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Meeting Minutes

JULY 2, 2007

Present:  J. McDonough, R. Oliver, M. Stacey, T. Barker, D. Benware (recorder)
Others:  Arlan Pidgeon, Donna Pidgeon, Mary Hughes, John Hughes, Donna Wykes, Carol Leno, Virginia B. Wolf, Charles Johnson, Bonnie Johnson

Meeting called to order at 7:10 p.m.
V. Wolf voiced her objection to the chair holding two positions this evening (chair and recorder).

Flag salute recited and agenda reviewed.
Agenda was put aside to speak first with Beth Ripley, who has agreed, on behalf of the town, to send bills for fire coverage to those individuals who have fire insurance.  BFD is paid up to date.
ACTION:  Tom made the motion, John the second, to authorize Beth Ripley, on behalf of the town, to send bills in an attempt to recoup costs for fire fighting, from individuals with fire insurance, at compensation rate of 8% of what is collected.  Motion passed unanimously.  This also includes auto accidents.

V. Wolf asked for clarification about the statement regarding Tom swearing at her. 
ACTION:  Minutes of June 18 were approved on a motion by Tom, second by John.  Motion passed unanimously.

V. Wolf questioned the statement under Public Opinion regarding the complaints, attributed to her, that were filed with the Secretary of State's Office.  After discussion and confirmation that no documentation was received from that office, the minutes will be edited to read "three complaints, two most recently dealing with the March election, were filed with the Secretary of State's Office."  Donna had called the office herself for advice and it was clarified that, at no time did Donna confiscate ballots.

Arlan seeks authorization from the board to ditch the west side of Rte. 53, north above Dunmore Acres, with landowner permission.  
ACTION:  John made the motion, Tom the second, to authorize Arlan to ditch the west side of 53, with landowner permission, and do nothing on the east side, above Dunmore Acres.  Motion passed unanimously.

Donna had a tree concern which was taken up later in the meeting.

John Hughes reported that 4 days of grievance hearings have been held, with possibly 2 more days (July 9 and 10) for out-of-state landowners. V. Wolf commented that she found John Hughes to be polite and helpful and wanted to thank him publicly. Mark asked about the process:  decisions rendered, letters to grievants, then they can appeal to BCA. C. Johnson wants a copy of the contract with Wright Appraisers, as he feels the local listers should not be a part of the process at this point.
John H. responded that the contract calls for Wrights to provide 16 hours of hearings and 20 hours of training.

The final inspection was conducted on June 27, with Bob, Arlan and Donna present.  Future maintenance requires an annual washing of the bridge (power wash) and expansion joints.  Carolyn Carlson (AOT) is investigating the issue of guard rails for the east side of Jerusalem Road, in response to requests from Tom and Bob. Inspection report signed by the Chair.

Tom asked that the grass around the townshed be cut. V. Wolf asked about signs re: posting the roads.  This will be addressed in the July 11 meeting with Steve Jerome of Vt Local Roads.

Tree Warden concerns:  Mr. Kelley, of Hooker Road, has marked trees for removal that are in the town's right of way.  Donna, as tree warden, has drafted a letter to Mr. Kelley and his partners, requesting that they not do any cutting until neighbors have had a chance to give opinions and suggests that they come in and chat with Zoning Board and/or Selectboard before they act.  Donna, as tree warden, does not need Selectboard approval to send the letter,  but she held off until the entire board could discuss the matter.  Mark made the comment, with Tom in agreement, that the ZBA had botched this situation.  Upon further comments by Mark, John H suggested that Mark recuse himself from further comment, as he is a neighboring landowner.  Mark agreed.   Tom said he would try to find the book he has about the duties of the tree warden.
ACTION:  After further discussion,Tom made the motion, Mark the second, to send out the letters to Mr. Kelley and Mr. Sweeney (he has already cut trees), quoting the statute and indicating possible fees.  Three members voted aye (Barker, Benware, Stacey) and two voted nay (McDonough, Oliver).  Motion passed.

The culvert by Steve Eastman's (Shackett Road) needs attention.

C. Johnson asked about trimming the red maple on the Bridgmon property, as it obstructs the view if you are trying to turn on the corner.

On Hooker Road, near Margaret Gaskill's, part of a tree needs to come down.  John asked Arlan to look at it.

Review of the town ordinance finds that the area in question, from Road Y to the town line, is 25 mph.  Arlan is to order 2 signs.  There was also mention of the town line sign missing on Maple Street as well as on Old Jerusalem Road.  Tom will check to see if the Leland Road sign is still in place.

Dubois and King sent a letter requesting board review of the anticipated town equipment to be housed in a new shed as well as a list of property owners within a one mile radius of the Four Corners. Frank Nicklaw did respond to the article in the paper seeking interested landowners.  Don Delorm's name will be added to the list.  Any revisions or edits due to the Chair by July 9.

Chair circulated a July calendar of meetings for consultation purposes regarding grants written  by the Chair for work to be done on Hooker Road and Jerusalem Road. V. Wolf commented that she felt the chair did not delegate tasks and questioned the spending of grant and tax payer funds.  The Chair indicated that the grants were written for the full amount allowed by the state and require a 20% match. Chair further indicated that no money had yet been spent and that the consultants ( at no cost to us) would be able to help us determine how to best spend the funds requested, if we so choose.  Chair explained that the grant writing is done in an attempt to save the town money overall.

Mark asked the Road Commissioners if they had yet signed off on the Sweeney parking plan.  Mark expressed his concern for the dangerous corner being compounded by vehicles on the Sweeney property. Mark cautioned signing the document and to be careful.  John M said he felt the entire board should sign.  John M stated that the Zoning Board needs to be satisfied with the proposal first, then the whole board should sign.  Bob agreed.

V. Wolf asked about enforcing the junk ordinance and if anyone is following up on any issues.  Bucky, as Health Officer, is speaking with Mr. Carpenter at the bank re: Coons property on Hooker Road. No other action taken at this time.  Discussion about the process.  Question about whether complaints needs to be signed, answer is NO. 

V. Wolf asked Mark is there is a law against tailgating, answer is YES.

V. Wolf asked about the sale of the truck.  It was her understanding that voter approval was needed to purchase it, so she felt voter approval would be needed to sell it.  Chair and Road Commissioners clarified that there was money in the budget and no voter approval was needed.  Mark confirmed that we sold it for what we paid for it.


Donna asked John M and Bob why they didn't feel she should send out the letter to Kelley/Sweeney.  They indicated they had no objection with it being sent, they felt she could have done this on her own. Donna reiterated that because she is appointed to this position she was seeking board support before acting.

A 2 minute recess was taken at 9:00 p.m. before going into Executive Session, on a request from John Hughes, in a motion by Mark, second by Tom. Motion passed and at 9:05 p.m,  Board went into Executive Session with John H to discuss zoning and lister concerns.

At 10:17 p.m., John M made the motion to come out of Executive Session, second by Tom, no action taken. Motion passed unanimously.

At 10:19 p.m., motion to adjourn by Tom, second by John. Meeting adjourned at 10:19 p.m.

Next meeting July 16, 2007.

Respectfully submitted:
D. Benware, Chair