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Meeting Minutes

Town of Leicester

Selectboard Meeting Minutes

Re-organization Meeting

Wednesday-March 5, 2008



**see subsequent minutes for any changes


Members Present:  Diane Benware, Tom Barker, Ron Fiske,

                              Bob Oliver, Ken Young.

Others Present:  Donna Pidgeon, Arlan Pidgeon, Kylie Rochon.


Call to Order:  Diane Benware called the meeting to order at 7:15 pm; followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and introductions of new Board members.


Agenda Review:  Diane reviewed the items to be addressed during meeting including: select a rep to attend AOT meetings in Rutland; discussion of grants; appointment of road commissioner(s); appointment of buildings and grounds person; adoption of Rules of Conduct (formalize rules or adopt Robert’s Rules of Order); arrange a meeting with the Zoning Board and Administrator to clarify roles and responsibilities and any concerns; she also left a message with Harry Smith as well.


New Business:  Action: A motion by Bob, second by Ken: to nominate Diane as Chair; 4 ayes-1 abstention (Diane). Action: A motion by Bob, second by Ken: to nominate Tom as Vice-Chair; 4 ayes-1 abstention (Tom).

---Diane advised that the minor appointments will be made at the March 17th meeting; an ad was placed pertaining to that.  Anyone interested in an appointment should contact a member; write a letter; or show up on March 17th.

---Tom welcomed new members to the Board. 

---Bob and Tom advised the new members that decisions are made by the board and when they are asked questions, the reply is that the Board decides.  Tom explained that when a member gathers information, he or she is not making decisions, and the Board will consider the info at a meeting.

---Action: A motion by Tom, second by Ken: to appoint Arlan Pidgeon, Road Foreman, to act as Road Commissioner, answering to the entire Board; unanimous. (Arlan will attend AOT meeting in Rutland).

---Action: A motion by Tom, second by Ken: to appoint Bob as the person in charge of Buildings and Grounds; 4 ayes-1 abstention (Bob).

---Action: A motion by Bob, second by Tom: to keep the Addison Independent as the main source for advertisements and also use the Brandon Reporter.

(Donna added that the town website should also be given the advertisements).

Diane indicated that she would send ads to the website.


---Action: A motion by Tom, second by Ken: to authorize the Chair to place  advertisements on behalf of the town; unanimous. (Donna suggested that a copy of ads be sent to the Board members to have as reference before meetings. Tom said that was an excellent idea.


Conduct of Meeting:

---There was discussion concerning Robert’s Rules of Order; Bob mentioned that Robert’s Rules says, …”the Chairman makes or breaks…”, but nothing more. (The Board has previously allowed the Chair to make/second motions).  Diane explained that as Chair, she does not want to make motions, and is hesitant to “second” but sometimes does in order for business to move on.  She also has a memo from Deb Markowitz that says a Chair can do both. (The memo was a result of someone questioning the Chair’s actions last April).  Action: A motion by Tom, second by Ken: to continue with Robert’s Rules of Order for the conduct of meetings, allowing the Chair to make a “second” to Motions; if necessary.  4 ayes—1 nay (Bob).


Limiting Public Comment:

---Discussion ensued concerning the amount of time for public input. 

---Tom wants something to be done about excessive commentary, emphasizing that the Board will listen, but has to set a limit.

---Bob reminded the Board that the Selectboard Handbook addresses this and that if the 3 minute per subject matter were enforced, there would not be a problem.

---Diane agreed, clarifying that it is 2 minutes for comment.  She said that her ability to limit input has not been strong.  Also, when she does limit comment, she wants back-up from the Board.


Change Time of Meetings:  Tom asked if anyone objected to meeting at an earlier time.  The Board agreed that they would begin meeting at 6:30 pm (instead of 7:00 pm) starting on March 17, 2008.  The regular meetings will remain on the 1st and 3rd Mondays.


Resignation:  1ST Constable:  A motion by Tom, second by Bob: to accept Ron Fiske’s letter, declining to accept the position of 1st Constable; thereby creating a vacancy; 4 ayes—1 abstention (Ron).  (An ad to notify the public of the vacancy will be placed).


Clerk/Treasurer Positions:   The Board initiated a discussion with Donna Pidgeon, who had been elected for both positions on March 4, 2008, as a write-in candidate.  Donna said that she had had her heart set on leaving; and that she was not going to work as clerk/treasurer at the amounts in the budget. She told the Board: “I wish to decline the positions I was just elected to”.


Action:  A motion by Tom, second by Ken: To go into executive session at 8:01 pm, for the purpose of discussing a personnel matter; unanimous.

(recorder left).


The balance of Minutes supplied by Diane Benware:

Brief interruption as Board and Clerk dealt with leaking toilet, which caused water to run into the office and into the vault. 

Motion to come out of Executive Session at 8:45 pm made by Tom, second by Ken, passed unanimously.

Actions Taken: Motion by Tom, to accept, with regrets, Donna’s declining to take the positions of Clerk and Treasurer.  Motion seconded by Ken, passed unanimously.  Motion by Tom, second by Ken, to name Donna as interim Clerk/Treasurer, with the understanding that she will train her successor, if asked.  Motion passed unanimously.


Notice of vacancy will be posted as of March 6 and letters of interest in either position will be accepted until Friday, March 14, at 4:00 pm.

Board worked out the wording of the ad for the paper.  WARNING, TOWN OF LEICESTER, VACANCIES EXIST.

The Selectboard of the Town of Leicester is seeking candidates to appoint to fill the following positions of Town Clerk, Town Treasurer, and First Constable, until March ’09.   The positions of clerk and treasurer can also be filled if 5% of the electorate petition for a special election to fill the positions.

Letters of interest and references are due to Town Office at 44 Schoolhouse Road, Leicester, VT 05733, by 4:00 pm Friday, March 14.  For information, contact Diane at 247-3786. Board discussed notifying Tim Johnson and Kylie Rochon of the vacancy to see if they are interested and alert them to apply.  Chair to do so.  Action: Motion by Tom, second by Ken, to continue to pay Donna her current rate of pay.  Motion passed unanimously.


Interviews may be conducted on March 17, or March 18, the date proposed for a meeting with the Zoning Board and Zoning Administrator.


Grant Opportunities:  Chair reminded members that March is the month to pay Tom Roberts/Tammy Ellis, Dist. 3 AOT personnel a visit to determine state aid to highways for the town.  Arlan mentioned that folks often contact Bob, as he is familiar with area and available. Action: Tom made the motion to name Bob, Road Commissioner, second by Ken, passed unanimously.  Arlan and/or Bob will contact Tom to set up a visit.


Paving Grants:  We have $60,000 for paving purposes.  Arlan indicated from Whiting Town line to Kupfer’s Corner could use it.  Arlan will contact Gary Dupoise to get an estimate of tonnage of pavement needed.  Chair to contact Tom Roberts to see how he recommends setting up the grant application.


We have a completed road inventory on file with ACRPC, so we should get 20% funding instead of 10%.  Chair to contact Robert Turner, who did the inventory, to see if it needs to be on file with the state.


Highway Structures Grant:  Chair trying to get an estimate of how much an engineering study for Hooker Road drainage might cost.  Tom Roberts indicated that such a study would qualify for Highway Structures grant funds.  This engineering study would be used to apply for Stormwater Mitigation funds.  Both grants are due by March 16.


---Scott Pidgeon requested a future time to meet with the Selectboard to discuss pay raise for himself.


---Donna was authorized to contact David Crane about the toilet that overflows.  She was also authorized to purchase a heavy-duty wet/dry vac for the office, in the event the toilet overflows again.


Motion to adjourn at 9:32 pm made by Tom, second by Ken.

Meeting adjourned at 9:32 pm.


Next Meeting:  March 17, 2008 at 6:30 pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Julie Dawson—Recording Secretary


Diane Benware--Chair