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Meeting Minutes

May 7, 2007

Leicester Selectboard Meeting

Unapproved - See subsequent minutes for any changes


Present: J. McDonough, R. Oliver, M. Stacey, T. Barker, D. Benware (recorder)

Others:  Arlan Pidgeon, Donna Pidgeon, Mary Hughes, John Hughes


Meeting called to order by the Chair at 7:07 p.m.

Agenda reviewed, flag salute recited.


The Kelley Services person was not here so the Chair took notes and prepared minutes.

John M. reported that he had a conversation with Greg Moore, Jr. who wants to use the Meeting House and Senior Center for at least 2 days this summer.  The rate is $60 for rental of the Senior

Center, with $25 of that refundable after Bob has inspected the building.  Tom and Diane were of the opinion that if he wanted the Senior Center for any other purpose than the bathroom the cost should be $60 for each building.  Greg also wants to use the new sign to advertise his event. 

Donna explained to him that the historical society and the town shared the cost of the sign and advised that he speak to the historical society to see how they feel about that.

ACTION:  John M. to speak to Greg about questions we raised and to invite him to our May 21 meeting to discuss further and clarify dates, as others also wish to use the building this summer.


Bob reported that, if the roof of the Meeting House is being inspected, to consider an eaves trough over the door from the ramp.  The base of the door is in poor shape and warped. 

ACTION:  Arlan to speak to Mike Many about the roof, the eaves trough and cost of its installation.

Chair to speak to Paul Francoeur about the door of the Meeting House, the cosmetic work the Senior Center needs and possibility of painting the trim of the Meeting House and signposts of the meeting house sign.


Approval of Minutes of April 23, 2007

Considering Christine was new to the job and the fact that there were technical difficulties with the tape, she did an admirable job of taking minutes. The following corrections were made and approved by the Board, on a motion by Bob, second by Mark, to approve the minutes as corrected.

Correct Sandra Tebbeths to Tebbetts.

Under Reports fro mTown Officials, John H. reported that the appraisal is 99% complete, checking sales now.


Under Noise Ordinance, 3113 Lake Dunmore Road is the home of Betty Bearor.  In addition to contacting the Sheriff, the Chair will contact ACRPC for samples of noise ordinances.


Under Town Grader, Ceil Todd asked why Kevin Clark ran Arlan's grader, when he was not originally approved to do so (town equipment).  Tom responded that Arlan can choose who runs his equipment. 


Under Bridge Structure Report: the bridge is rated very good, not excellent.


Under Lesson Learned from the Storm:  The Energy Coordinator, not road commissioner, seeks key to Senior Center only, not the Town Shed.


Under Old Business:  Worker's Comp audit circulated for review. Also, John M. spoke to Donna, as tree warden, to authorize Arlan to check on tree on Cram Road.  If he can remove it fine, if not, contact Vallaincourt Tree Service to do so.


Under Fire Bills: clarify that Beth Ripley has agreed to send out fire bills.  She will attend future meeting to discuss with board format to use and remuneration for her.  Bill for Johnson fire has been received from BFD.


Under Bridge #6 work:  Chair to contact Carolyn Carlson at AOT, to discuss Steven Dike property concerns and how much Old Jerusalem Road will be raised to be on grade with the bridge. 


Under Honor Roll sign:  Placement perpendicular to Leicester Whiting Road was a suggestion, not action taken.


Under Coon's Property:  Chair to contact Town Health Officer for advice.


Other:  Ceil Todd has expressed interest in serving as Selectboard secretary.  Chair to contact Kelly Services to check to see if there are any contractual restraints and will report at May 7 meeting.


Add to minutes of Apr. 23, Considerable discussion about sale of the truck.  Bob made motion authorizing Arlan to clean it up, second by John, in preparation for sale,


motion approved unanimously.  Chair authorized to place ad in local papers for two weeks, for $5,500, calls to Bob and John.  Tom made motion to sell the truck, second by Mark, passed unanimously.



John M reported that Helena Hanfield passed away yesterday.  Chair to send card on behalf of the Board.


Bills reviewed and orders signed:  John M feels Kevin Clark should not be paid by the town. 


Weight permit for K. Audi of Bristol was reviewed and signed by Road Commissioners.



Arlan had no news to report.  Tom asked about the gate for the salt shed and when Arlan could get it. Arlan stated he believed he could get to the tree on Cram Road the end of this week or early next week.


The town roads are very rough and the grader is supposed to be done today.  Most likely KAM will deliver it, at an unknown cost.  Cost for the repairs not known either.

Regarding possible sub grader operators:  Gudge Martin not interested, Norbert Conant will not do it for $15.00/hour.  Jerry Fielder is not available at this time, maybe in the fall, at $15.00/hr.

Arlan will check with Eddie Hayes, Tom will check with Melvin Coding, Diane will check with Mike Denis.  Suggestion made by Tom to spread gravel, cuff it over and chloride later, was not acted upon. John H suggested Tom Barker as a suitable operator, Tom responded only if the Board approved, the question of possible conflict of interest was raised by Mark.

ACTION:  Exhaust other possibilities first.  Get the grader back here.


Donna reported that Benj Deppmann has been faxed the fire bills for Blaise property, as they are handling the potential sale.  Suggestion for placement of Honor Roll between the steps and the shrub west of the Meeting House door.  Donna expects the $65,000 from the USRDA in a few

weeks.  Two compliance review questions need to be completed, one by a Selectboard member, one by a town employee.  The Chair was authorized to complete the Board questions, Cindy Hill will be asked to complete the other.


Reminder of OV budget vote May 8.


John Hughes reported on the meeting he, Harry and Donna had with Wright appraisers.  They are seeking an extension, saying they did not want to cram in these last few weeks, John and Harry held them to the June 1 date, saying they've known for over a year what the deadline was.  The number crunching work is due back to us May 21 for review and printing.

ACTION:  Chair asked the Board how they felt about "keeping Wright's feet to the fire"; the Board concurred with Harry and John to hold Wright's to the original date.  According to state statute, the Grand List needs to be lodged by June 4. At this time, we are not granting them an extension.  For future consideration, future contracts should include dates that meet our needs.



It is due to be finished by Memorial Day.  Discussion about including "unveiling" as part of school observance.  Mark informed us it is set for May 22 at 9:00; he drives the cruiser. 

ACTION:  John made motion to have Bob contact Winning Images to make sure it will be ready by then, second by Tom, passed unanimously. Chair to contact Ed Black of the Legion to see about flags and color guard.



Chair shared information that the town was awarded a Category A grant by Better Backroads to conduct the road inventory/capital planning.  It was written for $2,660 total, town share being $650. This will pay Bob Niles of Bennington to conduct the inventory, pay for the software and training to enter data on RSMS and MDMS.

ACTION:  Mark made the motion to accept the grant, second by Tom, passed unanimously.  Then discussed how to pay for it.  There are several restricted funds that could be tapped,  Donna offered the $500 that was in the budget that was originally approved to compensate her for her grant writing, saying she hadn't planned to take it anyway.  

Tom made the motion to accept her offer, second by Bob.  Motion passed 3 ayes (Benware, Barker, Oliver) and 2 nays (Stacey, McDonough).  Balance can come from a restricted fund.


John M asked about the newspaper article about the grants, saying he interpreted  that much more than the grant applications would be necessary.  Chair agreed and explained the grant was written for a very limited portion of the road.  It is not likely that we were awarded the Category B funds.


Jim Carroll's costs have increased to$150/hr, effective May 1, 2007.  When Tad Powers acted as town counsel his cost was $160/hr.


A copy of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Middlebury rail spur has been received. John H asked if a condensed version  could be created related to any impact for the town due to the spur.



Chair circulated a draft of the letter to be sent to pavers.

ACTION:  The wording was reworked slightly and the Chair is to send letters to all of last year's folks as well as Allstate Paving.  Deadline of June 1, bids to be opened at June 4 meeting, specs call for a small portion of Lake Dunmore Road and from the railroad track to Stovepipe Ave.



John H asked folks for their opinion as to how it went.  Some folks questioned why we were paying Lem $450 and helping by bringing bags to the shed.  Two bags remained on Shackett Road. John H said he would take care of them.  Items that were donated for Green Up have been donated to the historical society. 

ACTION:  Lem's loading slips are needed to complete paperwork.  John M will ask him about that.


Motion at 9:07 p.m ., by Tom, second by Mark, to go into Executive Session to discuss a zoning issue, motion passed unanimously.

Motion  at 9:47 p.m., by John, second by Bob, to come out of Executive Session and for Chair to contact legal counsel for advice; motion passed unanimously. 


Motion to adjourn made Tom, second by John at 9:48 p.m.  Meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Diane Benware, Chair