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Hearing Minutes

Chairman Ronald Fiske called the Hearings to order Tuesday, August 21, 2007 at 6:00 P.M.


Role call:  Andrew Vanbenthuysen, Ronald Fiske, Shelley Glassner, Gerald Flint and Leslie Fiske, temporary secretary, present.


Swearing In: All participating parties were sworn in.


Charles & Jennifer Munger-Setback waiver-Charles brought building plans to show the Board. Issue about septic being on neighbor’s property. Surveyed, no problem with neighbors, boundaries clarified. Board voted YES-use permitted within district. YES-in conformance with town plans. YES-designed to have no impact on neighbors. YES-accomodates other requirements.


Brian Sweeney-Deck and porch amendment to prior application-some confusion to whether or not septic plans were ever received-questionable as to exactly what was pre-existing. Can’t have pre-existing deck on new house (?)  Discussion because proposed deck would be too large. Suggestion to bring in more reasonable plans: perhaps a green-area, smaller deck. Retaining wall-would need permit. Another ground level patio wanted. A possibility but drainage may be a problem. Conclusion-bring new plans back to Board.


Roger Scarborough-Go-cart track-conditional use-Sound complaint and dust complaint. Discussion of definition of dirt. Picture of track passed around. Mr. Neuse present and representing Charles & Bonnie Johnson-parties with complaints. Mr. Neuse stated whether “outdoor recreation” (go-cart track) should even be allowed in the Town. He said, (change of use). He questioned set-back from road-Roger’s land is situated on a corner lot-no problem with distance from road. Mr. Neuse went on to question the character of area-rural-agricultural, provisions such as parking, landscaping, no provisions for toilets with the track being visited by the public. Why, if application pending, go-cart track still in use. Dirt use discussed as well as sound issue. Listened to a tape from Bonnie Johnson-go-cart noise. She also presented photographs of dust, etc., hours of use too long. Parking problem? No. What is substantial dirt? Scott Pidgeon questioned whether he would need a permit to put a driveway in. Chuck Charbonneau questioned whether or not horse tracks create dust. Perhaps change of use? Proposed changes-mufflers, trees, a limited schedule. The Johnsons feel that any change would be for nothing. “No negotiations”. Gerald questioned if track usable-not until permit o.k.ed. Gerald motioned for a deliberative session. Shelley seconded it.


Paul Kelly-Stone steps & retaining wall permit-stonewall meets all standards after the fact-had no permit. Stairway and landing on town right-of-way. Gerald made a motion to accept stonewall-Shelley seconded it. There was some discussion about drainage but that would appear to be a State issue.


Gerald made a motion to stop the hearings. Seconded, unknown.


Hearings adjourned approximately 9:00 P.M.


Respectfully submitted by,


Leslie W. Fiske

Temporary Secretary