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Minutes - 05-15-2023

  Town of Leicester
Selectboard Meeting Minutes
Monday, May 15, 2023
** See subsequent minutes for any changes
Members Present: Diane Benware, Diane RandallJohn Rouse, Tom Barker
Members Absent:  Brad Lawes
Others Present: Arlan Pidgeon, Jessica Danyow, Sheriff Elmore, R. Wesley, Robbie Devoid, Sandra Trombley
Call to Order:  Meeting called to order at 6:30 p.m. by Chair.
Pledge of Allegiance:
Review of Agenda 
Approval of May 1, 2023 Minutes:
Motion by John and second by Tom to approve minutes of May 1, 2023 as written.  All in favor.  So, approved. 
Review/Authorization to Pay Bills:
Motion by Tom and second by John authorizing Julie to pay the bills.  All in favor.  So, approved.
Reports from Town Officials, Committees:
Road Foreman:
Arlan reported he worked today ditching on Hooker Road for the hydrologically connected project. 
Tom asked about Sap House Drive road sign.
Arlan said it was ordered and Julie said it was paid for.
Town Clerk/Treasurer:
Julie reported that Sap House Drive is what Andy & Donna Hutchison requested and got approved, after Mount Pleasant couldn’t be used because it interfered with Mount Pleasant in Brandon.  There were a couple requests, but Sap House was the one that made it through everyone and 911 and the Post Office.
Motion by Tom and second by John to request a 30-day extension for the lodging of the grand list.  All in favor.  So, approved.  Diane signed.
Julie stated she needs to know the Representatives to the ACRP Commission.
Diane signed for the Full Commission.  Diane and Tom are on the Transportation Advisory Commission.
Homeward Bound:  Jessica Danyow:
Jessica Danyow came to talk about what Homeward Bound has to offer for programs and investigations and how they work with Animal Control Officers.  She said they like to be proactive instead of reactive.
Introductions were made.  Flyer provided.
They take in strays by an annual contract, but taking in dogs from complaints is tricky.  
Tom and Diane asked if they could provide a safe holding place for dogs for a few days until details could be worked out.  
Jessica said that could be more difficult.
Rob stated that Homeward Bound was a good resource for information.
Jessica stated that if an animal is seized with a warrant, they could take the animal.
Jessica stated that the State Police has handed over all animal cruelty/neglect/welfare cases over to the Fish & Game Department.
Jessica stated there would have to be a lot of details worked out to be a holding facility and she is not sure they want to get into that. 
Jessica asked if Leicester had any cat problems.  She would like stray cats brought in to be spayed/neutered and taken back to where they were found. 
Jessica stated that she has a board meeting tomorrow night and she will float the idea of an expanded contract by them.
Sheriff Elmore:
Diane shared that the Board appreciated them coming back to answer the Board’s questions.
There was clarification on the two hours a month which was for the Junk Ordinance.
Sheriff Elmore stated that weekend coverage could be Saturday 8:00 to 8:00, right now they can’t do Sundays.
The Sheriff stated that they would take the Town’s input and suggestions and try to work it into their schedule, can’t always guarantee.
The Sheriff stated they try to incorporate the road patrols over all the roads and not to sit in one spot too long.
They can incorporate the stationary radar with the speed cart.
He provided some statistics.  In general, overall, they do about 60% tickets and 40% warnings on an average.
He stated they can help and enforce the Junk Ordinance.
The drug deals they would incorporate in their patrols.  
Diane R. stated that she felt that just their presence in the area would help with that problem.
He stated they could help out with the Animal Control Officer.
In the past, the town had a contract for 20 hours per month.  
Diane R. asked about whether the town would get a report indicating dates they were in town and what they did.  
The Sheriff stated we would get detailed reports.
Diane thanked them on behalf of the Board and explained that the Board will get back to them with their decision when they have a full Board.
Animal Control Officer:
Weight Permit:  Weight permits signed by Arlan.
  •       Reception for the Yestermore Garden Exhibit
  •       Highway Safety Improvement Small Scale Grants
Mutual Aid Agreement:
Board is not going to participate because the town does not own its own equipment.
Appoint Auditor:
Julie explained Lyndsay D’Avignon’s interest in the Auditor position.
Motion by John and second by Tom to approve Lyndsay D’Avignon as Auditor until the March election.  All in favor.  So, approved.
ADA Compliance:
Julie explained there is a lot to this.  The town needs to do a self-evaluation and a plan.
Julie would like to contact the people (Disability Rights Vermont) that came to evaluate the office for the election access and see if they could offer services or assistance for this ADA Compliance plan.
Board agreed.
Executive Session:  Personnel Matter:
Motion by Tom and second by John to go into Executive Session for personnel issues at 7:40 p.m.  All in favor.  So, approved.
Motion by Tom and second by John to come out of Executive Session at 8:40 p.m. with no action taken.
Motion by Tom to adjourn at 8:40 p.m.
Next meeting Monday, June 5, 2023.
Respectfully submitted,
Sandra L. Trombley, Secretary