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PC/ACRP Hearing Meeting - 4.25.18

Town of Leicester
Planning Commission/ACRPC Meeting Minutes
Thursday, April 25, 2018
** See subsequent minutes for any changes
Members Present:  Donna Swinington, Jeff McDonough, Peter Fjeld, Hannah Sessions
Members Absent:  Suki Fredericks, Bill Shouldice
Others Present:Ellen Kurrelmeyer, ACRPC Delegate Whiting, Shannon Haggett, ACRPC Delegate Vergennes, Jim Pulver, ACRPC Delegate, Goshen, John Travis, Julie Delphia, Sandra Trombley, Secretary                                                                             
Call to Order:  Meeting called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Chair. 
Public Hearing:   
Chair read the Notice of Public Hearing, Addison County Regional Planning Commission, Review of Leicester Town Plan.
Chair turned the meeting over to Shannon Haggett, ACRPC Delegate for Vergennes.  He explained the informal process and informed that Regional Planning staff have already reviewed the Plan and the Plan meets what it needs to.  The purpose of this public hearing is to get feedback from anyone else who happens to be here.  Members of the Regional Planning Commission Local Government Committee also likes to interact and ask some questions about process and make comments. It’s a collaborative process.
Ted, the person who normally chairs this meeting was not able to be here.  Shannon read his state.
The Commission’s committee introduced themselves.
Shannon stated that the ACRPC staff has reviewed the Plan and has determined that the 2017 Leicester Plan meets the Vermont State requirements of 24 V.S.A § 4382 and 24 V.S.A. § 4302 of the Vermont Planning and Development Act.  They will go through the checklist and if anyone wants to make comments they can. There are not a lot of recommendations being made.  Claire had no objections.
The Local Government Committee will vote to recommend the Leicester Plan to the Full Commission for regional approval in May. The enhanced energy plan will need to be submitted to the Public Service Department to determine substantial deference. Regional Planning will help with this process.
Jim Pulver commented that the Plan was really well done.  He read the entire document.  He had a question on the land use density around the lake.  He was curious how seasonal that was.
Peter wasn’t sure they had a way to tell them about that.  
Ellen thought they could tell through the Listers, and through filing as a Homestead and who doesn’t.  If you talked about what was a second home.
Julie explained they don’t require Certificates of Occupancy.  They do list out by homestead versus seasonal, but we wouldn’t be able to tell if the seasonal rent out or not.  Some do and some don’t.  
Jim Pulver thought it would be interesting to look at it over a long period of time, through family generations.
Jim also asked if the cycle trail was completed. No one was sure.  There are several mountain bike trails through the National Forest area.
Ellen thought that would be a good grant project; mapping out the bicycle trails.
Ellen was so excited to see a Plan not printed in Times New Roman, clean, neat and pretty.  Something she could read without her reading glasses.  It was nice to see the enhanced energy plan in it.  She enjoyed reading the history.
Ellen asked about the Village Center.  Think about how zoning will fit with the Plan.
Julie stated it was in their 5-year goals.
Shannon mentioned he liked the demographic section. The charts were nice and well done. He was curious about the birth spike in 2006.  He liked the call out boxes in each section with goals and recommended actions.  He suggested to consider putting in timeframes or putting in responsible parties or stakeholders.   He asked if the Board felt they were getting everything they needed from their relationship with Green Mountain National Forest.  The Board felt they were.  He agrees that the town should look at the Village Center designation and provides some good tax credits.  He was happy about pages 69 & 70 incorporating the State’s role and protection for the lake area.
Peter asked him about the Shoreline Protection. Peter shared frustrations based on design and construction.  Contractors try to play by the rules and the parties go to the State and are allowed to go forward.
Jim asked why wouldn’t the National Forest be identified as a primary source of bio wood.  Julie stated that the National Forest is not where you could cut wood.
Julie commented that Adam and Claire were both very helpful with the Plan.  She asked about the new forestry act section that is coming out.  The Committee did not have the details of the forestry act.
Motion by Ellen and second by Jim to recommend the Leicester Plan to the Addison County Regional Planning Board for regional approval and to confirm the Town’s Plan in process.  All in favor.  So, approved.  
There was discussion about how the Board could include the Town in the process.  
Shannon turned the meeting back over to the Planning Commission.
Board thanked the Committee for coming.
Board recognized Julie for all her hard work on the Plan.
Motion by Jeff and second by Hannah to adjourn at 6:50 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Sandra L. Trombley
Planning Secretary