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Meeting Minutes

Town of Leicester

Select board Meeting Minutes

Monday June 2, 2008



** See subsequent minutes for any changes


Members Present: Diane Benware, Tom Barker, Ron Fiske, Bob Oliver, Ken Young.


Others Present: Arlan Pidgeon, Donna Pidgeon, Kylee Rochon


Call to Order: Meeting called to Order at 6:35 p.m.; Followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.


Minutes of May 19th: Tom stated that on page 2 of the minutes it should be the Town bought ½ load and Arlan bought ½ load. In the Minutes it states ½ ton. Bob made a motion to accept the changes and approve the minutes. Tom seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


Review and Sign orders for bill payments: The checks have not been printed because Kylee had been a way at training, and because we didn’t have enough money in the account yet to print them. Kylee gave the select board the check register with all the bills listed on it. We need to borrow money from the bank, and the select board and Kylee need to sign the loan papers. We will not get State aid to education money until August 1st. Last year the State aid to education money came June 1st so we didn’t have to borrow any money. State aid to highway doesn’t come until the middle of July. We need the loan to pay bills until then. Kylee and the Select board signed the loan papers for a $100,000 dollar loan. We are borrowing this money for 3 months and will deposit only what is needed to pay the bills on a monthly basis to save interest fees.

 Kylee stated that we are running out of funding for Donna to continue to help train Kylee. Kylee will need help from Donna with taxes and elections. Diane is going to contact the Municipal Center at VLCT to see what steps we need to take.


Reports from Town Officials: Mr. Kelly is going to be at his house on Hooker Road and would like it if the town didn’t do work by his house the week of June 2nd While he is here. The select board approved his request.

Arlan stated that Vailancourt worked for six days cutting down trees on Hooker Road. Arlan needs them to come and cut a couple more trees. Arlan should be able to cut the rest of the trees on his own.

 Arlan is going to write a check to the town for his ½ load of Chloride because the company sent the bill to the town.

Ken stated that the Sheriff’s really should be patrolling on nights and weekends not during the hours to catch people coming and going to work. The board agreed with Ken. Ron also stated that over the weekend there was a group of kids and cars on lower bullock road partying and they broke down Morrison’s fence and were driving four wheelers in the fields and attempted to cut down trees. Diane will call the Sheriff to talk about them patrolling certain areas on nights and weekends.

 Tom made a motion to bring a couple loads of gravel on lower bullock road. Seconded by Ron.  Motion passed unanimously.

 Kylee stated that she contacted Comcast about the phone system and they are doing a promotion for 1 year and each line is ½ price so it would be $20.00 per line, after the 1 year it will go back to the $40.00 per line. This is a 2-year contract. Kylee stated that Comcast would cost around the same or a little less then our current plan with Fairpoint. We will have many more features with Comcast. Comcast stated that they would work with us if we are not happy with the service and are not getting clean lines we will not be charged to turn the service off. Fair Point doesn’t have a fee to turn off the phone system. There is a fee to turn it back on with Fairpoint if we want to switch back it is a reconnect fee of $49.95.

Grievances are happening in the next few weeks for changes of appraisals.

New Business:

---Action: Roadside mowing. The select board wants to have Lem start roadside mowing in the middle of June after the 15th.


---Action: Jenna Trudeau verbally resigned from the zoning board secretary. Heidi Schuenger is going to do what she can to get notes done. Ron stated he is willing to help Heidi get organized with minutes. Diane is going to talk with other towns and see what they do for zoning secretary’s to get some ideas. Diane is also going to talk with Heidi and see where she is at with minutes and let her know that Ron is willing to help her get organized and get up to date with the minutes if she would like. Diane is also going to put an ad in the paper for the position.


---Action: Cemetery mowing complaint. Mrs. Coro from Leicester school stated that the Lawn mowing workers had ruined some of the flags that the children from the school had made and hung up at the cemetery for Memorial Day. They went back to get them and some of them where chopped up and they blew wet grass all over the flags the kids had made. The board agreed that it had been very windy during the week. Diane will call Gus the lawn mowing company and see what happened and let him know about the complaint.


Old Business:

---Action: Discussion of TULIP. (Tenant User Insurance Policy) For Town Buildings. Diane stated that this insurance policy is more for towns that have a lot of people that rent the buildings. Kylee and Donna stated that the buildings are not used that much for private parties. The town currently has an insurance policy that covers when people rent the building. Diane is going to find out more info on what kind of coverage renters of the town building have to have on their homeowners insurance, to cover them when they rent the town buildings.


---Action: We have close to $200,000 from grants, along with the money that was in the budget there is enough to pave from Whiting town line on Leicester-Whiting Rd east until the money runs out. Gary has always been the lowest bidder for paving. Bob made a motion to invite Gary to do the paving. Tom seconded it. Motion passed unanimously.


Limited Public Comments: No public discussion.


Executive Session: Tom made a motion to go into executive session at 8:12 pm to discuss a personnel matter. Ron seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


Action: Diane will call the Sheriff’s department and seek legal council to see what to do about unruly underage individuals in the town.


Motion to adjourn: Motion made by Tom to adjourn at 8:24 pm, seconded by Bob. Motion passed unanimously.


Reminder of 6/5/07 at 7:00 pm meeting with the Zoning board.


Next Meeting: Tuesday, June 17, 20 @ 6:30 pm Meeting was changed for just this time.



Respectfully Submitted,


 Kylee Rochon - Selectboard Secretary