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Hearing and Meeting Minutes

Town of Leicester ZBA
Minutes of July 3, 2007 Meeting

Meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM.

Present:  Ron Fiske, Andrew Van Benthuysen, Michele Pfenning-Carter

Applicants sworn in.

In March 2007 the ZBA heard  testimony from Raymond & Theresa Churchill, Cathy Molloy & John Ebert  for a set back waiver and variance for a boundary adjustment.  No public comment.  Set back waiver and variance granted. On July 3, 2007 the parties returned to the ZBA for a boundary line adjustment / new easement lines.  After much deliberation and looking at the boundary lines it was voted to leave the easement as is and to have the individuals lawyers put in the deeds the boundary agreements.

The next business was John Parker and a subdivision of land on the corner of Swinington Hill Road and the Leicester Whiting Road.  Mr. Parker had brought drawings to depict the exact lines for subdivision and where the mound systems etc.. will go.  After discussion with Mr. parker it was decided his subdivision met the requirements for approval.  Therefore the subdivision
was approved.

It was discussed that the  Roger Scarborough property may need to apply for a change in use permit for the property in question.  According to a letter received by Cindy Hill the land is being used for recreational activities not intended not the original permitted uses designated by the town of Leicester.  There will be further investigation.

Next on the agenda was the Sweeney / Todd violations.  The property in question will need to apply for an amended permit due to the septic engineer needing to make changes on the property.  The entire plan needs to be changed therefore a new approval will need to be granted.  The ZBA is currently awaiting more information.

The ZBA was adjourned for the Planning commission to hear from Jeff Owen from the Regional Planning Office. The discussion pertains to the grant for the Leicester/Salisbury Lake Survey.  Roads, irrigation, drainage into the lakes etc…  Cindy Hill present at this discussion.

Meeting minutes from May 23, 2007 were accepted
No new business.  Meeting adjourned at 7:00 PM.

Submitted by Michele Pfenning-Carter
ZBA Secretary