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Meeting Minutes

January 2, 2007

Leicester Select Board Minutes

Unapproved Minutes:  See subsequent minutes for corrections


Present: Cecile Todd, John McDonough, Mark Stacey, Bob Oliver and Diane Benware


Also Present: Donna Pidgeon, Arlan Pidgeon, Elizabeth Ripley, John Hughes and Mary Hughes


The meeting was called to order at7:00pm.

Pledge was recited.

Agenda was reviewed.


Approve Minutes of December 18, 2006

Discussion:  The following corrections were made: Page 1 under fly bombs action, change Bob Oliver to Diane Benware and change Blue Seat to Blue Seal.  Page 2 on the first line, change will to with.  Page 3 under World War II Honor Roll, delete A petition is required to include this as an item on the budget. Page4 under generator, delete alternate generators and add double throw switch and plug in for the two town buildings.  Also add, the generator is for the school. (Bob Oliver was not looking for a generator.)

Other: It was determined that the Johnson Access Sign would not look good if it was merely cut to an approved size.  A new sign will be made that fits the specs.

Other: A switch from Home Depot is $900.  A switch with a plug in from Taylor Rental is $1500.

Other: Cecile Todd responded to the public apology request from Donna Pidgeon by stating that if she owed any one an apology it was Mark Stacey and not Donna Pidgeon.  Cecile Todd also questioned why this was part of the minutes.  It was noted that the request to place the wanted apology in the minutes was done at the December 18, 2006 meeting.

Action: Bob Oliver made a motion to accept the minutes as corrected.  John McDonough seconded.  The motion passed. 5 ayes and 0 nays.


Approve Minutes of December 21, 2006

Discussion:  The Leicester General Store has gotten worse.  John McDonough reported that he saw ten vehicles.  Mark Stacey agreed that it was definitely worse.  The zoning committee is having a tape transcribed.  The parcel north of the store is in violation of the junk ordinance. There was a boat, Volkswagen, and camper on the property.  The original junk appears to be cleaned. This operation may be considered a junkyard.  If so, it is operating without a license.

Other:  New photographs will need to be taken in order to enforce the junk ordinance.

Other:  Jim Carroll has not gone to the Sutton or LaPort residences as far as Diane Benware knew.

Action:  Cecile Todd made a motion to accept the December 21, 2006 minutes.  John McDonough seconded.  Motion passed. 5 ayes and 0 nays.

Delinquent Tax Collection

Discussion:  Beth Ripley asked the board for authorization to contact Jim Carroll regarding the tax sale of property owned by Joan O’Neil.  Ms. O’Neil has paid $1200 on one parcel, but owes $16000 on another property. Beth Ripley has had several conversations and written correspondence with Ms. O’Neil.

Action:  Mark Stacey made a motion to authorize Beth Ripley to contact the board’s lawyer to seek advice on how to proceed with the tax sale. Bob Oliver seconded.  The board reminded Ms. Ripley to keep a good paper trail and to keep the board informed.


Review and Sign Orders for bill payments

Discussion: none

Action:  Bills were reviewed and signed.


Reports from other Town Officials or Committees

Discussion:  Arlan Pidgeon reported that cutting edges for plows are ordered.  Tires and chains have been purchased.

Action: none


Discussion: Donna Pidgeon raised the question of how the board gets reimbursed for pre-bought fuel not used.  Diane Benware had written a letter to Champlain Valley Plumbing and Heating which requested the procedure.  She was unable to find the letter or a response to it.  Donna Pidgeon had sent the fuel tax exemption form.  The off road fuel for the loader and grader is not part of the pre-buy.  If you have gallons left on your pre-buy and you do not request it, you lose the fuel.  John McDonough instructed Donna Pidgeon to call Bill and ask for the date.  The date is probably in April or May. John McDonough suggested topping off the tank, get money back and go on will call.  He noted that you could add an additive in the fall.  The auditor would like gallons separated out for the town shed and meeting house.

Action: Diane Benware will look for letter.  Donna Pidgeon will get a date in regard to final day to request reimbursement.


Zoning Committee

Discussion:  Donna Swinington would like to be an alternate for the committee.

Action:  John McDonough made a motion to have Donna Swinington serve as an alternate on the zoning committee.  Cecile Todd seconded.  Motion passed.  5 ayes and 0 nays.


New Business


Discussion:  Donna Simpson submitted a letter of resignation.  The board accepted her resignation.  Presently, there are only two listers.  Donna Simpson’s term runs through 2008.   The board will not fill the position until the election to vacancies at the town meeting.  Petitions are available now.  Petitioners need 1% of registered voters to sign.  This would equate to approximately 8 signatures by registered voters.


Action:  Diane Benware will put the vacancy notice in the papers. The petition will need to be submitted by Monday, January 29 by the close of business.  Warnings need to be done by January 25.

Old Business

Confirmation of Money Transfers

Discussion:  Donna Pidgeon reported:

                 General Fund to Bridge 6 Fund                   $58,245.19

                 General Fund to Equipment Fund                $1,136.68

                 Reappraisal Fund back to General Fund      $20,000

Action:  John McDonough made a motion that the board confirm the money transfers.  Bob Oliver seconded. Motion passed.  5 ayes and 0 nays.


Neighborhood Watch

Discussion:  Diane spoke to Jim Coons on December 19, 2006 regarding the increase of break ins/ crime. She was advised that the National Sheriff Association walks committees through the process.  Jim Coons suggested gathering materials, recruiting a core group, deciding on procedure and then a public meeting.  An officer would attend the public meeting.  Cathy Oliver, Mr. Lovely and another person have expressed interest in the committee.

Action: none


Public Opinion

Discussion:  Mark Stacey shared that oil has flowed into the Stacey well.  The well is shared with Hutchinsons.  The contamination occurred when the hill was blasted.  A purification system will be installed.


Discussion:  John Hughes addressed the board regarding the photo that was shared of the alleged trespasser. He suggested that the board not allow this to happen again at a public meeting.  He noted that if a board member wanted to see the photo on his own time it would be appropriate.  Cecile Todd agreed that if this ever happens again, the board should not let the photograph be shared.  John McDonough stated that everyone is innocent until proven guilty.


Budget Work

Discussion: Diane Benware passed out some information for the board members to take home to make corrections and changes.  She requested that board members be prepared to discuss the information at the next budget meeting.  Donna Pidgeon has an updated version of the profit and loss report as of December 31, 2006.  Budget work included reviewing receipts in regard to taxes, current usage, delinquencies, railroad, zoning, Federal Bureau Land Management, insurance reimbursement, interest on checking, liquor license, junk yard renewal, appraisal escrow and rentals.  Budget work continued with amounts paid out which included loan payments, equipment escrow, auditors, listers, professional audit, total reappraisal, $10000 for mandatory 2012 appraisal as an line item, select board, select board secretary, zoning, assistant clerk expenses, town clerk, town treasurer and on the job training.



Discussion: none

Action John McDonough made a motion to adjourn at 9:45 pm.  Bob Oliver seconded.  Motion passed. 5 ayes and 0 nays.


Respectfully Submitted,

Betty Wiedenbein


Next regular select board meeting will be January 15, 2007 at 7pm.