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Minutes - 12-20-21

  Town of Leicester
Selectboard Meeting Minutes
Monday, December 20, 2021
** See subsequent minutes for any changes
Members Present: Diane Benware, Brad Lawes, Ron Fiske, Tom Barker, John Rouse
Others Present:  Julie Delphia, Arlan Pidgeon, Sandra Trombley, Secretary
Call to Order:  Meeting called to order at 6:30 p.m. by Chair.  
Pledge of Allegiance:
Review of Agenda:  Letter from Brandon Area Rescue Squad for budget, Quotes on Box Spreader & Tailgate Spreader
Approval of December 6, 2021 Minutes:
Motion by Tom and second by John to approve minutes of December 6, 2021 as written. All in favor.  So, approved. 
Review/Authorization to Pay Bills:
Motion by John and second by Tom authorizing Julie to pay the bills.  All in favor.  So, approved.
Reports from Town Officials, Committees:
Town Clerk/Treasurer:
Motion by Brad and second by Tom to allow Julie to pay remaining 2021 bills and transfer money as needed.  All in favor.  So, approved.
Julie provided copies she found of 2009 mowing bids for reference purposes for review and revisions and insurance liability.  
John will work on drafts of mowing details and expectations for next meeting.  Tom will be the contact person for anyone interested in submitting a bid.
Julie reminded everyone that if they receive an email with an attachment; not to open the attachment, until you verify with the sender on a known phone number. There have been a few towns that have been hit with cyber security hacks in their emails.
Road Foreman:
Arlan reported they got through the snow storm and it went well.  Conversations comparing other towns that were not in as good shape as Leicester.
Diane asked about people taking sand from the sand pile.  There was discussion about whether they were Leicester residents or not.  If Arlan sees anyone, and doesn’t know them, he will approach them and run them off if they are not from Leicester.  Too difficult to monitor.  They do have cameras.
John discussed the Reserve Road and how slippery it gets.  John shared that it is like a bottle and you can’t stand up on it.  There was discussion about putting a covered sand and salt pile on the Reserve Road and John offered to shovel the sand when necessary.  Board agreed.  Arlan will get some sand and salt over there.
Arlan stated that he has the prices on the sanders.  A Viking 10’ 7 yard stainless V box spreader is $15,000.  A salt dog 6” auger stainless steel under tailgate spreader is $3,900.  A Swenson 4” dual auger stainless under tailgate spreader is $4,000.  A salt dog 9” auger stainless under tailgate spreader is $5,500.
Board asked Arlan to get more information about the spreaders for the next meeting.  Board would like pricing on a steel sander; as well.
Brad listened to the two-hour conference with the State on the Infrastructure Bill.  No one could give definitive information on what the money can be used for.
Weight Permits:  None
  •       Maple Broadband
  •       Winter Manure Spreading Band started last week
  •       RISE Grants open until April 19th
  •       VT Local Roads – Supporting One Another
  •       Kim Canarecci, VT State Public Assistant Officer – Federal Procurement Policy
  •       Inquiry from VT Daily Chronicle – Questions on Mask Mandates
Continue 2022 Budget Discussion:
Julie provided the first draft for review.
Diane read the letter from the Brandon Area Rescue with a significant increase and an explanation for the increase of almost four times last year.  The Board requires further clarifying information for the next meeting before considering this significant increase.  Julie will try to get the information the Board would like; for example, are all towns getting the same increase, how many calls were Leicester calls?
Arlan needs to bring changes he may request for the equipment rental or salaries for the next meeting.
Discussion on topics for Diane to put in the Selectboard Report for the Town Report.
Reminder of Abatement Hearings:
Three hearings next Monday @ 6:00 p.m.
Diane asked for consideration for making a monetary donation to one of two agencies in memory of Bob Oliver on behalf of the town.  Home Health & Hospice or Elderly Services.
Motion by John and second by Brad to donate $100 each to Home Health & Hospice and Elderly Services in memory of Bob Oliver on behalf of the town.  All in favor.  So, approved.
Diane also brought up dedicating the Town Report to Bob & Peg Oliver.
Motion by Tom and second by John dedicating the Town Report to Bob & Peg Oliver.  All in favor.  So, approved.
Search for New BLSG Rep:
There was some discussion on the list of Leicester names that were provided as an Alternate to replace Jeff Smith’s position.  
Town Shed:
Motion by Tom to adjourn at 8:26 p.m.
Next meeting:  Monday, January 3, 2022 
Respectfully submitted,
Sandra L. Trombley, Secretary