board the comments and positions that the board had taken.  The letter is being prepared to send to Lt. Noble and the Department of Public Safety. Jim Carroll was faxed all the meeting minutes regarding anything to do with Vermont Sun.  Mr. Carroll states that the health, safety and welfare for public, inconvenience of inhabitants, trash, law enforcement and inappropriate behavior are concerns of the community.  The board asked Diane Benware to call Jim Carroll and to strike the paragraph that gives Vermont Sun an out.  Jim Carroll wanted the board to be fully aware that the commissioner has the final say. Mr. Carroll stated that the final paragraph may serve as willingness for due process for Vermont Sun. An ordinance can restrict the nuisance on the highway, but ultimately the commissioner has the final say. Sid Glassner suggested that the board contact representatives, as this situation is more than just Vermont Sun; it really is a statute problem.

Action: The board will contact congresspersons to inform them of this situation and the frustration of the town with the statute. The letter to the commissioner will include the “under the table” practice of mailing permits to the board. Jim Carroll will be contacted to delete the three lines giving Vermont Sun an out.  A brief summary of the 10-11 year history and Vermont Sun’s lack of asking permission as well as the incorrect comment process will be sent.


Blaise Fire

Discussion: Jim Carroll advised the board to pay the Salisbury and Brandon fire department.  Next, he advised the board to proceed to file a complaint in small claims court. The first step will be to find out if an insurance claim was filed.  Action: Mark Stacey will contact Robert Blaise Sr.

A motion was made by John McDonough to pay the Salisbury and Brandon fire departments.  Bob Oliver seconded.  Motion passed.  5 ayes 0 nays


Four Corners

Discussion: In the past, the board had requested that a light and/or drop in speed limit be placed at the four corners. This request was denied.

Action:  Diane Benware will write another letter noting that the recent casualty was just south of the four corners.  State legislators will be contacted regarding this situation.


Sign Road Weight Permits

Discussion:  Weight permits were given to Arlan Pidgeon to review.  He approved the permits and gave them to the road commissioners for their approval.  Both commissioners approved. Arlan Pidgeon stated that he had phoned regarding the two permits from the previous meeting.

Action: Road weight permits were signed.



Discussion:  The grader can be used.  The shoe is ordered.  Arlan Pidgeon indicated that he would prefer to use Francis to operate the grader.  Cecile Todd and John McDonough preferred that Herb Hanfield run the grader because he had more experience. 

Action:  Arlan Pidgeon will check Herb Hanfield for his availability.


Dirt Roads

Discussion:  John McDonough felt that something needed to be done regarding the roads being “eaten up”.  He stated that Brandon reaped the taxes while our roads were being torn up.

Action: John McDonough will contact Markowski and Dupois with the intent of having them compensate the town with gravel, grating and/or a good price on gravel.


Discussion:  Carol Leno, President of the historical society asked for permission to buy and install two new doors and casings to the town hall.  The doors will have a push button lock and a dead lock.

Action:  Board gave their verbal approval.


Herbie Hanfield and Road Weight Permits

Discussion:  Lawrence Felion, Jr. brought up the old issue of inappropriate language between Herbie Hanfield and Arlan Pidgeon.  The board stated that the issue was addressed in a public meeting and was over.  He also stated that he felt that it was wrong for the board to accept road weight permits from some, while not pursuing them from everyone.


Executive Session

Discussion:  none

Action:  Mark Stacey made a motion to go into executive session at 9:20pm. Bob Oliver seconded.  Motion passed.  5 ayes and 0 nays



Discussion: The board came out of executive session at 9:44pm.  No action was taken.

Action:  Mark Stacey made a motion to adjourn at 9:45pm.  Bob Oliver seconded.  Motion passed.  5 ayes and 0 nays



Respectfully Submitted,


Betty Wiedenbein


Next meeting will be April 3, 2006 at 7pm.