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Meeting Minutes

AUGUST 6, 2007

Selectboard Meeting Minutes

Unapproved - See subsequent minutes for changes/ additions

PRESENT:  J. McDonough, M. Stacey, T. Barker, D. Benware (recorder)
Others:  Cecile Todd, Charles Johnson, Tom Mansfield, Arlan Pidgeon, Lawrence Felion, Mike Denis, Mary Hughes, John Hughes, Donna Pidgeon

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by the Chair.
Flag salute recited and agenda reviewed.

Mike Denis asked what was being done with the Coons' property.  He reported that they were there today.  There seems to be conflicting information about the status of the foreclosure by FBNB.  Chair to contact Bucky Shackett and ask him to call the bank and look into the situation, will report back to us.

Agenda put aside to hear from Tom Mansfield, Zoning Admin. for Charlotte, interim for Ferrisburgh.  He was called by Donna, on a directive from the Chair.  He is offering his services on an interim basis, outside of normal business hours, at a rate of 20.00/hour.  He mentioned 2 other names that might be interested in the ZA position:  Ed Hansen and Dick Hall who works in Lincoln
ACTION:  Chair will contact Ron Fiske, give him Tom's number as well as the 2 other names.  The Zoning Board will need to decide how they wish to proceed.

Approval of July 16, 2007 Minutes
Tom made the motion, Mark the second to approve the minutes with three changes/additions:

1.  Tom's offer to grade roads was seconded by John McDonough, not John H.  

2.  On the last page, the bank person is Scott Cooper, not Scott Carpenter. 

3.  Tom's rate of pay for grading is $15.00/hour for a total of $165.00 to be split between the historical society and Little League.
Minutes approved unanimously.

Arlan reported ditching on Delorm, Ferson and wheeler Roads.  He carted away the tree debris on Hooker Road.  The culvert at the intersection of Delorm and Ferson needs attention.  The ledge needs to be cut away with a hammer/excavator.  Crean Equipment rental is $650.00/day.  Arlan to speak to Greg at Markowski's to see if they can do something for us in exchange for road use.

Donna reported the Ancient Roads Grant she secured for the town needs a signature.  4 board members signed. The Secretary of State's Office is offering another voter improvement grant, applications due by 8/31/07.  She is preparing an application for a laptop to be used on election day.  This application does not require Board signature.

A request to cancel the Aug. 20, 2007 Board Meeting was approved on a motion by John, second by Tom.  Motion passed unanimously.  The Selectboard, part of the BCA, will be meeting at least 7 times between Aug. 13 and Aug. 31.  There may be a few bills to be processed in the interim, that can be accomplished before the BCA meetings.

Tom reports that the grader is leaking by the valve body.  The longer you run it, the more sluggish it runs.
ACTION:  Arlan to speak to Reg Lussier to see what he the can do.  Another person to check with is Eric Murray who does work on the Salisbury grader.

Feasibility Study:  Heather from DuBois and King has called requesting a date to visit the potential town shed sites and to dig test holes.  Friday morning, Aug. 10, 10:00 a.m. at the Town Office.  Three pieces of property have been offered for consideration. 

1.  Frank Nicklaw, west of town office. 

2.  Don Delorm, opposite his house. 

3.  James Maroney offers the 8 acres by the peach orchard (access and costs to get electricity there make it less of an option).  He has withdrawn his offer of land on the Leicester Whiting Road
ACTION:  Chair to confirm date/time with property owners and DuBois and King.  Chair to speak to Mr. Maroney about whether he knows where the land is and if he can walk it with Arlan soon.

Hooker Road grant:  Chair met with Linda Boudette last week to discuss editing the original grant that is due for consideration in the next few weeks.  Linda advised to do so.  She also advised applying for a Stormwater Mitigation Grant, due 9/1/07 at the same time.  Costs of drop inlets and 18 inch culvert need to be finalized.  Paperwork being completed.

Jerusalem Road Grant:  On July 25 Chair and Bob Oliver met with Arlan, Frederick Nicholson (Streamwater Alteration Engineer), Tom Roberts of AOT and Rick Kehne of ACRPC to check the status of two spots on Jerusalem Road.  They determined that the spot that currently has large rock near the road does not appear to have failed.  Recommended cuffing back the dirt, planting grass, and monitoring the area.  The other spot has areas of failure and recommendation was to excavate, put down geo-textile, fill in with rocks, according to the Better Back Roads manual.  It was determined that Catlin Fox does have the right of way on the west side of the road.  Formal confirmation of his willingness to let us do work there is needed.  A benefit cost analysis of moving the road versus repeatedly fixing "spots" along the road should be done.  Robert Turner who is conducting the road inventory does not have experience in this area.   No action taken.

Charles asked about the secretary position.  Board indicated this would be discussed in Executive Session.  A letter of interest in the position from resident Julie Schondube was read aloud. Charles shared his opinion that the Zoning Administrator should be a resident, a sentiment not shared by most members of the board.  Charles asked about the dog ordinance; is it published in the Town Report; not recently.  He was assured it is still in effect.

Tweeter complained about the Sheriff being positioned on the Leicester -Whiting Road in the early morning.  Both he and Charlie felt we should have more control in determining when they are stationed here.   Mark and the Chair indicated that we are not in a position to do so and that the Sheriff's Dept does the best they can.

Chair was directed to ask Cal Loven if he could mow and trim the Fern Lake Access Area.

John H. asked about the Coons' property.  Donna reported that a title search was being conducted last Friday.  The Chair indicated that Bucky Shackett would be in contact with the bank and would inform them that the Coons were there this week.

Ceil asked about the interviews for secretary position.  Chair indicated that the Board was going into Executive Session to discuss scheduling interviews.

Executive Session:
Board went into Executive Session on a motion made by Tom, second by Mark, at 8:22 p.m. to discuss personnel.  Board came out of Executive Session at 9:07 p.m., on a motion by Tom, second by Mark, with a plan to interview Julie Schondube at 6:15 p.m. Aug. 13 and to interview Ceil Todd at 6:30 p.m. Aug. 13.
Motion passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned on a motion by Tom, second by Mark at 9:09 p.m.

Meeting adjourned at 9:09 p.m.

Respectfully submitted
Diane Benware