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Meeting Minutes

Town of Leicester

Selectboard Meeting Minutes

Tuesday-October 16, 2007



**see subsequent minutes for any changes


Members Present: D. Benware (Chair) T. Barker, J. McDonough, R. Oliver

Members Absent:  M. Stacey

Others Present:    John Hughes, Mary Hughes, Bonnie Johnson, Charles Johnson, Cecile Todd, Bob Miller.  Donna and Arlan Pidgeon (arrived later).


Call to Order:  The Chair called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

Flag salute recited and agenda reviewed.


Diane introduced Julie Dawson as the Board’s new recorder and made introductions around the room.  She added that, “For the Record”, it was part-time and on a trial basis with a review in a month or so.  The pay was $10.00 per hour.


The Chair asked if there was any business to be considered from those present.

Charlie asked about paving.  Bonnie made a recommendation about painting lines after paving is done.  She also asked if the Board receives any notification when a member is going to be absent, noting that one member is absent and was absent at the last meeting.

The Chair responded that she did receive notice for this meeting-not for last.


Review and Sign Orders: Orders were circulated and signed by the Board.


Approval of 10/01/07 Minutes: Action: Motion by Tom, second by John to approve the minutes of 10/01/07 as written. Unanimous.


Reports from town officials/committees: Diane reported that Donna was going to bring the ortho-photo maps to the meeting later.  She commented that it has been a busy four days for Donna with tax payments due yesterday.


New Business: Zoning Issues-- Diane reported that Andrew Peterson from Monkton (formerly North Carolina) has expressed an interest in the Zoning Administrator position.  Action: The Board decided that they will hold a Special Meeting on Monday, October 22, 2007 at 7:00 pm to interview Mr. Peterson.


Also, Diane read the quotes for new pricing on advertisements from the Addison Independent.  Action: She will advise Michelle Carter (ZBA clerk) to run their ads only once to reduce the cost.


Diane gave the members a copy of the newly-drafted proposed changes to Zoning Regulations.  These were done before Ron Fiske left the ZBA.  Action:  She will check with Michelle to ascertain if all the ZBA members received one, and if not, will get them copies.

John Hughes asked if all ZBA members made the changes and whether it was done while all members were still in office.  Answer was yes.

Bonnie Johnson would like the informational meeting on Zoning changes to be well-advertised.


Road Signs: There has been a request for bus stop signs from Heather and Bob Laporte.  Action: Motion by Tom, second by John to install two signs, one on each side of Laporte’s. Unanimous.


Bonnie would like to see jake brake signs installed.


No further New Business.


Old Business: Diane reported that no action was taken at the last meeting regarding the petition that was presented to them concerning the road commissioner and the grading of roads. 

--Bob Oliver said some grading has been done. Various roads (Ferson) and others had been worked on recently.

--Charlie Johnson noted that when other machinery is broken, it is repaired faster than the grader has been.

--Bob Oliver said that the parts for the grader have taken longer.

--John Hughes thought the Board should thank the voters for the petition.

--Cecile Todd said the petition should not be viewed as a personal vendetta.

--Bonnie Johnson wanted to know who handed-in the petition?  Tom responded that it was Fred Hansen.

--Diane thought that there should have been some people who signed the petition at the meeting that night to voice their concerns.  Also, she agreed with John that they “accept the petition but not act on it at all.”

Action: Motion by Bob, second by Tom to Move the Question. Unanimous.


Discussion concerning whether or not the chair should “second” motions.  Each member responded.  Diane (chair) said she sometimes “seconds” to allow the business to continue. Action: Motion by Tom, second by Bob, to allow the chair to second motions. Unanimous.


--Bob Miller gave Board members a copy of the state of Vermont Veteran’s Administration exemption amounts for eligible veterans.  Diane read an excerpt.  She asked Donna how a vote would be handled-on the floor or on ballot?  Donna replied that it would be a paper ballot.  The question is whether voters will okay an increase in the exemption amount allowed on qualified veterans’ property tax.


Diane indicated that the Board may need to hold an informational meeting for this.  Bob Oliver said it only needed to be put before the voters.


--Diane told the Board that they have the check for the grant Donna has  received for the Excel/Access training and software.  Action: Motion by John, second by Tom, to transfer the amount of $2,064 from the General Fund into the Town Clerk’s office fund.  Unanimous.


Limited Public Comment: Bonnie Johnson noted that there would not be a problem if the full Board was here (seconds).  She would like the Board to give the voters as much information as possible before voting on the VA exemption.


Road Foreman Report:  Diane advised Arlan about installing the two bus stop signs near Laporte’s.

Arlan told the Board that Champlain Equipment has the parts to grader but cost is more.  Markowski’s parts not in yet.  Kevin is not available to work until next week.  He can get 40 cents per # for scrap culvert material.

Discussion about requests for ditching on parts of RT 53 and culverts by Neri’s.

Action:  Motion by Tom, second by John to approve Arlan’s request to replace the culverts at the prices he quoted the Board.  Unanimous.


Next Regular Meeting:  Diane advised the Board that the School Board will be holding an informational meeting on the first Monday, November 5, 2007 and a vote is scheduled the next day, November 6th.  She asked Board members for their preferences regarding the next meeting date.  Action: Motion by Tom, second by Bob to schedule the next regular Selectboard meeting for Monday, November 19, 2007 at 7:00 pm.  Unanimous.


The Chair then asked if there was any other business and being none, announced a Recess at 8:27 pm.  Recorder left.


Executive Session: A motion by Tom, second by Bob to go into executive session at 8:38 pm to discuss personnel and pending legal action.  A motion by Bob, second by John to end executive session at 8:47 pm.  NO ACTION TAKEN.

 On a motion by Tom, second by Bob, to adjourn at 8:47 pm.




Respectfully submitted:

Julie Dawson, Recording Secretary