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Meeting Minutes

Town of Leicester

Selectboard Meeting Minutes


Monday, May 16, 2011




** See subsequent minutes for any changes


Members Present:  Diane Benware, Ron Fiske, Tom Barker, Bob Oliver, Ken Young


Others Present:   Julie Delphia, Arlan Pidgeon, Donna Pidgeon, James Russo, Jeff Lee, John Jozwiak,  Sandra Trombley, Secretary


Call to Order:  Meeting called to order at 6:30 p.m. by Chair, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. 


Review of Agenda:  Agenda reviewed. 


Visitor, John Jozwiak was recognized.  He was at the meeting to inquire about the status of the grader.  There was discussion about the grader problems and what had been put into the grader.

Mr. Jozwiak will check with Reggie about the transmission and he will send us an offer.


Approval of Minutes of May 2, 2011:


Motion by Tom to approve minutes of May 2, 2011 as written.  Second by Ken.  All in favor.  So approved.


Review/Authorize Payment of Bills:  Bills making their rounds for signatures. 


Reports from Town Officials, Committees:


Town Clerk/Treasurer:


Julie reported that delinquent taxes are at $71,256; not including penalties and interest.


222 dogs registered.  She has a bunch of delinquents and dogs that probably have never been registered.


Loan documents are in orders for signatures.


Julie reported that the rope or clips are broke on the flag pole.  The lady from across the street brought the flags to Julie. 


Action:  Tom will check to see what the problem is and report back.


Willem Jewett has flag for the cemetery.


Quote from FireProtec is in the folder from their audit.


Road Foreman:


Arlan repaired the shoulder of the road where the sprayer went off the road.  He will prepare a bill for Bourdeau Bros.  They are waiting for a trailer to take it back to Maine to repair.


The loader has been acting sluggish.  He will change the filter and oil and see what happens.


Lister Report:   


Jim Russo reported that Thursday they gave the abstract list and lodged it with the Town Clerk.  They posted the five locations for grievances, to be held May 26th.  Certificate of mailings went out for all change of appraisals, homestead, home-site and also fixing the grand list to make it consistent and in sequence.  They are in 9 – 12 tomorrow.  There were 68 certificates of mailings.


Auditor:  None


Cemetery Committee:   


Donna provided minutes for the committee’s meeting.


Motion by Tom to appoint Ron Fiske to Cemetery Committee.  Second by Ken.  All in favor.  So approved.


Weight Permits:


Arlan reviewed and approved weight permit for Green Mtn Heritage.  Bob signed.




Lister Pay:


Discussion about lister pay.  March 2008 Town Meeting minutes indicated $10 for new listers, $12 for second term listers and Harold Smith $16 at present.


Motion by Tom to pay Cecile Todd $12 hour not the $14 that she requested.  Second by Bob. 

4 – Yes and 1 – No (Diane) So approved.


Animal Control Officer:


Brian Webb attended and was introduced.  The Board wanted to talk about his availability.


Julie will provide Brian with a list of registered dogs.  The census will be done door to door.


Brian has a badge.  Jeff McDonough and Mike Rakowitz are also available as constables.


 Pay would be $12 hr for dog census.  Brian mentioned an idea of billing a flat rate per month.  This might be something the Board could look at for next year’s budget.   Brian should develop a proposal for the Board.


A notice will be put in Monday’s paper that the Animal Control Officer will be conducting a door to door dog census.   Give them a warning and a week to come in.  If they don’t come in, they get a $25 fine.  If Brian has to come back it’s a $50 fine, and then $75.


Ditching Delorm Road:


Ken talked again about the water and culverts and 99.9% of water on the other side is going across the road and into his meadow and just trickling down the culvert.   Most of the year’s rainfall is going across his meadow.  Everyday rain should be going down the ditch and not in his meadow.


Action:  Arlan will put a transit on it and will ditch it out up to the goat farm and take out the burm, and see what happens.  Ken will keep an account of how it works.




Meeting House Walk:


Motion by Tom to approve Mike Rakowitz’s bill for $2,200.  Second by Ron.  All in favor.  So approved.


Fire ProTec:


Motion by Ron to accept bid of $1,124.24.  Second by Tom.  All in favor.  So approved.


Signing Loan Documents:


$300,000 loan paperwork needed three signatures in three different places.  Copies of driver’s licenses were provided.  Signed by Diane, Tom and Ron.


Sign Pricing Dept of Corrections:


The Department of Corrections quoted all the prices for road/street names.  They would be willing to come to a meeting to discuss what they can offer.  Town needs a Plan by January 2012.


Ken and Ron volunteered for sign inventory. 



250 Committee Update:


July 23, 2011 Town wide picnic from Noon – 4:00.  Pigs being donated from Harvest Program.  Music by Wood’s Tea Company.  Food and other entertainment.  Linda Rheaume worked on a flyer.


Motion by Tom to donate paper and ink for flyers for 250 celebration.  Second by Ken.  All in favor.  So approved.


Followed by corn maze in October.


Next meeting Thursday, May 26th.


Sheriff’s patrols/speed limits:


Diane reported she has not heard back from the Sheriff’s Department about the traffic study. 


Action:  Diane will call about traffic study.




Diane reported that they did not get a paving grant.


Motion by Tom to authorize Chair to sign engagement letter for the Town for audit from Tom Telling Associates for $4,600.  Second by Ron.  All in favor.  So approved.


Limited Public Opinion:  None


Motion by Bob to adjourn at 8:08 p.m.  Second by Ken.  All in favor.  So approved.


Next meeting, Monday, June 6, 2011.



 Respectfully submitted,



Sandra L. Trombley

Selectboard Secretary