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Meeting Minutes

Town of Leicester

Selectboard Meeting Minutes

Monday-November 19, 2007



**see subsequent minutes for any changes


Members Present: D. Benware (Chair) T. Barker, R. Oliver

Members Absent:  J. McDonough, M. Stacey

Others Present:     Mary & John Hughes, Cecile Todd, Donna Pidgeon,

                             Arlan Pidgeon.


Call to Order:  The Chair called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm.

                       Flag salute/Agenda review


Review/Sign Orders: Warrants were circulated, reviewed and signed by Board.


Approve Minutes:  Corrections to October 16, 2007 minutes: Under Old Business,  Tom responded that it was Fred Hansen and Ken Young. Under Action: Motion by Tom, second by Bob to table the petition.  Under Road Foreman’s Report: Arlan told the Board that Champlain Construction has gravel, but cost is more than Markowski’s.  He will purchase manholes for 40 cents per pound.  Under Old Business:  Cecile Todd said that buying the grader was not a personal vendetta.  Under Old Business:  Action…to transfer the amount of $2,064 from the General Fund to a Restricted Account.

Motion by Bob, second by Tom to accept the minutes of 10/16/07 with corrections. Unanimous.

Minutes of October 22, 2007—Motion by Tom, second by Bob, to accept the minutes as written.  Unanimous.

Minutes of November 8, 2007—Correction:  “to re-appoint Gerry Flint to a 3-year term.  Motion by Bob, second by Tom to accept the minutes of 11/08/07 with corrections.


Reports from town officials/committees:  Road Foreman, Arlan Pidgeon, reported that he had worked on culverts and ditches on Shackett Road; replaced culverts on Hooker Road; has found operators for the grader; has ordered round building forms from Brandon Lumber; he will look at the drop-off that Cecile Todd mentioned during this meeting.  Arlan told the Board that diesel fuel prices need adjusting. Action: Motion by Bob, second by Tom, to increase the rate by $4.00 per hour for diesel-fueled trucks.  Unanimous.


--Town Clerk, Donna Pidgeon, reported that a resident of Salisbury had given the office a paper shredder.  Diane will send a thank you to the donor.



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New Business:  Letter from Vermont Sun advising Board of 2008 races.  The dates set are: 6/22, 7/15, 8/7, 8/23.


--The Leicester School has requested the use of the town office conference room for a bake sale on 12/01 from 9:00am-1:00pm.  Action:  Motion by Bob, second by Tom, to allow the school to use the conference room on 12/01/07.  Unanimous.


--Ancient Road Survey—The Board answered a survey and discussed questions relating to Act 178.  The survey is a component of a $5000.00 grant that

Donna had secured for the town to research its ancient roads and trails.  A copy will be on file at the office.


--Certificate of Deposit (CD) Renewal—the Board briefly discussed the automatic renewal of the Land and Building Acquisition CD at the First Brandon National Bank.  The balance is $49,670.56.  Action:  Motion by Tom, second by Diane, to re-new the CD.  Unanimous.


--Census Form—the Board briefly discussed a survey form concerning finances in government.  Action:  With the Board’s permission, Diane and Donna will complete the 21-page form.


Old Business:  Small Claims/Blaise—the Board has received Notice from the Court that it is to appear for this matter on December 5, 2007 at 8:30 am.  Action:  Motion by Tom, second by Bob, to advise town counsel to attend this Hearing.  Unanimous.


Historical Society/$150 for Bank—the Board discussed payment to the Historical Society for an event in July that the Society already paid.  This had been pre-authorized by the Board.  Action: In light of work in progress in which the Society and the Town will share the expense, it was decided to wait until that final bill is presented and offset the Society’s share by $150.00.


--John Hughes asked about fire insurance


Public Comment:  None.


Next Regular Meeting:  December 3, 2007




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Executive Session:  Motion by Tom, second by Bob, to enter into executive session at 8:02 pm for the purpose of discussing personnel and pending legal action.  Unanimous.

Motion by Bob, second by Tom, to conclude executive session at 8:50 pm.  Unanimous.  NO ACTION TAKEN.


Adjournment:   Motion by Bob, second by Tom, to adjourn.  Unanimous.



Respectfully submitted,


Julie Dawson, Recording Secretary     


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