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Meeting Minutes

Town of Leicester

Selectboard Meeting Minutes


Monday, December 19, 2011




** See subsequent minutes for any changes


Members Present:  Diane Benware, Tom Barker, Ron Fiske, Robert Oliver


Members Absent:  Ken Young


Others Present:   Ashley Delphia, James Russo, Kate Briggs, Sandra Trombley, Secretary


Call to OrderMeeting called to order at 6:38 p.m. by Chair, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. 


Review of Agenda:  Agenda reviewed.   




Land Use Document:  Town Plan Revisions:


First, Kate brought the topic of the fee schedule to the Board.  She requested that the Board raise the appeal to the ZBA fee to $100 as opposed to $60.  She explained the reasons for this.  She requested this get voted on later in the meeting.


Second, Kate discussed James Maroney’s letter regarding his position on the ACRP.  He was the sole person who voted against it (25 to 1) and gave his reasons. Adam Lougee is more than happy to come to Leicester and meet with the Town and discuss the whole land use and the whole natural resources thing.  Mr. Maroney stated that if the Town did not veto the plan, he was not interested in continuing to be the representative of the town at Regional Planning.


Kate’s thought; speaking for herself, not the Planning Commission was that Mr. Maroney has been focused on one issue and there are a lot of issues for the Town and the County.  Perhaps we could find someone that would represent the Town on a broader range of issues; and Kate would help recruit someone, depending on how you respond to Mr. Maroney’s letter.


Last, Kate explained that she had met with Kevin, the map person at Regional Planning prior to the last PC meeting.  The maps were presented at the December 8th PC meeting.  Kate explained the proposed maps for the Town Plan to the Board looking at ways for development and reduces bad development on higher grades that would produce water problems.  Future regulations would have language for future smart development with specific standards for water, driveways, gradients and access.


Kate explained that this is nothing that the Board needs to take action on at this time, but wanted them to know the direction the PC Board was headed and make sure they were on board with this direction.


Jim Russo asked who Kate was speaking for; as she is not a member of the PC Board.  Jim thought the Chair should be here explaining what was going on.  He wasn’t aware that Kate was coming to explain.  This has been an ongoing concern of his; about the process.


Motion by Ron to approve the increase from $60 to $100 for an appeal of the Zoning Administrator’s decision.  Second by Tom.  All in favor.  So approved.


Review/Authorization to pay bills.


Bills are making their way around the table for signatures.


Motion by Tom to approve bills.  Second by Ron.  All in favor.  So approved.


Motion by Tom to authorize Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer to pay bills due and transfer any money to pay those bills if needed.  Second by Ron.  All in favor.  So approved.


Chair signed on behalf of the Town, the paperwork to authorize the Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer to borrow money in anticipation of taxes.


Approval of Minutes:  December 5, 2011:


Motion by Tom to approve minutes as written for December 5, 2011.  Second by Ron.   All in favor.  So approved.



Reports from Town Officials, Committees:



Town Clerk/Treasurer Report:   None


Road Foreman Report:   None


Health Officer:


Jim reported that there were no current issues, but may be a well issue.  He will find out later in the week.


Jim received a phone message by a property owner.  There are problems in regard to land records and proper owner.   


After the first of the year, Jim will request a fire warden to go with him to inspect a property.


Lister Report:


Jim reported that nothing will be ready until after April 1st.  They are updating all data.  Cecile and Jim are working on land and deed issues to correct acreage.  There are no omissions, so the grand list is good to go for December 31st.




Tom reported that they worked jacking up the recycling trailer.  They put a little wooden rail up and fixed the front and put up the “no dog” signs and fixed a couple road signs that were knocked over on Shackett Road.


2012 Budget:


Town Budget this evening and review it all on January 3rd


Tom requested to see current fund balances for all restricted funds.




Reviewed Loans and Transfers, Fines, Fees & Licenses, Taxes, Zoning and Other Income.




Reviewed Loans and Transfers


Auditing.  Leave Auditors at $3,000


Listing:     Leave Listing at $13,000


Reappraisal:  Balance when done in April.


Tax Map Update:  Leave at $1,500




Selectboard Secretary:          


Motion by Ron to increase the Secretary’s pay from $50 per meeting to $60 per meeting.  Second by Tom.  All in favor.  So approved.


Diane is not sure about recycling.


Buildings Expenses:  Level fund at $3,000


Fuel for Meeting House:  Level fund at $3,500

Fuel for Town Hall:          Level fund at $2,500


Grounds Care: 


Town Clerk/Treasurer/Assistant:  Board is ok with what Julie has plugged in at $20,000.


Office Expenses:


Cleaning Services:       $600

Cleaning Supplies:       $150

Computer Equipment:      0

Computer Tech Support/License:   $3,000

Computer Upgrade & Software:

Copier:                                    $1,500

Office Supplies:           $3,000

Postage:                      $2,100 (will this be enough?)

Printing:                      $3,000 (will this be enough?)

Records Restoration   $5,000

Town Web Page          $   500


Software/Server Upgrades     $1,000 Annual Contract

                                                $1,600 Annual for monthly maintenance




Liability, Property & Casualty $13,045 Actual for 2012

Workers Comp                        $ 4,250 Actual for 2012




Zoning Administrator              $ 1,500

Printing                                   $ 1,000

Secretary                                 $ 1,200


Planning Grant:



Electricity        $5,000

Telephone       $1,800


Public Safety:


Humane Society          $500

Law Enforcement        $2,000

Animal Control            $600

Dog Census                 $0


Jim Carroll contacted Diane that both letters are fine, however, if nothing happens in the five days we give them; we better have a plan to act upon.  He recommends that until we have a plan in place, don’t send a letter.


License Income (fees)

Fire Expense:  2 Year Agreement ends this year.  Diane will contact Mr. Kilpeck   

Fire Warden                $100

Health Officer             $150


Other Expenses:


Elections/Payroll & Supplies   $1,500

Interest/Fees                           $   800

Legal Fees                               $2,000

Miscellaneous                         $   200

Payroll Tax Liability                $10,000

Payroll Tax Liability – In Lieu  $       0

Town Moderator                     $   150

We need a new Town Moderator.

Trash Removal                                    $   100

Workshops/Training               $1,000

Writing & Research Grant      $   500




A letter was received from Peg recommending we hire Evelyn Morrison for $10 per hour to manage the flowers as she is no longer able to continue full time.  She and Bob will continue to volunteer.  Due to the absence in fund raising the Historical Society would appreciate $100 toward flowers in 2012.  It could be charged to building expenses.  Details will be worked out.


Ron mentioned a grader was coming to G. Stone Motors with a price of $78,000.  G. Stone takes trades.  Ron will look into this further.


Motion by Tom to adjourn at 8:52 p.m.  Second by Bob.  All in favor.  So approved.



Respectfully submitted,



Sandra L. Trombley, Secretary