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Meeting Minutes

September 17, 2007

Meeting Minutes
Unapproved - **See subsequent meeting minutes for changes

Present:  J. McDonough, R. Oliver, M. Stacey, T. Barker, D. Benware (recorder)
Others:  John Hughes, Mary Hughes, Charles Johnson, Bob Miller, Donna Pidgeon, Arlan Pidgeon, Richard Johnson

Meeting called to order at 7:05 p.m. by the Chair.
Flag salute recited and agenda reviewed.

Bills circulated and orders signed.

Approval of Minutes of Sept 4, 2007 on a motion by Bob, second by John. Motion passed unanimously.

Approval of Minutes of Sept. 10 ,2007 on a motion by Bob, second by Mark.  Motion passed with one abstention, (Mark).

Arlan reported that Reg from Winmill stopped to confirm that a hydraulic pump is needed for the grader.  It will cost $1,220 for the pump plus labor to install.  Arlan feels he can change the pump on his own, after he cleans off the grader.  Tom mentioned his concern about the control valve. 
ACTION:  Bob made the motion, Tom the second to order the pump from Winmill, Arlan will install if at all possible.

Mark questioned how much has been spent on the grader since we've owned it.  The last repair bill was for $3,824.00.  Donna went to look up the figures.  We have spent $6,698 since we purchased it.  It has been used between 400 and 500 man-hours, as Arlan estimates.

Arlan spoke with Tony Neri about replacing a culvert north of Point Counter Point, near his property, and another one south of the music camp. 

ACTION:  Arlan and Tony will speak with the owner of the music camp; Tom advised getting a note in writing, authorizing the replacement of the culvert and stating there are no problems from the landowner's standpoint, with the replacement. 

John Hughes asked if the board had a back-up plan in the event the replacement of the pump takes longer than planned.  Bob was authorized by the board to inquire from area  towns whether they would grade for us, and at what cost.

Donna reported that she applied for, and received a grant, through Help America Vote Act, in the amount of $2,064 to fund Excel and Access training, software and tech support.  She has until Aug. '08 to spend the funds; this is at no cost to the town.

Donna acknowledged that the tax rebate system is the cause of many headaches.  Thus far only respective landowners have come in to inquire about the payments to the state.

The Cemetery Committee provided us with a form for our approval regarding the recording ( and marking on the plot map) of plots acquired through the required suggested donation.  The plots are being re-aligned on the map and will be offered on a first come-first served basis.  Donna requested that the resolution previously adopted by the Selectboard  in conjunction with the Cemetery Committee, be pulled out of the Selectboard Minutes of that meeting and be printed as a separate document.  Donna has already located said minutes and Board confirmed the cemetery resolution as a separate document, on a motion by John, second by Bob, passed unanimously.

John Hughes asked about provisions for paupers.  There are currently no provisions in place.  The Selectboard has referred to the statute on a previous query about this.  It is the understanding of the Chair that the Statute allows for the dollar amount allocated by Social Security for funerals to be used for such a purpose.
ACTION:  The Chair will contact Town Counsel to see if we can draft a policy setting limits on the town's liability regarding paupers' funerals.
ACTION:  The Selectboard unanimously approved the Cemetery Form on a motion by John, second by Mark.


The Selectboard regretfully accepts the resignation of Ron Fiske as Zoning Board Chair and that of Rev. A. VanBenthuysen from the Zoning Board Planning Commission.  The Selectboard notes that Donna Swinington has agreed to return to the ZBA/Planning Commission as a delegate.  Chair has been trying to reach her to ask her to put her offer in writing.  There are at least 2 anticipated vacancies on the board, as of Nov. 1.
ACTION:  The Selectboard unanimously authorized the Chair to place an ad in the local papers regarding the 2 anticipated vacancies, requesting interested parties to submit letters of interest by Oct. 12.  John made the motion to authorize such action, Bob made the second.

Resident Richard Johnson asked that signs regarding use of jake brakes be installed on the Leicester Whiting Road.  Board explained that we already did that and that signs were stolen shortly after installation.  Discussion resulted in a motion by John, second by Tom, to authorize the Chair to send a letter to Rick Dutil, manager of Depot Farm Supply, informing him that it has come to the attention of the Selectboard that one or more of his drivers are excessively using jake brakes on the Leicester Whiting Road, and asking said drivers to refrain from over-using the jake brakes.  Motion passed unanimously.

Grader repair discussed previously.

Feasibility Study feedback:  We currently do not have prices being sought for the parcels.  It was decided that subdivision permits would be the seller's responsibility.
ACTION:  Chair to contact DuBois and King that there are no further changes to be made to the document.  Final copies will come to the town and ACRPC.

Chair apologized to Bob Miller that she did not yet have the documents related to tax credits for disabled veterans.  This issue will need to be approved by the voters.

Charles asked if Jerusalem and Bullock Roads had been graded.  No, as the grader is out of commission.

Bob asked about when the new bridge needs to be power-washed.  It has been done for 2007.  So, next spring we need to make plans for that.

Tom made the motion, John the second, to go into Executive Session at 8:10 p.m., to discuss personnel and pending legal action.  Motion passed unanimously.
Bob made the motion to come out of Executive Session at 8:39 p.m., second by Mark, passed unanimously.  No action taken.

Bob made the motion to adjourn at 8:40 p.m., second by John.  Meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

Next regular meeting Oct. 1, 2007

Respectfully submitted:
Diane Benware, Chair