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Agenda 03-20-2017

                                                     TOWN OF LEICESTER
                                         SELECTBOARD MEETING AGENDA
                                                       TOWN OFFICE
                                                           Mar 20, 2017
                                                               6:30 p.m.
            ACTION                                                         Proposed Time
Pledge of Allegiance
Review of Agenda                                                      2 minutes
Approval of March 9, 2017 minutes                           5 minutes
Review/Authorization to pay bills                              15 minutes
Reports from Town Officials, Committees                 20 minutes
                                                   NEW BUSINESS
Conversation with Delinquent Tax Collector             10 minutes
                                                   OLD BUSINESS
Approval of Unified Bylaws                                      10 minutes
DRB Creation                                                             10 minutes
Conversation with Jeremy Gildrien                            20 minutes
                                                 BUILDING NEEDS
                                    HIGHWAY CONCERNS/NEEDS
Town Shed                                                                  5 minutes
LIMITED PUBLIC OPINION                                 15 minutes
NEXT MEETING: Apr 3, 2017