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Meeting Minutes

September 4, 2007
Selectboard Meeting Minutes
Unapproved - See subsequent minutes for changes, edits

Present:  J. McDonough, R.Oliver, M.  Stacey, T. Barker, D. Benware (recorder)
Others:  Donna Pidgeon, Arlan Pidgeon, Linda Pitkin, Bob Miller, Ceil Todd, Charles Johnson, Bonnie Johnson,  Lawrence (Tweeter) Felion, Mary Hughes, John Hughes

Meeting called to order at 7:08 p.m. by the Chair.
Flag salute recited and agenda reviewed.

Minutes of Aug. 6 were approved on a motion by Tom, second by Bob, passed unanimously.  Recorder notes Coon's property, not Coons' property.

ARLAN: Culvert inventory updated, under the auspices of ACRPC, no cost to us.
Reg Lussier (Winmill) has been called twice re:grader.  Mike Denis did do Hooker Road.
Tom also spent 5 hours on the grader.  John made the motion to approve paying Tom, second by Bob.  Usual split of wages 50/50 with historical society and Little League.
Upper Bullock Road needs smoothing out.

LISTERS:  no report

TOWN CLERK:  Bucky Shackett reports that the Coon's property tested O.K., except for one hot spot that is being monitored.  The inside of the house has been cleaned out, more work to be done later.

Bonnie asked about a letter she and Charles sent to the Board members.  The Chair assured her that Board members had received it, but that it would not be shared aloud this evening, as there is potential legal action on their part with a neighbor.

Linda Pitkin, part-time Leicester resident and recording clerk for the BLS was present and her letter of interest in the position of Leicester rep to the BLS Board was read aloud.  Dr. Lawton, chair of the BLS Board, has spoken highly of Linda and John M. made the motion to approve Linda Pitkin as our rep, second by Bob. 
Motion passed unanimously.

Road Inventory/Bridge Inventory:  Robert Turner has completed the initial work.  The Category A Grant, written by the Chair, will cover the costs of the inventory.  We will be reimbursed at the completion of the work.  Phase Two calls for training those individuals that will do the data entry.  Chair to call him soon with names.

Website:  There was some question as to the timeliness of some of the entries on the website.  The calendar needs updating.  For future action:  plan a meeting of those interested in working on the site.  Linda Pitkin to contact Deb Miner, who currently does the entries.

Road issues:  Bonnie asked about striping on the roads.  The Chair has written 2 letters, Donna has called that office numerous times with no results.   Charlie asked about the "hump" on Swinington Hill Road, where the 2 towns meet.  Arlan will talk to Gary D. about it; if no result, Arlan will add some patch to it.

John M made the motion to appoint Ceil Todd as secretary.  Motion died due to lack of a second. 

Tom made the motion to appoint Julie Schondube.  Motion died due to lack of a second.  Tom made the motion to retain Kelly Services.  Said motion died due to lack of a second.

In response to Mr. Hughes' question, the Chair shared her opinion that she would vote for Ceil as secretary.  The Chair also added that she was refraining from making a second to any motion, knowing the feelings of Bob and John on the subject.  John repeated his motion to appoint Ceil as secretary, which failed again,  due to lack of a second.
Tom made the motion to table the item at this time and to re-open the search.  Mark made the second to this motion, which passed unanimously.  Tom made the motion that both applications had not been accepted, and that both applicants had a right to re-apply.   Bob made the second to this motion, which passed unanimously.

Bob reported that getting power to a new site would cost $150.00 per foot.   The Maroney piece in the peach orchard would have driveway costs of $150,000 to $200,000.  There is currently only a 10 foot right of way to the property.  The Chair asked Bob to ask Frank Nicklaw what his price would be to sell at least 5 acres to the town.  The Chair asked John to ask Don Delorm what his price would be for same.

Monday, Sept. 10, at 7:00 p.m, all residents are invited to hear the results of the study from the reps from DuBois and King.  The Chair distributed a sketch from the firm of a possible site layout.  The Chair will contact the firm Friday with any feedback.  The Board will give final, formal feedback at the Sept. 17 meeting.

Tom reported that it is tough to lift the blade and that there is a possible leak in the valve.  Mike Denis confirmed that it "gets lazy" the more you run it.  Tom mentioned Eric Murray's name again as someone who could work on the machine.  Mark confirmed that we spent at least $3,800 in repairs this spring.  Arlan  will call Reg ASAP,  with a deadline for him to come to look at it.

Bob Miller inquired about a packet he had given John M to share with the board, about tax credits for disabled veterans, saying area towns have approved such measures.  The Chair did not have the packet on hand, but will locate it a for a future meeting.

Bonnie inquired about the amount of current delinquent taxes (approximately $70,000)

The costs of fighting the fire on Route 7, caused by the burning hay, will be borne by the town, as their is no coverage for a tractor pulling the load.

Motion for 2 minute recess, by Tom, at 8:24  p.m., second by Mark.
Donna asked about an interim Zoning Administrator, citing that a permit needs to be amended and a COC is needed for a closing by 9/15.

EXECUTIVE SESSION:  Motion to go into Executive Session, made by Tom, second by Mark, at 8:30 p.m., to discuss personnel issues and pending legal action.  Passed unanimously.  Motion to come out of Executive Session at 9:18 p.m. made by Mark, second by Tom. 

Chair to contact Zoning Board/Planning Commission about a possible meeting. Chair to contact Tom Mansfield to see if his offer is still open.

Motion to adjourn at 9:19 p.m. expressed by all members of the Board.  Meeting adjourned at 9:19 p.m.

Next meeting, Sept. 17, 2007

Respectfully submitted:
D. Benware