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Meeting Minutes

April 2, 2007

Leicester Select Board
Unapproved - See subsequent minutes for any changes

Present:  J. McDonough, R. Oliver, T. Barker, D. Benware

Others:  Donna Pidgeon, Arlan Pidgeon, John Hughes, Mary Hughes, Hannah Sessions,
Carol Leno, Donna Wykes, Brian Webb

Meeting called to order by the Chair at 7:04 p.m.
Flag salute recited and New Business portion of agenda was reviewed.

John M. described an incident where the Brandon Fire Dept was called (9ll) about water in a basement on Stovepipe.  Gene Pagano of BFD reported that Chief Kilpeck had expressed concern about Leicester not paying for the call because no approval was given by the Chair or selectboard member.  Mrs. Brown has insurance and arrangements will be made to send her a bill once the town receives a bill for the call.
ACTION:  John was directed by the board to contact Gene Pagano, 1) to confirm that the town expects a response to calls of that nature and 2)  to see if we should meet with the Prudential Board to clarify our standing/arrangement with the BFD.

John M. directed a comment to the Tree Warden (Donna P) about 3 dead pines and a poplar at Allen Atwood's.  Arlan will check it out.

The agenda was suspended to allow Hannah Sessions to address the board first.  She represented the School Board with a request for signs to read DO NOT ENTER 7:40 to 8:00 a.m. and 2:20 to 2:40 p.m., with a smaller sign to be placed below that says "when school is in session", in an attempt to maintain traffic one way through the circle.  Parents are going through, in spite of Mrs. Eckels' requests, saying "they'll keep doing so until the town puts up a sign".   The Chair indicated that, without an ordinance, no sign is enforceable.  Donna cited another complication is that folks with business at school are parking in front of the office.  Bob made the motion, John the second to have 2 signs for each post, Enter Only on east side, Exit Only on west drive.  Tom indicated he'd be inclined not to approve such a move, without more information, also saying he envisioned a battle between drivers and Carol Eckels.  This motion was not taken up and discussion continued.  Donna requested that whatever signs were put up needed to be clear that parking for the town office was for town business only.
ACTION:  John then made a motion, suggesting the portable signs, with times indicated; said signs were included in a letter the Chair had sent to Principal Eckels.  The motion was approved,  3 ayes (Oliver, McDonough, Benware) and one nay (Barker).  Hannah indicated she would call the company and bring that message back to the School Board.

Brian Webb:  Animal Control
Donna indicated she would order the bite stick and holster that Brian requested.   New ticket books are here.  Brian has been through the old ticket book and has noted repeat offenders.  Brian also has spoken with Dave Rowden, former Fish and Game warden, for advice.  Brian prefers to "start fresh" and make sure that tickets are filled out properly and intends to represent the town in court.  Past offenders have not taken the tickets seriously.  The first violation is a $25.00 citation, second $50.00, third $150.00, and fourth is $250.  The statute says that no notice of being in violation can be given until May first. 
ACTION:  It was agreed upon by the Board and Brian that any owners not registering their dogs by May 30, will be visited by Brian and citations given.  This information will be posted at the Town Office and in the local papers.  Brian repeated his plan to be reasonable and to work with people, but to treat the matter with the seriousness it deserves.  The local ordinance was checked to determine that a dog is to be under the voice command or immediate control of its owner and dogs are not to roam freely in town.

Weight Permits
Permits were approved and signed by the Road Commissioners, with the exception of one submitted by A. J. Piper.  Arlan will call to determine what equipment he has.

Reports from Town Officials and Committees
John Hughes asked the board "how much time did we see him spending on learning the job of a lister?"  The response by Tom "as long as it takes"  was supported by the board.  The Board will support John in his learning and whining about the cost will not be tolerated.  The appraisal is coming along and will be nearly complete by Apr. 15.  John H. observed that it is difficult when listers leave for extended periods of time.

Donna had not much to report at this time.

John M. asked Arlan about the warning signs for the Jerusalem Road spot where the bank has failed.  Tom has reflectors and Bob has poles.  Arlan said he would get to it soon.  John M. observed that Kevin Clark did some grading with Arlan's grader.  Arlan explained that he felt road work needed doing and the town grader is in Rutland at Winmill.  John M asked about cost of the grader and noted that Kevin Clark was not initially approved by the board for such work.

Arlan requested, and was authorized to get, 6 sets of cutting edges for the grader.  He'll get spare teeth (grader) in Rutland. Tom asked about the town grader and what work needed doing.  After some research, it was noted that it was approved in Feb. '06 for work on the table, shoe and piston, at an estimated cost of $2,500.  However, the grader was not taken to Rutland until January and only went in to be serviced today.  John M is to be contacted by Winmill if there is more work to be done.  Tom asked if the original request for work was a board decision; yes it was.

Approval of March 19 minutes

First correction was the date of the minutes, March 19 not March 10.  On page 3, change fire insurance to fire bills.  Under Insurance, page 3, the statement  "He requested that Donna Pidgeon add to the items listed as inventory"  should be moved to Other Business.  The town inventory should reflect equipment purchased for use by Brian Webb.  The listing provided by the town auditors was reviewed and it was determined that there are 3 box sanders and 2 tailgate sanders.  Suggestion by John that he, Bob, and Arlan check out the items in the garage and include serial numbers for better identification of equipment.  Arlan noted that his steel scraper is missing. 

This lead to discussion of who has keys to the shed.  Tom made the motion to change the locks on the town shed.  The Chair tried to make a second to that motion, was told she could not, that the Chair can not make a second to a motion.    Chair was unsure of the legality of such a move and did not pursue the second, motion failed.  After discussion, Tom made the motion, second by John, to find out who has keys to the shed.  This motion passed, 3 ayes (Oliver, Barker, McDonough) and one nay (Benware), who felt locks should be changed. 

Under statements regarding Better Back Roads grants; change processed to categories and delete the last 2 sentences. 
ACTION:  Bob made the motion to approve the minutes with the above changes, Tom made the second, motion passed unanimously.

Green Up:  Tom thought the minutes of March 19 implied that school kids would be picking up trash on roadsides.  Chair indicated that she and Kate Briggs, coordinator, did not intend for that to occur.  School students are being asked to make a presentation to the rest of the school about picking up around their homes and being careful about the possible trash that might come out of family cars. John will contact Lem Palmer to see if he is interested in hauling the Green Up collection.  Board members are asked to contact anyone else who might be interested.   The questions of where Green Up bags are and when they will be available was not able to be answered.  Chair to contact ACSWD to see what they know about it.  Coordinator needs to keep track of how many bags are used.

Discussion of community event, planned for 1-3 p.m.   Plans call for residents to bring Green Up bags to the town shed, where they'll receive a ticket good for a hot dog, chips and soda.  Volunteers will be needed to cook and clean up.  Plans are being made for up to 100  folks to be served.
Discussion ensued about the need for folks to have the Green Up items bagged and by the road side on SATURDAY afternoon, as pick up and sorting must all be complete by Monday morning.  Whoever does the pickup needs to present a FIRM price for the job. ( Volunteers who are doing work for an event organized by the town are covered for liability insurance purposes by the VLCT, not for worker's comp claims.  This was verified in a conversation the Chair had with VLCT on Tuesday.)

Representative to ACSWD:

Chair signed and will mail the form confirming Richard Reed's willingness to continue to serve as the Town Representative to ACSWD.


Chair indicated she applied for both Category A and B Better Backroads Funds, applications were due 3/30/07.  Application was made for Category A for $5,000 maximum to assist in developing road inventory and capital budget planning.  Two Category B applications focused on needs on  1) Hooker Road (drainage) and 2)Old Jerusalem for bank failure.  Both grants were for the $7,000 maximum grant funds and require $1,750 local share.  Notification of awarding is May 30, 2007.

John M. received a letter from Bill McManis of VTrans, Operations Division, regarding the town's request for additional funds on the 
Ferson Road culvert project.  Mr. McManis cites that the town did not submit an amendment seeking additional funding during the course of the project.  Donna and Diane will look into it.

Donna then reported that Kathy Naylor, who cleans the town office, has lost her key to the building, prompting Donna to request the the locks be changed.  At least a dozen or more people may have keys to the building.  Tom made the motion to have the locks changed, second to the motion by Bob, motion passed unanimously.  John M. asked who authorizes the dispensing of keys.  Donna felt it was her call to see that the assistant gets a key.  The remainder would be dispensed with board approval.  Donna was authorized to make arrangements for the changing of the locks.  It was decided that the Chair of each committee (Selectboard, Zoning),  and a designee for the Cemetery Committee, Cindy Hill, Beth Ripley, and Harry would have a key.

Next meeting set for Apr., 16, 2007

Motion to adjourn by Tom, seconded by John and Bob, at 9:37 p.m. Meeting adjourned at 9:37 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:

Diane Benware, Clerk