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Meeting Minutes

OCT 1, 2007


Present:  T. Barker, R. Oliver, J. McDonough, D. Benware (recorder)
Others:  Donna Pidgeon, Arlan Pidgeon, Charles Johnson, Greg Moore Sr.

Meeting called to order at 7:07 by the Chair.
Flag salute recited and agenda reviewed.

Approval of Minutes:
Minutes of Sept. 17 were approved on a motion by Tom, second by John, passed unanimously.

Minutes of Sept 20 were approved on a motion by John, second by Bob, passed unanimously.

Bills were circulated and reviewed, orders signed.

Reports from town Officials, Committees:

Arlan reported that Reggie from Winmill looked at the grader, it was working somewhat better. Tom and Arlan concurred that there is no down pressure on right  side of blade.  So there is apparently something else wrong, believed to be a relief valve, at a cost of $1,700, that needs to be repaired/replaced.  There has been $2,785,25 spent on this latest repair, this includes labor.  Tom did grade Ferson Road on Sunday.
ACTION:  John suggested that Arlan speak with Reggie again, asking him to come up when the thing has been running and gets hot.

Bob talked to Jeff Laberge, Road commissioner in Salisbury, about having Tom use their equipment to do our roads.  If there is time available, Tom can do so.  The cost is $100.00 per hour, includes edges and labor.  It is believed that Ripton might help at the same cost to us.  Bob will also contact whiting.

Donna and Arlan reported that Kevin Clark has time to do grading.

2 were presented for signature:  Jay Masteron and John Perry Sr.
ACTION:  Board worked on a draft of a memo to be attached to road permits for next year.  Map may be included if necessary.


The Selectboard of the Town of Leicester has designated the use of Delorm Road to Shackett Four Corners for drivers of loaded trucks hauling gravel from the Brandon pits, from March 15  to May 1.

Other Road Issues:
The proposed culvert on the edge of the Horrock property, Hooker Road, was OKed by Judith McGovern, executrix of the estate.  Note for the file.  Arlan will also change a culvert bordering the Neri property.

Town Clerk:  No report
Cemetery Committee:  No report
Listers:  No report

Concern re: Coon property, Hooker Road

Donna reports that Dan Lounsbury has been hired by the FBNB to clean up the house.  The one "hot" spot identified in the environmental study will be monitored.  The Bank is satisfied with the environmental report; he'll do the exterior and grounds.

October is the renewal month for the policy with VLCT.  The Chair was authorized by the Board to complete the paperwork, after checking with VLCT about vehicle coverage and the cost of increasing the contents of the Town Hall.


We do not have a Zoning Administrator, as the one candidate took a position elsewhere.

ACTION:  Chair to contact Town Counsel to apprise him of the situation and get advice in preparation for the Oct 9 Huver hearing.  There is some confusion as the meetings set for Oct. 3 also includes S. Huver's name.  Chair to contact Gerry Flint to get more information.  Gerry Flint has requested a key as Acting Chair of the Zoning Board.  A. VanBenthuysen turned his key in.  Cindy Hill also returned her key.  Donna feels she needs to attend the Zoning meetings to know what is going on, in the absence of an administrator.
ACTION:  Donna suggested that each individual sign a document acknowledging that they have a key, which would then be signed upon return of the key, acknowledging such action.  Chair to speak to Gerry Flint, whose term is up on Nov. 1.  If he intends to serve another term, he'll be given a key.  If not, Donna will be in attendance to open the building as needed.

Donna Swinington was appointed as a delegate to the Zoning Board/Planning Commission, on a motion by Tom, second by Bob, as requested last month.  Motion passed unanimously.  Chair to contact Donna.

Discussion followed about the need to fill the position of Zoning Administrator, on an interim basis, at least.  Chair to contact Shoreham Town Clerk to see if their person is interested.  Bucky Shackett's name was mentioned; he is not interested.

ACTION:  Chair authorized to contact Tom Mansfield again, whom we met in July, to see if he would act as a reference, fielding questions at home.  This motion, with the understanding that he would be paid $20.00 per hour, was made by John, second by Bob, passed unanimously.

Donna was authorized by the board to pick up free copies of the photos, on behalf of the town. 

The Chair was presented with a petition, bearing 55 signatures, calling for the replacement or resignation of John McDonough, as Road Commissioner; as well as calling for a plan for grading the roads in town.  When asked who started the petition, Tom responded that Fred Hansen and Ken Young had done so.  Neither were in attendance.  The petition was prompted by the frustration people feel about the length
of time grader repairs have taken and feelings that the town grader was part of a vendetta against Arlan.
ACTION:  Tom made it clear he will NOT run the grader again.

1.  Need proper conditions.
2.  If Reggie feels it is a valve or other part, order it ASAP, on a motion by Bob, second by John. 

3 aye (Bob, John Diane) and 1 nay (Tom).
Arlan to call Reggie.
Motion by Tom, second by Bob, to authorize Kevin Clark to grade on weekdays, Mike Denis can grade weekends.  Motion passed unanimously.


Bob has checked with Salisbury, he will check with Whiting and Ripton to see if they can help.  He is authorized to contract with them to get road work done.
ACTION:  Motion by Tom, second by Bob, to make arrangements with any or all 3 towns, to get roads graded.  Motion passed unanimously.

Charles asked about the position, deadline was 9/28 to apply.  Two applications were received:  Julie Dawson and Cecile Todd.
ACTION:  Tom made the motion, second by Bob, to hire Julie Dawson of Salisbury as new secretary to the Selectboard.  Vote 3 aye (Tom, Bob, Diane) and 1 nay (John).  Chair to contact Julie and inform Ceil of the result of the vote.

Bob reported that:

1.  Paul has applied Versitech to the west side of the building.  North and east side in same condition.  There was considerably more deterioration in the sub-flooring than originally thought.  Paul has replaced the floor under the storage area and contents have been removed.   It is his plan to finish exterior work and to complete interior work during cooler weather.  Crawl space being created.
2.  2 jacks were found holding up floor joists in kitchen; they need to be turned down.
3.  Some concrete was found to run most of the length under the kitchen area.

Greg Moore asked zoning questions about changes to his property, including a mother-in-law apartment where the garage was.  Group consensus was that the apartment would require a conditional use permit.  He awaits word about someone to answer his questions.

Greg asked about the petition that was presented this evening.  Donna stated that the Selectboard Handbook indicates that some petitions may be advisory in nature and not require action.
ACTION:  Tom made the motion to take no action on the petition for removal or replacement on John McDonough as Road Commissioner and plan for grading roads this evening, in the light of Mark's absence.  Diane made the second.  There was discussion again, about whether the Chair should second motions.  The Chair has not in the past, in deference/respect to the feelings of John and Bob about this action.  The motion passed 3 aye (Tom, Bob, Diane) and one abstention (John).

Motion by Tom, second by John, to go into Executive Session, to discuss legal action and personnel, made at 9:40 p.m., passed unanimously.

Motion by Bob, second by John, to come out of Executive Session, at 9:50 p.m., no action taken; motion passed unanimously.

Motion to adjourn made at 9:50 p.m. by Bob, second by John.  Meeting adjourned at 9:50 p.m.

Next regular meeting Monday, Oct.15, 2007

Respectfully submitted:
Diane Benware