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Meeting Minutes



Present:  R. Oliver, K. Young, R. Fiske, T. Barker, D. Benware (recorder)

Others:  Arlan Pidgeon

Meeting called to order at 6:30 p.m.  Chair took notes, as Kylee was at a school function.

Pledge of Allegiance recited and agenda reviewed.

Minutes of June 2
Minutes were approved with one change, regarding TULIP.  Change to read:
The town has a policy with VLCT that covers when people are injured on town property. 
ACTION:  Minutes approved, on a motion by Tom, second by Ron, with the above change noted.  Motion passed unanimously.

Tom reported that the cemetery damage consisted on one banner/flag that had gotten torn.  Others were fine.  Chair had not yet contacted Mr. Letourneau.

Ken asked for information as to why we were needing to borrow money at this time.


Arlan:  1.  Arlan will find out from Gary D. about paving.
2. Hooker Road work: 4 tandem dump truck loads of dirt went out today and being trucked to Route 53.  Mrs. Kelly does not want white stone thrown away.  Mr. Kelly had been told last year that his steps were in the town right-of-way; the slate pieces are still there.
3. Mr. Kelly was told of the need to remove the large hemlock.
4. A bit of ditch is in place, will be deeper tomorrow.
5. Arlan did find a 1.5 in. pipe under the road
6. Arlan will call Vaillancourt Tree Service to get other trees cut; their work has cost $6,000 thus far.
7. Scott used grader last week; still needs attention.  If a rainy day, Tom asks Arlan check it out.

Arlan asked about trees in the creek.  When it was cleaned out years ago,
the understanding was that the town would maintain it.  Arlan estimates up
to $1,000 per day, for skidder and 2-3 men.  Arlan will report back to
board after he checks to see how many trees,

Listers:  Harry informed Chair of 9 grievance hearings, with 2 possible appeals.  There will also likely be a tax abatement hearing within the month.


Request for frames for 2 old map copies:  Chair will get information as to cost of frames and report back to the board.

Chair distributed copies of Low Impact Development Stormwater Management Bylaw, as provided by VLCT.  Chair to provide copies to Planning Commission.   Members are asked to read this background info and be prepared to make suggestions to Planning Commssion.

Tom apologized for missing the June 5 MEG training.

Chair to check with Heidi Schuerger about college student to act as interim Zoning Secretary.  Chair to ask Heidi to take/prepare minutes until secretary is found.  Chair also to ask Heidi about the status of minutes of previous meetings.
ACTION:  Tom made the motion to authorize the Chair to place an ad seeking
a Zoning Secretary, second by Ron and Ken.  Motion passed unanimously. 

Tom to build another grate for the side exit to ramp.

Chair to contact Bucky Skackett to see if he will continue as Town Health Officer.

Chair to contact bank to determine status of Hooker  Road (Coon) property.

No public opinion.

At 7:25, motion by Tom to go into Executive Session to discuss pending legal action. Second by Ken, passed unanimously.

At 7:31 p.m., motion to come out of Executive Session, made by Tom, second by Ken,
No action taken, passed unanimously.

One Road Weight Permit signed by Bob, pending ArlanÌs review.

Motion to adjourn, at 7:32 p.m., made by Tom, second by Ken.
Meeting adjourned at 7:32 p.m.; next meeting, Mon., July 7 at 6:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:
Diane Benware