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Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Selectboard Meeting
Town of Leicester
Monday, April 7, 2008

** See subsequent minutes for any changes

Present:  R. Oliver, K. Young, T. Barker, R. Fiske, D. Benware (recorder)
Others:  John Hughes, Mary Hughes, Cecile Todd, Mark Stacey, Jeff Laberge, Kylee Rochon, Lawrence Felion

Meeting called to order by Chair at 6:30 p.m.
Flag salute recited and agenda reviewed.
Agenda was put aside to hear from Jeff Laberge, of Salisbury, the latest update about Lake Dunmore Road.  He spoke with Tom McCormack of AOT, who informed him you can close a road to truck traffic, except for local deliveries.  Salisbury will need to draft an ordinance to do so.  We have been asked to post advisory signs warning of the closure near the town line.
ACTION:  Tom B. asked that we see the ordinance before Salisbury sends it to the state.  Jeff will return in the future to keep us updated.

The agenda was again put aside to hear from Mark Stacey, who had requested a time to speak to the Selectboard.  Mark spoke of the property settlement that has been reached between himself and Mr. Paul Kelly.  He came before the board in an effort to move the project forward.  Mark shared the diagram of Hooker Road that indicates the trees that need to be cut in order to put up a fence to separate the two properties.  Mark expressed a desire to have ditching done on both sides of the road, with proper culverts.  Chair indicated that she is working on a grant, on behalf of the town, and needs final figures for culverts and catch basins.  In her earlier conversation with Mr. Kelly, he indicated that he was not likely to let the town place underground culverts and a grass berm to slow any possible water that might make contact with the lake.  Access across private property is needed in order to secure grant funds.

Bob mentioned that we have had several state people look at the situation and give their opinions, with varying views of what should be done. He and Arlan have talked about ditching and paving the area involved.

ACTION:  Bob offered to contact G. Dupoise, before April 21, to get his thoughts/advice on the matter.  It was suggested that proposal(s)/options be in writing for the Board to discuss on 4/21.  Mark would like to attend the meeting with Bob and Gary, as well as the meeting of 4/21.

Minutes of March 17 were approved on a motion by Tom, second by Bob; motion passed unanimously.    Minutes of Executive Session were on a separate document, due to computer problems.

Minutes of March 18 meeting with Zoning Board were approved on a motion by Tom, second by Bob; motion passed unanimously.

Bills were circulated and orders signed. 

Ceil asked if both of the classes she signed up for were included in the orders-they were.

Kylee, new Clerk/Treasurer, reported that things are going well.  She has met lots of people in the last 3 weeks.  Harry left a message that requests for quotes for a future appraisal have been sent to 9 firms.

Selectboard Secretary:  Julie Dawson has resigned as Selectboard Secretary, effective immediately.  The Selectboard regretfully accepts her resignation.
ACTION: Bob made the motion, Ken the second, to offer the position to Kylee, who is interested, for $50.00 per meeting, the arrangement we had with Julie.  Motion passed unanimously. Kylee accepted and will begin her duties as secretary on April 21.

New Copier:  The contract for the current copier is due to expire this month.  Kylee and Donna have solicited information from several providers.  The IKON proposal includes a provision for the copier to act as the computer printer, thereby saving the purchase of cartridges on a routine basis.  The option at $115.00 per month provides for toner and up to 2,000 copies, which should be well within our range of use.
ACTION: Tom made the motion, Bob the second to authorize Kylee to contact IKON to get a contract and make the necessary arrangements.   Motion passed unanimously.  Ceil asked about the black computer in main office, noting that it is not on line.  It was suggested that she ask Andrew or Heidi Schuerger, if she comes in sometime soon.

Green Up Cleanup:
Lem Palmer has offered to do the Green Up cleanup and trucking for $450.00, an increase of only $25.00 over last year's cost.

ACTION:  Tom made the motion to accept his offer, Bob made the second; motion passed unanimously.  John and Mary Hughes and Diane Benware have offered to cook hot dogs and gather donations of chips and soda, to be offered to folks bringing their bags to the recycling center on Green Up Day.  Donations are being solicited from Shaw's and Hannaford's, as well as monetary donations for a raffle.
Discussion:  Ceil asked about refrigerators; no, they will not be picked up.  Chair to write an article for the paper giving details that Kate Briggs has offered to deliver bags to people at their homes.  No appliances will be picked up.

Bridge Inventory for Bridge 4  on Jerusalem Road was signed.  An accompanying letter makes clear that our signatures indicate that we have reviewed the document, not that we are in agreement with it.  The Chair has written letters for the last 2 years explaining the Board's position and asking for feedback-none received.  Mr. Hughes asked about final figures for the Creek Bridge.  They have not yet been received; Structures Unit of AOT has a different figure than the Accounting Unit of AOT.  Chair is following up on this issue.

Second Constable Heidi Schuerger has asked the Selectboard to consider her request for the first phase of Constable training at VSP Academy in Pittsford.  She proposed attending the 58 hours of class time on her own time on December; at no cost to the town, as long as we were the sponsoring institution.
ACTION: After discussion, Tom made the motion to deny her request at this time, saying he felt it was opening the town to potential problems, that the State Police
and Sheriff's Office can handle situations.  Ron concurred, noting this is a one year term position only.  According to Ron, a constable gains no more authority with this training, unless he/she is granted such specifically by the Selectboard.  Ron made the second to Tom's motion to deny the request at this time.  The Chair commented that she felt that Heidi should address the board in person to re-visit the issue.  The motion passed unanimously.  Chair to contact Heidi.

Tweeter shared his thoughts that he felt that the town should post the roads from the gravel pits, to help preserve our roads.  He noted that area towns do so.  The Oct. '07  Selectboard recommendation to drivers to use Delorm to Shackett Road from March 15 to May 1 was reviewed.  Bob noted that Steve Jerome, of Better Back Roads, last year, made the recommendation to designate a route for truckers. 
ACTION:  Chair will look further into the posting of roads.  Such a form must be completed and filed in the fall for the subsequent year.

Bob signed 8 of them, pending Arlan's review.  One is being sent back due to incorrect amount.

Kathleen Ramsay has resigned as a delegate, citing her work as Pittsford Manager as being too time-consuming to allow her to continue.
ACTION:  Bob made the motion, Tom the second, to name Donna Pidgeon as our representative, stating she can decline if she so desires. Motion passed unanimously.  The Board regretfully accepts Kathleen's resignation.

Zoning Secretary:  The ZBA/Planning Commission recommends Jenna Trudeau to
the Selectboard for their consideration as Zoning Sec.  The ZBA/Planning Commission further requests consideration of Jenna as an alternate. 
ACTION: Both requests were approved on a motion by Tom ,second by Bob.  Motion passed unanimously, with the provision that she start at $10.00 per hour.  Salary can be increased, at an upcoming review, upon recommendation of ZBA/Planning Commission.  Chair to contact Jenna.

Town Service Officer form signed, appointing Kathy Eastwood for the position, until April 2009.  Chair to mail form.

Meeting, jointly sponsored by Planning Commission and Selectboard, is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on 4/14.  Selectboard plans to grant approval of re-adoption that evening, after public comment.  Chair to contact Gerry Flint to see who will be in attendance.

Mary Hughes asked about the status of Alden House as potential site for town shed.  Tom explained that the new owner would like to sell to the town, at a cost of about $260,000.  The advantage of the site is the existing drilled well and septic.  If the building were retained there would be no room for the shed.  The town does not have reserve funds to purchase at this time.

Tom has a grate for the side entrance ramp of the Meeting House.  He hopes to this week, remove a board replacing it with the grate, to provide drainage near the door.

Kylee was authorized to contact D. Crane about the toilet in the office.   It is unclear whether the toilet handle had mal-functioned or whether the water table is high.


EXECUTIVE SESSION:  Motion at 8:26 p.m. by Tom ,second by Ron, to go into Executive Session, to discuss pending legal action. At 8:51 p.m., motion by  Tom, second by Ken to come out of Executive Session.  Motion passed unanimously.
ACTION: The Chair was authorized to contact town counsel regarding his request to consider an appraisal as possible action, on a motion by Tom, second by Ken.  Motion passed unanimously.

Motion to adjourn at 8:52 p.m. on a motion by Tom, second by Bob.
Meeting adjourned at 8:52 p.m.

Next regular meeting April 21, at 6:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:
Diane Benware